march is here... my springtime bucket list

Monday, March 4, 2013

To me, March marks the beginning of spring. The trees are blooming around the neighborhood, people start working on their yards and planting flowers, the weather starts getting a tad bit warmer, and I feel like the sun shines just a little brighter. It's one of my favorites!
March is BIG in our home...Jeff and Caroline's birthdays are a huge priority and I'm meticulously working on each and every detail to make their special days a success! At the end of the month, we'll also be celebrating Easter, so bring out the bright pastels.
I want to make the most out of this gorgeous season and so I came up with a few fun things for us to do these next few we have my Springtime Bucket List:
spring bucket list
  • Go Fly a Kite
  • Plant Flowers in Our Yard/Plant Herbs in the Pots for Fresh Add-Ins to Home Cooked Meals 
  • Visit the Pond to Feed the Ducks
  • Dye Easter Eggs
  • Take an Afternoon Picnic
  • Hunt for Easter Eggs
  • Play Outside as Much as Possible
  • Visit the Farmer's Market 
  • Do Some Spring Cleaning Around the House
These types of activities make me so giddy I can hardly stand if we can only get through these last few weeks of crazy weather! We are ready to bring on the family fun! What are some fun items you like to do come spring?


  1. Those are some great ideas! : )


  2. that's a great bucket list! I am so stealing some of those ideas!! :)

  3. I love spring too. Why is it so cold here in Nashville this week? Ugh! I do not like it. Rain and cold - go away!

  4. Love your spring time bucket list!! My 16 month old is crazy about kites right now so I see flying a kite in our near future too! Saw you live in Nashville! Me too! Born and raised here!!

  5. Recently found your blog and have loved catching up on all your posts! Love your enthusiasm and fun ideas! My son just turned one, and I can't wait for him to start walking-- hopefully in time for an Easter Egg hunt and some other fun spring activities.

  6. Okay, great idea to do a "spring bucket list".... I have so many fun spring ideas in my mind, but it seems like every single day we do the same thing because we're in a routine. I'm doing this myself tomorrow --- might just put it on the fridge so it's staring me in the face and reminds me of fun SPRINGTIME ideas! :)

    And for the love.... this weather is AWESOME!! (Here anyway!). The high was 68 today and it was absolutely perfect. We have to enjoy this weather while we can!!

  7. I am all about this spring time bucket I just need the spring time weather!!!