Celebrating Mother's Day

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's funny how being a mom changes you in so many ways...makes you think about your children first and things that used to matter don't seem nearly as important as they used to. I feel very fortunate to know this kind of love now, and it makes me appreciate my mother and grandmother more so than I ever could before.
They are the two most inspirational and supportive women in my life, and have shown me what a mother's love really is. It's unconditional, it's straight from the heart, and it's the love I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience.
Mom...thanks for being not only the best mother I could ever ask for, but for being the most incredible Mimi to Caroline (and soon to Carson). My girls will always know how much you love and care for them and there will never be a doubt of just how much they mean to you. Though I knew we had an extremely close bond before we increased the generations in our family, my admiration and respect grew for you tenfold the moment I became a mommy, too. Happy Mother's Day Mom...we love you OH SO MUCH!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating the special women in your life!


  1. You and your mommy look so much alike!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Had so much fun getting to see you at the beach!

  3. Oh I love the pictures and you are so right, having kids definitely makes you appreciate your own mother and her love for you even more.
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day