Past Weekend Musings...Socializing and a Shower!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whew! I am still bouncing back from last weekend...what a blur, but what a fabulous time! Friday afternoon started off with not only a visit from best friend coming into town early to spend some time with us, but Leslie and Adrianna bringing their pint sized peanuts over for our first official playdate with the about precious!!
I am happpy to report that CC's first rendezvous with 2 of her beaus went well and they had a great time together-you know the drill: eat, poop, play-a fun time was had by all! That night, we headed over to Meg and Aaron's house for dinner and then called it a night.
Collier, Caroline, and Davis
 My daughter, the cougar ;)
 Oh lookie, lookie... Collier trying to put his arm around CC
Saturday morning, Jeff took little bit over to her great-grandparents house for the day so they could watch her while we set everything up for the was a beautiful day outside and we all loved how our tables, food area, and decor turned out for Candice and Adam's couple shower.
Since we had a bit of downtime, we decided we NEEDED to have lunch at Taco Mamacita...margaritas and tacos=perfect lunchtime treat for all our hard work!
The party started at 5 so we all went home to make our dishes and get back in time for the party to start! We had such a wonderful time, and I think our bride and groom loved it, are some pictures from the backyard BBQ themed party:
the hostesses...rachel, bev, me, and meg 
 the bride and her mom...candice and pam
 me and the guest of honor-yay!!!
the setup outside
my two best girls...and of course they match ;)
That night, Mom went to pick up Caroline and then brought her by for a litle meet and greet before she scooped her off for her first overnight about emotional. Yes I cried, yes I was "that mom"-which could explain why I was up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning heading out to her house to go get my baby-haha.
Sunday, we took Mom out to lunch at Mellow Mushroom and spent the afternoon touring our favorite neighborhood looking at Mom and Jeff LOVE real estate so any excuse for them is a great one to go check out potential houses. {And P.S. no we're not moving anytime soon, just checking things out to see what our next move will be and what type of home we're looking for}
And yes, I had a litle photo session with CC in the backseat, too!
Baby loves her Sophie the Giraffe
That night, we came home and took it easy as I entertained Caroline myself on the activity mat.
So all in all, one hectic, jam packed, and fast paced weekend...just how I like it!!


  1. She is so cute with her boyfriends! I have pictures of me and two of my friends when we are babies...and we are still great friends! Caroline will LOVE having these one day :)

  2. I love that you called her a cougar! Ha!

  3. So cute! Love her little play date...she's quite the heartbreaker already! ;)

  4. She's getting so big. Love the photos. Looks like a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like a great/busy weekend! Random question- any idea where the bride got her dress for the shower? Love it!

  6. Great party adorable babies and love your dress!

  7. Oh my word my parents keep asking to keep Baby Moon over night. I just can't fathom a night without him. I bet a night of uninterrupted sleep was lovely though. : )

  8. Where is your dress and belt from? So cute and Caroline is a doll!

  9. Looks like an awesome weekend!!! And I know what you mean about crying when you say good-bye:) You MUST enter our giveaway over at our updated website, to win that precious baby girl some new hair accessories in this week's giveaway!

  10. She is so adorable! You look great and I love your stripy dress!

  11. You are just gorgeous, and your new little bundle of joy is so sweet...LOVE these pictures! Glad you are enjoying every moment! :)

  12. Ahh Natasha she is SOO CUTE!!! And I can't believe you had time to throw your friend a shower, it's so adorable!!!