The Stoneking Closet...Shop Our Sales!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So, I bit the bullet and jumped on the Instagram bandwagon as a way to host closet sales by yours truly. 
The rules are simple: follow my account TheStonekingCloset for special sales for me and my two minis. 
Tidbits of info to remember if you shop:
1. $5 shipping included in all orders
2. Pictures will be erased as they are sold
3. Include PayPal email address so I can send you an invoice
4. I'm happy to answer questions for additional details, pics, etc

Who knows what I will post and when, so stay tuned...I'm working on a full closet overhaul/purge of my goodies currently, so stay tuned for tunics, spring time dresses, and anything else that needs to find a new home! (and yes, the above quote is TOTALLY my motto as well as most girls, right?? ;)


  1. Not sure what the paypal fees are like but I recently used VenMo to pay a friend and it's free and much faster than paypal! It's just an app and is awesome! Will be following your sale, I'm sure you will post cute stuff!

  2. Would shipping be the same if the buyer was located in Nashville?

  3. Oh that Carrie Bradshaw quote is one of my favorites!!! And good for you :)