springtime maternity

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have to give it to the designers at some of my favorite sites...they're stepping up their game in terms of choices, colors, fabrics, and styles for girls sporting the bumps these days. When I was pregnant with Caroline, my time spent in maternity clothes was minimal, especially since it was winter when I was "large and in charge" and I could wear regular sweaters, tunics, and dresses by either going up 1 size or adding tights/leggings to the ensemble.
With this pregnancy, a whole new season known as "spring" is making it tougher to make it without adding some staple maternity pieces to my closet due to hotter temperatures on the horizon and the fact I will be toting around a toddler (I laugh just thinking of how funny this is going to look)... plus, I am all about adding in BIG pops of color once spring rolls around because I've been cooped up wearing dreary black, gray, taupe, cream, and tan/brown for what seems like forever. Check out some of my favorite items I've been shopping as of late!springtime maternity

I've mentioned this before, but there are some WONDERFUL sites/stores to make the most of maternity wear...here are just a few that are tried and true and ones I'd absolutely recommend!


  1. so pretty! What a sweet little springtime bump you will have! My maternity gear was so drab with a winter baby, but this is so fun! You will be adorable toting caroline with your bump!

  2. Oh my gosh - such fabulous finds! And would you judge me if I said I am really thinking about buying maternity skinny jeans? But really. I have a big booty and big hips with a skinny waist, but for some reason, skinny jeans are just skinny everywhere and I'm always so uncomfortable by the end of the day. I think an expandable waist band seems pretty awesome for skinny jeans! Sign me up!!

    Now, if I wouldn't just feel like a crazy person for spending $200 on designer MATERNITY skinny jeans. The hubs would kill me.

    Those are so gorgeous though! If you get them, please send me a pic so I can live vicariously through you! Ha!

  3. I saw some super cute outfits in Pea in a Pod the other day and asked Fred if I could get the jeans because they were cute and had a stretchy waist band. And no, I'm definitely not pregnant.

  4. Thanks for the stores! Good to know ;)

  5. I just bought that maxi from our Old Navy Outlet yesterday and am obsessed! It's waaaaay too big now, but can't wait to sport it all spring/summer... too cute!