friday fancies... the wedding guest

Friday, July 13, 2012

This week, I am linking up with Long Distance Loving for her weekly series, Friday Fancies. I love how she inspires so many bloggers to put their creative minds to work to create inspiration looks for so many various events and such. I am by NO means a professional in this department, yet I wanted to participate in the fun so here goes nothing.
This week's theme is the ever popular Wedding Guest. Let's face it...most of us are pretty well versed in what to and what not to wear to weddings but it's always fun to play around with different looks and dress up with friends to celebrate a newly married couple.
However, I do have to note one thing etiquette wise... it is NEVER appropriate to wear white to a wedding, unless you're the bride. EVER. I can't say this enough, and still to this day, I will see people dressed in white/off white/cream at a wedding and I cringe thinking they either have no idea or that they just don't care. (OK, I'll stop now, I think you understand how irate this makes me and yes, someone did it at my wedding, too)

Here is my wedding guest look...classic dress with lace detail from one of my favorites, nude patent heels because they should be a staple in every lady's closet, and fun accent accessories to pull the look together with a pop of color!

the wedding guest


  1. gorgeous i love that dress and that essie color matches just fabulously!! great look!

  2. I'm always shocked to see girls in white/cream dresses at wedding too!

  3. I am totally with you on the wedding guest etiquette. I always look for that guest, too. The one who thinks it is ok to wear white or off white to a wedding... (so bad).

    I was once at a wedding where the step mom of the bride wore an off white dress... shocking! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I am totally with you on guests in white at a wedding! Makes me furious!
    love the dress in the pic!

  5. I the white for the bride! Your wedding guest choice is perfect! Hope you will pop over for a visit~Angie

  6. I couldn't agree more!! I can never understand why a wedding guest would think it is ok to wear white, Creme, ivory, etc to a wedding?! I was at a wedding last night and it was the first time I didn't see a guest break this rule! :)

  7. love that clutch!