so much to little time

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i've got balls flying everywhere, all in the air these days and i am struggling to keep up.
currently working on a super fun calligraphy order, though my perfectionist persona has kicked into high gear because i want this dear bride to love the end results...take a look at the fun, modern handy work going on at my house right now!
i'm trying not to bypass thanksgiving this year...yes, the red cups are back so my mind instantly goes to all things RED and GREEN and with holiday tunes playing in the stores it's hard to not sing out loud as i tend to get quite giddy, but november is all about counting our blessings and i am not going to forget!
this week, we have lots going on with our social calendar. a friend's birthday dinner, another friend in town visiting so us girls are heading out to eat, MOPS, and bunco (notice how everything revolves mostly around food?)
i'm so excited for mom's birthday party this weekend i can hardly stand it...we rented out a private room at a local wine bar and i know it's going to be loads of fun celebrating this big milestone birthday.
this friday, we are headed to Christmas Village, my favorite merry marketplace for picking up all sorts of fun gifts for loved ones! i am trying to tell myself not to go too crazy for items for miss caroline, but i have a feeling tuttie is going to rack up on cute attire to sport to all the fun holiday gatherings!
remember tomorrow is your last day to sign up for the Scentsy giveaway!! thanks to so many of you for participating and i cannot wait to annouce a winner. click here to visit the post


  1. Sounds like lots of fun things to be busy with! We are running around like chickens with our heads cut off this week too! You can do it!!

  2. Wow! Busy, busy!! I love red cup season at Starbucks :)


  3. Beautiful calligraphy!!

    I cannot wait for Christmas Village! It's our yearly tradition and I'm a tad excited for all the cute baby clothes I can finally buy!!

    Have a fun week.

  4. being busy is a sign you are LIVING! you go girl!

    i'm so excited i found your blog and i'm thrilled to be your newest follower! would be honored to share my story with you! :)

    happy saturday to you!