Thursday, May 31, 2012

Living the Life You Dream Of

as i look back on what my life looked like when i started my blog 4 years ago, things were VERY different i assure you. from the outside, i had a great life, but in peeling back the layers, i was involved in an unhealthy relationship, i was unhappy with my body image, i wasn't a Christian, and i was unsure as to where my life was headed. sure, i was surrounded by an amazing support system of friends and family, but i wasn't happy with my situation and i know i was looking for something more out of life.
it's funny how events transpire because i feel like my life changed unexpectedly for the better so very quickly. i broke up with my boyfriend at the time, meg and i moved into a new apartment which was perfect for a fresh start, i received a promotion at work, and then the real fun started...i was a single girl, living it up and doing what i wanted, until i realized i wanted something i had never had. i wanted a relationship with God.
i began going to a local church (one that we are now members of) and realized that was the missing piece of my puzzle...i desperately wanted to feel what so many of my friends and family felt, i wanted to be saved and i wanted to be a Christian. that is also when jeff and i started hanging out just the two of us, and he started joining me on Sundays at church. that's when our friendship changed into something else completely.
i am here to tell each of you (and hopefully not sound like i am on a soapbox) that though i don't routinely "preach" on my blog, this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. i feel like i had a great life before, but once i became a Christian and put my faith in God, my life changed into something i never dreamed of. all my hopes and dreams came true.
i fell in love with my best friend, the two of us travelling all over the country for time to grow as a couple, we got engaged and bought a house together, we planned the wedding i (and mom) had always dreamed of, and then God blessed us beyond measure with our darling Caroline.
i am here to tell you that having a relationship with God changed my world for the better and that because of Him, i am able to live the life i always imagined.
if you're ever down in the dumps and are needing encouragement, advice, unconditional love, or someone to listen, God is always there...He changed my life and i am forever grateful.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday...Hump Day Shenanigans

This week is FLYING by...and I thought I would have a hard time occupying myself as a SAHM-haha, yeah right. Someone is quite good at keeping me on my toes it seems.
Today, I am off to my former office to gather up all my personal necessities and have a little farwell lunch with my work girlfriends...a little bittersweet to say goodbye to my work colleagues and the company that I have grown with so much these past 6 years, but I think my new adventure is a lot more rewarding ;).
Before I forget, the winner of the PrintRuner Giveaway is none other than Megan from Living the Simple Life! Congratulations my dear...I have sent your information on to PrintRunner and they will be contacting you very soon for your business cards! Thanks to everyone else for playing ;) {P.S. stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming up, too}
I am working for what seems like night and day on Jeff's anniversary present and it is taking me forever! I am all about trying to think of something original and outside the box, but still stick with the traditional paper gift in celebration of year #1, though I digress I am ready to be done with my project... I know he is going to LOVE IT!
We have spent so much time decorating our back deck with new furniture, accessories, and plants and I am excited that it's almost finished...still need to add some additional greenery and restain the deck so all our wood is one color since we had some of it redone, but I am loving our outdoor space-complete with potted herbs!
I need to finish my Seaside beach trip recap, yet low and behold some of my pictures are on my Mom's camera so I need to get those from her ASAP so I can show yall what a great time we had at Julie's wedding!
I'm thinking of hosting another blog sale to rid my closet of some of the garmets I either no longer wear or those I bought and simply haven't worn yet...any of you ladies out there interested?? Most everything I've decided to say goodbye to are dresses {surprise, surprise} and shoes with a few other pieces mixed in.

Hope yall are having a great least it's half way over and the weekend is inching its way back again!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Change for the Better...My New Career

It's marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in my life. Today was the day I was supposed to return to work after 11 weeks of maternity leave. But, believe it or not, today is the day I have a new role...with the title of Stay at Home Mom.
weighing the pros and cons of each scenario and deciding what was ultimately best for our family... I thought about what would make us happy and it all came back to me being home with Caroline. I bit the bullet my friends, I took the plunge, and I am not looking back.
Don't get me wrong, I have questioned my decision, "is this what I really want?" but I know in my heart there is no job more important or more fulfilling than this role I am taking on.
I was dreading calling my manager to tell her I was putting in my resignation, but when I talked to her, she let me know she not only supported my decision, but she thought I made the right choice. She had been in my situation when her children were little, and funny enough she did the same thing...she quit her job and put her career on hold to stay at home and she said it was the best thing she ever did. That was God's way of giving me confirmation and reassurance and letting me know I was doing the right thing.
The funny thing is that during my pregnancy and shortly after Caroline was born, people would ask if I wanted to stay at home to which I would say a quick "heck no!", but now that this precious angel is here, I can't fathom the idea of having someone else be with her day in and day out. Even more, I am thankful that we are at a place in our lives where I can stay at home and we can make it work. Sure, we will be going out to far less extravagant dinner dates and someone's {yes I am talking about me} shopping habits are going to change quite a bit, but these little details mean nothing in comparison to what I am going to get out of being with my baby girl everyday.
When I think about walking away from the corporate world, leaving behind my life in marketing, and saying goodbye to whirlwind deadlines and crazy stress, I am elated at the thought that my new boss is someone that depends solely on me, that smiles when I walk into the room, and that gives me more joy than I have ever known. It also means I get to wear yoga pants to "work", I get to decide our daily schedules, and I get to do the things I never had time to do before.
It means I get to take calligraphy orders again, I get to work on my business plans, I get to cook dinner more often, and I get to be a lady who lunches with friends {at baby friendly establishments of course}.
But, in staying true to myself, I have made a promise not to wear mom jeans, to take time for myself, to know there are going to be a fair share of "bad days", and that I will never ever turn into one of those crazy moms {you know the ones I am talking about, right?}. Although yes, at some point I hope to be able to volunteer at Caroline's school and be the "room mom"and get involved in the PTA. ;)
So cheers to a new endeavor, a new chapter in life, and to my days filled with this adorable ray of sunshine...
So tell me, all you other SAHMs, what advice, tips, and tricks can you give me for making this an easy transition? I obviously need ALL the help I can get!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fantabulous Friday

Hola friends! It's Friday, which means it is time for a mindless brain dump...too much to discuss I tell ya.
1. Anyone watching the Bachelorette this season? I was intrigued to see Emily do her thing, although I have to admit, this season seems ultra cheesy...with the "egg man", the date to see the Muppets, dancing on a stage with Ryan surrounded by hoards of people, and Stevie the DJ among the other "interesting" individuals, does it seem like the guys are a little less than wonderful this go around? I'm telling myself I will not look at Reality Steve to see who gets the final rose, but I hope it gets better-I want some drama people!
2. We bought an Angelcare monitor this week, and its getting delivered today...which means this weekend starts sleep training in the nursery. I am so nervous and have decided I want my baby in our room permanently instead, but I know it's for the best. Where is the time going? She seems too little to be in her room all by herself.
3. I am SO excited for a 3-day weekend! Cooking out with the Grunkes, pool day at my parents, and time to get some stuff done around the house=happy days are here again! And Memorial Day marks the official start of summertime-YIPPEE!! So many exciting events coming up I can hardly stand it.
4. Baby Caroline has been under the weather the past few days due to her 2 month shots...heartwrenching to see her not feeling well, so we have spent lots of time with me holding her and letting her sleep in my arms. Poor thing, I want to avoid sickness at all costs because seeing her not be her normal happy self is just too much for this momma.
5. I am depserately wanting to make my own herb garden...let's be honest, I dont have the greenest thumb around, but surely I can keep some herbs alive long enough to use them on summer dishes and such. There is nothing better than fresh garnish to complement some of my favorite meals!

That's all I've got for today my friends...make sure to remember to enter the PrintRunner giveaway that ends on Monday if you're in the market for fun business cards! Hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seaside Beach Vacation Rewind...Part I

Were home and back from the beach...isn't it super depressing when you come home from vacation? Not only have you left the sun and sand, but yet you have to unpack and return to normal life. But only until next time, right?
We had an incredible time in Seaside last week- incredible weather, quality family time, and celebrating one of my friends' marry the man of her dreams. Here is a recap of our beachside fun:
-hit the road early in the AM to avoid the masses and believe it or not, CC's first roadtrip was a success, as she slept most of the way {thank you!}...had a few bouts of fussiness, but overall we were happy with how well she did
-partook in some much deserved Pickles for lunch and then strolled around the Arts Quest festival
-indulged on Angelina's pizza and sipped on some cocktails before calling it an early night
Sunday {Mother's Day}:
-pure perfection! Mom and I were treated to massages and pedicures and spent the afternoon relaxing then headed to Great Southern for our first of MANY seafood dinners
 Ryan and Rachel came in early for the week, too so we
got to spend some great quality time with the Grays!
 Mom and I headed to our spa day!
 Dinner at Great Southern
 Mimi and Pappy! Best vacation duo ever
 The famous Grits A Ya Ya...amazing!
-hit the beach early for primetime fun in the sun... spent all day lounging under the umbrella, walking the shore, and making sure little bit was having a good time. {she mostly sat under the sunbrella and then would nap while Mimi held her-spoiled rotten!}
-had the boys cook dinner and called it a night, but not before taking a little walk to our favorite gelato eatery

-put in more hours at the beach and then drove to Panama City to let Gran and Papa keep Caroline while the four of us went out to dinner...her great grandparents only hung out with us so they could get their hands on their sweet baby!
I'll be back soon with a recap from the second half of our trip so stay tuned!!
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