Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime Heat Randomness

I think the temperatures this week have me in a's only June and we're already in the 100's here in Nashville-oi vey! I'm scared to see what July and August will hold if all this heat and humidity don't leave might just see CC and I living it up in the backyard with a blowup pool.
I have an addiction to lip gloss...whenever I am in Target or Sephora, it's like I am magnetically pulled to the lipglosses and I have to add a shade to my collection-the sad thing, they are all starting to look alike. Beauty fail! I would love to be a lady who could pull off a fun bright red lip.

A few of you asked which ebay seller I ordered my necklaces from...instead of emailing you all individually, I thought I would post it here so everyone could partake in the budget friendly fun!
This weekend, we are heading out to celebrate round two of Candice's bachelorette festivities!! Cannot wait to hit the town with one of my dear friends and toast to her last few days of being a single lady...I know loads of dancing and drinks are in our future!
Want more honesty regarding mommyhood? Yall will love this. In the past few days, we have had projectile vomit all over her upholstered chair, and when Candice was over for our 3 month photoshoot, Caroline most certainly had a major blowout and ruined her outfit...thank the good Lord mommy had a backup ;). See, it's not perfect, I promse!

I was bad this week with shopping...although both Caroline and I racked up on some new fun goodies due to summertime sales at the mall. She got clothes and I got shoes-happy mom, happy baby! That ALMOST made up for all the vomit I've had to clean up--hehe. Check out some of our goodies, courtesy of Janie and Jack, Gymboree, and Nine West!
That's it for this week my friends...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Month In...What I've Learned

Today, June 28th, marks 1 month since I decided to throw in the towel on my corporate career in exchange for the life of a stay-at-home-mom. The time is passing by in a whirlwind and it's safe to say we have officially "settled in" to our new routine.
Did I think this is what it was going to be like? Absolutely not...there are good days, and there have been a handful of not-so-good days, but all in all it's better than I could have ever imagined.
Sometimes, I'll catch myself thinking about what life would be like if I had gone back to work, if I would've been able to give 110% at my job AND at home, but then I think of Jeff's crazy travel schedule coupled with my stressful daily deadlines, and I reassure myself we made the right decision for our family.
I know it's been a challenge for us to define what each of our roles are with Caroline..I am the nurturer, the one who seems to calm any crying episode, the one she wants when she doesn't feel well or the one she reaches for when she is ready to eat, and Jeff is the one she loves to play with, sit side by side and watch TV with, and of course spend countless weekend afternoons lounging on the couch together.

I feel so lucky that I get to wake that smiling face up each morning, that I am the one she spends most of her time with...I know we will both grow from this experience and I can only hope she will know just how much joy I get from this new position. It's funny how some days we don't leave the house, but yet we still find plenty of ways to pass the is definitely much different these days.
I do have to share something I heard last week on one of my favorite shows, Pregnant in Heels. Rosie was coaching one SAHM and had her meet up with other moms who had gone back to work post-baby. They shared their feelings and emotions and it really hit home when they talked about their jobs...the SAHM envied the moms who were able to balance work and personal life and still successfully do both, while the "worker" moms envied the SAHM because she was able to be at home day in and day out.
It just really put into perspective that both careers are difficult and rewarding in their own ways and everyone should be commended on a job well done!
And yes, now as I finish typing this post, CC is in the living room stirring and waking up from a nap...back to business friends. Thanks for letting me talk a little bit this morning :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Necessities We Can't Live Without: 3 Month Edition

We know I covered everything we registered for way back when Caroline Cate was still snuggled up in my belly, but now I am back to report on everything we use, everything we don't, and I'm even asking for some guidance on some items I know we'll be investing in soon! First up, the things we love:
1. Primo Eurobath: CC loves bathtime, let me tell you. Put that naked booty in this tub and she grins from ear to ear. Throw in the Munchkin bath cup and you've got a happy camper indeed! This bath is perfect because it fits in a normal size tub, is interchangeable for little ones and then you turn them around when they grow to toddler-size so it's a great purchase we'll be using for awhile. Not to mention it is white and doesn't scream BABY.
2. Aveeno Products: we use them ALL, let me tell you. From the all over body wash to the moisturizing cream to the sunscreen, we are avid Aveeno lovers and their products not only smell good, but their great for CC's sensitive skin.
3. Sleep Sheep/Graco Sweet Slumber Machine: we have them both and they are lifesavers! The Sleep Sheep is great because we can take it anywhere and the Graco version stays in Caroline's nursery. I can't lie, I love all the calming sounds, too!
4. Bright Starts Playtime Mat: You know I didn't want one of these in my house, right? Just the mere thought of something so bright just made me nauseous, however, this has been our go-to "baby occupier" for quite some time. Turn that puppy on and CC stays "in the zone" for at least 20-30 minutes. Flip her over and it's perfect for tummy time exercise, too!
5. Little Tummys Gas Drops: these need no introduction...they have become a staple in our home and these are an absolute MUST to prevent little bit from being fussy and/or gassy all the time. Can't leave home without them, therefore I have one bottle in my diaper bag, one bottle in the nursery, one bottle in our downstairs changing station, and one in my back pocket ;).
6. Monitors: Angelcare Heart Monitor (401 series)/Summer Infant Babytouch Video Monitor: I live with the king of safety squad, but I absolutely jumped on this bandwagon, as I want to be able to see CC sleeping/crying/wiggling whenever she is out of my sight. The Summer version has been great because it's portable and we can transport it all over the house. The Angelcare monitor is a new hit at our house since Caroline is just now sleeping in her nursery. This gadget makes sure she is breathing properly and I cannot lie, I think this is a MUST for everyone!

7.Fisher Price Snuggabunny Bouncy Seat AND Swing: Remember when I told you we would never be one of those baby households to have one of those awful swings? Well, I was wrong, and I admit it. Shortly after CC was born, Jeff came home saying we had to have one to get her to nap during the day/occupy her time, and ever since, she has been a much happier baby. It's amazing...nevermind how huge it is and how much room it takes up, it is a God send and an absolute must. On the contrary, we've had the bouncy seat since day one and she loves it still. Now, I'll park her in front of the television so she can watch her baby dvds and this is one of the only ways I can keep her still.

And now to some other little odds and ends that haven't been of particular interest or had any success at our home...
1. Wipe Warmer: I thought it was a must, yet how do you warm wipes on the go? We have never even plugged it in, much less used it. I think you could totally skip out on this one...if they never know what warm wipes feel like, how can they be missing out?
2. Sleeping Gowns: Caroline loves to move her legs like crazy and trying to keep them harnessed in any type of gown has been a definite lose for us...she gets MAD let me tell you! My vote goes to Carter's Sleep and Plays-they are a nighttime must and they keep that baby warm and toasty so she can get some good shut eye.
3. Boppy: I have yet to use it much at all...maybe I will use it as a recliner for CC when she is able to hold her head up completely, but I used the My Breast Friend pillow when I was nursing her. Anybody know any other uses for this thing?

So, now that I gave my tips on the goods, anybody have any recommendations for highchairs? We are looking into purchasing one in the next month or two and I'm open for your favorites or ones to avoid, especially if any of you have the Stokke Tripp Trapp.
I'm also on the lookout for a stationary activity jumper...there are so many to choose from so I am wondering if you know of one that stands out to keep your little one entertained?
Thanks friends!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello! I Am Here

Random things occupying my mind these days...
It seems I have been taking a short break on the blog posting a bit lately...honestly, I was getting burned out and feel like I need to take a step back for a bit. I promise to post, but I've got to tackle other things, too so I don't get too stressed out {total type A personality trait rearing its ugly head}.
Oh no...I've started shopping online for dresses again and I am going to be poor. I just scored this fun new find last week from Modcloth and I am officially obsessed!
I finally got the OK from the hubby to get a membership to a know what I am talking about-Costco or Sams! Apparently based on my tweet the other day to friends {and thank you to those who responded}, Costco looks like the big winner so I am going to have to stock our house up soon! Anything I need to look out for that is a must buy??
I'm officially obsessed with the fake JCrew necklaces you can purchase from ebay. I bought the coral one first, and then ordered 2 more when I saw how good the quality was...amazing I tell you!
Is anyone watching the new Dallas? Jeff and I tuned in for the premiere and I am already hooked. I used to watch it when I was growing up, and I can remember watching it when I would stay with Gran and Papa...something about those Ewings and their Southfork Ranch. Now, there is TONS of eye candy on the show so of course I am watching the drama unfold.
Speaking of eye candy, tell me there are others of you out there anxiously waiting Magic Mike to come out in theaters this Friday. I love me some Channing Tatum and this calls for a girls movie night for sure.
And finally, our latest discovery...the HBO series Classical Baby! We got this for a baby shower gift and absolutely love it. There are 3 different shows: Art, Music, and Dance and Caroline loves all of them...perfect for TV time!

That's all I got for today my friends...stay tuned for tomorrow, as I am going to list our favorite 3 month baby necessities!! Have a great Monday ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travelling Mama and Fathers Day

Last weekend was one for the marked my official first trip out of town without the baby! So what does mean you ask? Yes, I left the baby alone with Jeff--woo hoo success! I have to brag on the hubby a bit because he did a FANTASTIC job without me. I returned home on Sunday morning to a happy baby beaming from ear to ear with a huge grin and a full tummy. Now don't get me wrong (here is that whole honesty thing coming into play), the house was cluttered with burp cloths, bottles, diapers, and bibs strown out everywhere, but they made it on their own so I could have some R&R time with my friends...I'm so proud of you Jeff-you were great and I know Caroline enjoyed all that quality time she had with you, especially watching the US Open ;).
As for me, I was living it up with the girlfriends in Knoxville. I drove up early Saturday morning to hang out and then we celebrated Jamie and her little man coming soon! Baby showers are just the best and we seem to be doing a lot of them these days which makes me playmates for CC!
Bev, Luke, and Meghan
 Adorable idea...written messages on the diapers
 Yummy spread...that fruit fluff dip gets me every time
 The glowing mama-to-be and her weekly progress pictures
 Me and the BFF
 Love these ladies
 Candice, Jules, and Meghan
 Present time...Baby Graebe did well!!
 The hostesses and the lovely mama
 Sweet pregnant ladies!!
Jamie racked up with some adorable goodies, and necessities, too and then we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing around the house before heading out to our favorite place for mexican for dinner that night. Poor Bev and I only had 1 margarita each and have to admit we were a little tipsy, which made it a must to head to Menchie's for frozen yogurt...yes, we are wold women! Even better, instead of venturing to one of our favorite bars for some cocktails, we all headed home to get a full nights rest-funny how things change, huh?
Sunday morning, I was on the road bright and early because I was itching to get home to my two babes. Mimi and Pappy came over so we could celebrate Father's Day with brunch at Tavern and then the boys and I headed to see the Sounds baseball game...never a dull moment when the three of us are together and we had such a fun time. Then we grilled out and called it a night. Here are a little pics from our Father's Day:
Caroline and 2 of her 3 guys
 Me and Monkey!!
Me and my 2 best girls...see a little resemblance??
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