Vacation Necessities...What to Pack

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now that I am a semi-professional packer when it comes to getting everything you could possibly ever need for a vacation of any kind with a baby, I wanted to publish a little list to help those of you out there who need help... let's be honest, when you're a mom, your mind is a tad bit loopy with all sorts of other things to remember, so I thought this may be helpful for some of you with upcoming travel plans this summer!
FYI: This is only my list for the little ones, but please, don't forget to pack things for you, too!
The Necessities
  • diapers and wipes (way more than you think you could posssibly need)--however, if you'll have easy access to a grocery store/Target/etc, just bring a few and stock up upon arrival to save space
  • bottles/formula/gas drops/pacifiers/A&D ointment/baby powder/wet wipes
  • bibs/burp cloths
  • onesies (for sleep time)
  • daytime outfits (1-2 per day; hello spit up happens!)
  • jacket/sweater
  • swimsuits/cover-ups
  • blankets (lightweight and thicker varities for nighttime)
  • bath products (shampoo/all over body wash/lotion)
  • bassinet/pack n play/extra sheets
  • bouncy seat (this was awesome to have on hand, plus it didn't take up a lot of room)
  • playmat
  • toys (we brought our Lamaze toys, blocks, and books)
  • accessories: hats, hairbows, socks, shoes, etc
  • sunscreen (we used Aveeno Baby and it works really well! perfect for sensitive baby skin)
  • stroller/car seat
  • diaper bag with all your go-to items
  • white noise machine or Sleep Sheep (cannot leave home without it!)
The Extras
  • camera/video camera/chargers
  • sunbrella/pop up baby tent (we have both; the bigger sunbrella is great for the beach; the pop up tent is wonderful for the pool)
  • baby carrier (we didn't bring our Ergo to the beach and I was really bummed out because there were plenty of opportunities where it would've been great to have)
  • wagon (we got the old school Radio Flyer just like I had when I was little)
Happy travels my friends!!


  1. Haha love this!!! I copied your packing list for the hospital too, you had some great things I hadn't even thought of putting on there down. So thanks, have to be all set for little miss .

  2. This is great! I need to bookmark for when we travel this fall...we have 4 weddings within 6 weeks! Eek!

  3. I've been really wanting some steamer trunks like those in the picture!


  4. oh yeah definitely the ergo would have been great. walking on the beach with it is so much easier than just carrying the baby