Baby Essentials...9 to 12 Month Edition

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm back with another installment of our baby "must-haves"! I know a lot of you have been asking about this age range because this is when it starts to get a bit tougher to occupy the baby's awake time and keep them entertained...hoping some of these can ease your worries as they have made these last 3 months a lot more exciting for Caroline!

baby gear

Innobaby Snack Container. Those pesky little Munchkin brand (no spill my butt) snack containers didn't cut it for our little detective...she had them all on the floor within the first few minutes so those got retired quickly. This, on the other hand, is FANTASTIC. It's got separate snack compartments that all stack together for on-the-go feeding. We keep it in Caroline's diaper bag and fill each section with a different food so she can have some variety if we're eating out, walking, etc.
Uppabbay G-Luxe Stroller. We started with the Maclaren Triumph, and immediately sent it back...just didn't work for us. This, on the other hand, has been a DREAM. It's easy to maneuver, lightweight, stands upright on its own, and has adequate storage. CC loves to ride in this when we venture out and it's so versatile! A bit pricier than other umbrella strollers, but we are getting so much use out of it.
Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Tea Set. This was a gift from Aunt Meg and Uncle Aaron...of course my social guru BFF would be teaching her the proper manners from an early age and I love it. We play tea party all the time and she loves the sounds and songs it plays.
Carter's Sleep and Play Pajamas. We will rock these until we outgrow the biggest size they make, which is 24M. They keep Caroline warm at night, especially those sweet little feet, and now that we are getting into the bigger sizes, the bottoms of the feet have grippers to help her gain traction as she learns to walk.
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Lotion. When winter set in, I noticed Caroline's skin was getting dry and a little irritated due to the temperatures and she started getting red patches on her back. I researched a lot of different brands on what to try, and Aveeno was the clear winner. It helped take the splotchy areas away within a week and we still use it to combat against dry skin sometimes.
One Step Ahead Ball Pit. We bought this for Caroline for Christmas and it's been a big hit for everyone in our house, including Jeff and I as we love to get in there with her and play. Easy to assemble, folds easily so we can travel with it (hello beach tent!), and the quality can't be beat. We bought 100 extra balls to make sure she had plenty to keep her occupied, too! This is a perfect indoor/rainy day companion.
Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Playhouse. This was another goodie from Christmas and once we finally put it together, CC went nuts! She loves to check the mail, open and shut the window, close the door, and the learning components of this gadget are great...helping you show the difference in shapes, numbers, day/night time, etc. Just be cautious it uses a lot of battery power!!
Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. This is a MUST! Not only is it a great chair for the wee ones to sit, but it seems to be a pretty good jungle gym for our little peanut as well. She loves to stand up on it, roll around on the arms, maneuver her way to the couch from the top, etc (I know, safety squad goes crazy when he sees this so parental supervision is a necessity). It's the perfect size and I know she will use this for years to come. It's not too bad to look at either :)
VTech Rhyme and Discover Sounds Book. These musical books are the best. They help the little ones learn to turn the pages, make the sounds based on noises each animal makes, etc. We bring these in the car for longer rides to keep CC entertained. This is also a fun gift to give to friends!
Nuby No Spill Super Spout Sippy Cup. This is my favorite go-to brand for sippy cups...they don't leak, the shape is easy for Caroline to grab (other models from them have handles which are great too), and they are easy to clean. Now that we are tasting things other than formula (i.e. juice, whole milk, etc) we are using sippy cups a lot more frequently and these are the best we have found.

There you have it! Some toys, a few gear items, and random items that have made life a lot easier these last 3 we venture ahead to all things toddler and I'm telling you that I've already noticed the toys get bigger, the prices get larger, and the sounds get louder ;)


  1. Did you give C sippy cups early on to learn how to use them? I read somewhere recently you should let babies play with them so they learn before actually giving them liquid in the cups. My baby girl is 4 months old and I'm wondering if I should start now, or wait a while.

  2. This is great- I'm going to book mark this so I can remember when I get to this age