Blog Everyday in May Challenge...Days 18 and 19

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 18: A Childhood Story
You know how you see all those commercials and people on TV talking about how they are "going to Disney World?" Yeah, you know...the fantasyland where time stands still, you can get autographs from all your favorite characters, and they tell you that it's "The Happiest Place on Earth". This lady 110% agrees and I am going to share my first Disney experience with yall today...
I was 6 years old and I can remember so much of that trip like it happened yesterday. My Mom had saved all her hard-earned money and frequent flyer miles so she could take me on my first plane ride and trip to California to visit Disney Land. Even better, my Aunt Michele was coming along for part of the trip. 
I remember what I wore to the airport, a white shirt with a sequined American flag on it with navy shorts and of course a matching red, white, and blue bow in my hair. This was still when people could come see you off at the airport gates and our entire family came to watch us take off on our adventure.   It was a magical trip, one that I can still look back on with the fondest of memories still to this day. Every night, Mom and Aunt Shell would take me to the inside swimming pool at our hotel so I could get my water time in. I remember filling up my autograph book, picking out my very own Minnie Mouse doll at the boutique to take home as a souvenir, and riding all the rides I still love...It's a Small World, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the monorail that I thought was the absolute best ride ever. I even remember a not-so-grat occurrence that happened at the end of our trip. We were flying home on Delta, approaching the DFW airport, when the captain said we needed to make an emergency landing...yeah, scary, huh?? We went through all the whole charade with the masks, the inflatable slides, and everything. I know Mom has a picture of me standing outside the plan after all was said and done where I am crying and holding Minnie Mouse...come to find out someone had called and said there were explosives on our plane. I didn't think much of it then, but I can't imagine going through something as traumatic as that as an adult in this day and age given all that's happened. Anyways, I still look back on that experience with wonder and amazement-I was in heaven and it definitely was one of the best trips of my life. Thanks Mom!!
Now, only if we can give our girls that same sort of experience one day ;? Something to wish for!

Day 19: Five of My Favorite Blogs and What I Love About Them (in no particular order)
Honey We're Home...inspirational momma with a flair for design and
maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle post-baby
Little Baby Garvin...chalkboard queen, mommy to Harper (sweet, chunky, adorable 
little fashionista), and she isn't afraid to be herself and say what's really on her mind
Day Old News...because I love me some celebrity gossip and pictures to go along for
good measure; never a dull moment on her blog!

Then I Got to Thinking... first she went through wedding planning, then enjoyed their
newlywed years, and now she is a momma to their adorable baby girl-so much
fun to see how life changes for this gorgeous girl
Pawley's Island Posh...decorator extraordinaire, fashionable momma, with all sorts
of fun posts about fashion, cooking, and inspiration for anything and everything

I'm getting closer to the finish line...AKA June! This challenge has proven to be just that-I've been racking my brain in the attempt to answer all of these fun questions and I hope you're enjoying reading along, too! 


  1. Loved your story about Disney World and that your mom saved up and was so excited to take you!!! I see Disney World in your future in a few years with two sweet girls in tow!!! :) Might want to take your momma with you just to see her face light up!

    And I'm so glad you shared these blogs --- I already read several of them [love little baby garvin in particular and sweet baby harper!] and am now going to spend the rest of the my morning catching up on the other two! Ha!

    Wishing you girls a great week ahead!

  2. You are so sweet! I was so surprised to see my face here!!! :) XOXO

  3. Natasha! What a sweet surprise to see that Honey We're Home is among your favorite blogs! That makes me so happy:) YOU have an awesome blog too! Your daughter is stinkin' adorable!! Those vacation pics are too cute- looks like so much fun!