Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Ahhh! Back to normalcy around these parts...forgive me if I am boring today, for I was woken up in the middle of the night by the husband whose plane had been delayed for 3 hours and didn't get home until 1AM--boo airports!! Definitely didn't get my recommended 8 hours of beauty sleep.
It's Hump Day: so many exciting things that I am loving this week... 
Celebrating great friends! Friday night, Jules and Jon are hosting a fun cookout to show off their new house and show off her brand new bling. I cannot wait! Going to be the start of a fantastic weekend in Knoxville.
Football...need I say any more? My bags are packed {yes 2 days early!} and I've somehow managed to bring along 5 different options for gameday--hey a girl needs choices for such an important event ;)
Boom's Day...a yearly tradition in K-town, which we haven't been to in years. Think carnvial style food and drink, tons of people, and gorgeous fireworks lighting up the sky--hooray!!
Short Work week is a 4 day work week because of Labor Day, the next is a 3 day {because we're headed to the beach}, and the next week is 2 whole days--a girl could get used to this!
Fall...bring on the Pumpkin Spice lattes, brisk mornings, crock pot dinners, festivals around town, autumn/Halloween decor, and plenty of comfy sweaters and boots--afterall, it is the last day of August!

So, what are you loving this week? Visit Jamie to tell her all about it!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Days 9 and 10 of Challenge and Juicy TV

OK I'm not going to lie...I'm tired of doing the "all about me" challenge--I'm finishing today because I am ready to move on to posts that I find more entertaining, you know: fashion, food, working out, celeb goosip, and football. {you know where my priorities lie}
To wrap things up, here we go:
Two Songs
1. Wish You Were Here by Incubus: this is my favorite song of all time...very helpful to get you in a good mood, but still thinking about the one you love--this is Jeff's ringtone so I'll ALWAYS know it's him when he calls
2. Meaning by Gavin Degraw: My 2nd fav song...the song that we danced to for our first dance at our reception--love the words to this and the melody is great! Check it out here

One Picture of Yourself
Only one? Just kidding! This is me post Joanna and Rhett's wedding this past May. I stole the sunglasses from the valet and just "happened" to take the wine glass from the wedding, too--oops! Can you tell it was a fun night?
Back to more important news...last night's crazy television:
Bachelor Pad: Dear nutso Melissa, so glad to see you go home. You need psychiatric help bless your heart. Blake, you're really not that cool, and Vienna/Kasey, I vomit everytime you two get "lovey dovey"--GROSS. I'd really like to see Kirk and Ella win the whole shebang!
Most Eligible Dallas: I've had my "local Dallas" blogger friends tell me that this is an unrealistic picture of the town...go figure, but I am glad to know the truth. Glenn is too much fun, I think he is adorable and Matt--douche bag. He thinks he has "game", but poor thing is not that impressive...reminds me of an ex-boyfriend I used to have...LOL.

Did anyone else see the newly revealed cast of DWTS? This season is going to be FUN to watch...Kristin Cavallari, David Arquette, Ricki Lake, and Carson Kressley just to name a few--count me in!

*Obviously you can tell how productive I was at home last night since my entire evening was spent in front of the TV watching mindless junk...don't judge. I was able to fold some laundry in the process ;)

The Best Day Ever...The Boys Getting Ready!

Jeff opted to have his groomsmen and some of our friends over to our house the day of the wedding for a BBQ catered affair from Callie McMillin, and they couldn't say enough about her spread...a perfect afternoon spent before the big shindig to sit back, relax, and take it easy. Here are the boys post-lunch getting ready...
he looks so serious ;)

only the cutest ring bearer ever, william

jeff's tux--he wore a black bowtie for the ceremony and then changed into the UT orange/white checkerboard one for the reception
and he even remembered to make the bed that day--lol

putting on his cufflinks i bought him as an engagement gift

 such a perfectionist

tom (the best man) helping him put on his jacket

 at the church signing the marriage license--it's official!
 hello there Mr. GQ ;)
 i believe this "look" is after someone had a little jack and coke to calm his nerves
Love looking back at all these I can really tell just how nervous Jeff said he was for everything that was about to happen.
Next wedding recap, the ceremony...stay tuned!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap and Challenge Day 8

Happy Monday friends! Another weekend, come and gone, but I'm smiling a little bigger this week because it's ALMOST football time in beloved Vols kick-off this weekend in Knox and I cannot wait to be surrounded by 100,000+ fans in orange...a perfect day if you ask me! {so this week better fly by!!}
This past weekend was JAM packed...Friday night, Jeff and I had date nigh to The Yellow Porch! INCREDIBLE...not only was the food ever so tasty, but the atmosphere is cozy and quaint. We really enjoyed the fried cheddar fritters, the leg of lamb with parmesan risotto, and the homemade peach cobbler was icing on the cake.
Saturday, we headed to Leslie and Dusty's new casa for their housewarming party--a great time spent with friends we hadn't seen in awhile {Lindsay and Shibahn--SO happy to see you both}. That night, we took my parents out to a big "thank-you" dinner for everything they did for our wedding... a late dinner to Park Cafe and then dessert at Melting Pot!
Sunday, we went to church and then Jeff gave in and accompanied me to go see The Help...and just as everyone had told me, it was a great movie! From reading the book, it was fun to see who they cast to play specific roles and I think they did a fantastic job...of course I was the lady balling in the theater like a crazy woman ;). Last night, we took it easy at the house, working on projects, cleaning, and then watching the VMA's which made me realize a few things:
1. Lady Gaga is the epitomy of crazy, but I still love her. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, please stop trying to be like Gaga...she'll win every time
2. Adele is TRUE talent...her voice--WHOA! And Chris Brown, though your flying was entertaining, your lack of even trying to look like you were singing was poor
3. Britney Spears needs to take public speaking classes. Your thank-you speeches are horrid
4. Beyonce...the cutest way to announce your prego--she had that "glow" and Jay-Z looked like a proud papa!

For today's challenge, you're to list three films...I'm assuming this is to be my 3 favorites which is hard because we love to watch movies:
1. Love Actually: the best feel-good love/holiday movie... I have to watch it every year
2. Braveheart: best war/love movie ever made (before Mel Gibson went crazy)
3. Forrest Gump: because Tom Hanks is the best, and if it's on, you can't help but watch it

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Days 6 and 7...Five Foods and Four Books

Five Foods
As a lover of all different types of yummy eats and treats, this will come as no surprise that this list is an easy one to complete:
1. Watermelon--I crave watermelon all the time, most especially during the absolute favorite fruit!!
2. Steak...this girl loves her protein and we are constantly grilling steak at home, or ordering when we go out to dinner
3. Strawberry Cake--if I had to eat one sweet, it would be my grandmother's homemade strawberry cake with strawberry's what she always makes for me when I come to visit and I can never get enough!
4. Guacamole...a recent new love, but whenever I get it into my head that I want it, I have to have it. Lucky for us Nashville has great places to order the REAL stuff
5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch...not my daily cereal, but when I want a special bowl in the mornings, this is what I go for--not to mention it's the perfect topping for vanilla ice cream too ;)
Four Books
This girl has come to love reading a lot more now than when I was in school...quite possibly because reading about "Who Moved My Cheese?" or the War of 1812 isn't as juicy as some of what I consider to be "entertaining":
1. Bergdorf Blondes...will forever and always be my favorite book--hilariously funny and a perfect girly read
2. The Help--I'm sure this will top a lot of other ladies' lists as well--great book about the south to see just how far we've come in dealing with segregation
3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven...want a quick read that will grab you at page 1 and holds your attention the entire time? This is the book for you--really makes you stop and think about life and the people surrounding you
4. 30 Days to Live...Jeff and I started reading this book when we started dating and couldn't put it down--it's all about the "what if" scenario of what you would do with your life if you found out you only had 30 days to live...very thought provoking and makes you take nothing for granted

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5...Six Places paired with Weekend Fun!

For today's "challenge" post, I wanted to include pictures of places...some could answer this in places they want to go, but I feel like we've got to have a great deal of adventures already so it's worth taking a little looksee into the past, just for fun. In no particular order, some of my favorite places:
San Francisco/Napa Valley Trip--May 2009...this was our first trip together as a couple. So much fun--we tasted wine, we ate incredible food, we took in the sights, and visited some of Jeff's family that lives in California...this is when I knew we had something special.
 New York City--July 2009. Jeff surprised me with a trip to my favorite city for my birthday...staying at the Waldorf, eating at some of the most incredible places in Manhattan, and playing tour guide for him, this was a weekend very much worth remembering!
 Destin, Florida--April 2010...a well deserved vacation. We ventured to Florida with my parents the day after I finished my first 1/2 marathon--talk about a great way to recover from that pain! Perfect weather, perfect company...happiness I tell you!
 Barnsley Gardens, Georgia--October 2010. Deep in the throngs of wedding planning, Jeff decided I needed a break so he planned a fun getaway weekend to this fun resort...couple's massages, golf time, and just time for the two of us was exactly what we needed.
Home Sweet Home...we're here day in and day out and there isn't anyone else I'd rather share it with. I think our house fits our personalities so well and we really enjoy making it "our own"--a happy little place to be!
Scarritt Bennett...the most important day of my life. We "visited" this special place to say our vows in front of our friends and family and make those promises to each other--another place that made all my dreams come true.
We've made it to the weekend friends...thank gosh! Work has taken its toll on both Jeff and I this week so I am excited to spend some time with the hubs--he's had nightly conference activities the past 3 nights so I won't be all aone anymore--yay!
Tonight, we're headed to a restaurant I have been eyeing for quite some time...The Yellow Porch Cafe. Everyone says it's fantastic so I have a feeling it's going to be a fun treat. Then tomorrow, we've got a fun housewarming party for Leslie and Dusty--so excited to see their new place, followed by all sorts of errands we need to run. We're hoping to drop by Jocelyn's birthday celebration, too--parties everywhere I tell you!
Sunday's lineup includes church and then Jeff promised to take me to see The Help...I cannot wait! Hope you all have a great weekend, too ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4...Seven Wants and Movie Time!

Easy peasy...I "want" things all the time--you know world peace, that fabulous pair of boots that are perfect for fall--haha! Not this time, though, I am sticking to genuine wants and things that are important {not that world peace isn't important, though these wants are ones I hope will come true!}
1. I want to be able to communicate better--if someone upsets me or makes me mad, I don't confront the issue...I try to just let it go. Not the healthiest thing to do to one self so I need to make a better effort of that because I am the only one who can change that.
2. I want to garden and make my thumb green! I am so envious of friends and family who have thriving gardens and Jeff and I both agree we want to have a garden of our own come next summer...peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, lettuce...then the fun in the kitchen can really start.
3. I want to be able to travel more--that is a goal that Jeff and I have for ourselves and especialyl back to Europe...italy is calling my name, but that will have to wait for a bit. However, before the completion of 2011, we're heading to Hilton Head and New York City so a few fun trips lined up!
4. I want to be a Mom--if I can be half as good of a mother as my Mom has been to me, I'd consider my life an absolute success...I look up to her more than she'll ever know.
5. I want to not sweat the small stuff...I want to be OK with the bed not being made or the laundry not always put up. That's the type-A/OCD person in me, but it seems to be that the little details always get the best of me. I need to think about the "big picture" in life and be happy =)
6. I want to be able to eat whatever I want and not feel guilty about it...easier said than done, right?
7. I want to be the best person I can be. I always want to strive to do my best--at work, at home, with friends, etc. I want to always try my hardest and not ever give up, even when we have "those" types of days that tend to get the best of us. I want to volunteer more, give more, and help more.
It's Thursday friends..the light at the end of the work tunnel is so close I can taste it. Last night, us girls got together at Meg's house for dinner {yummy lasagna roll ups--great job hostess!} and to watch Something Borrowed, based one of my all-time favorite books...the storyline followed the book pretty losely and we loved the movie--hoping there is going to be a sequel that lines up with Something Blue in the not-to-distant future. Hope you have a fantastic day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3...Eight Fears

Scary subject, right? No one like to talk about their fears and I know I absolutely fit into that group, but this is a lesson in getting to know me {and me to better know myself} so here it goes:
1. Death...this has scared me my entire life and as much as I try not to fear it, I can't help but get scared of death--to me, and to those closest to me
2. Failure. Sure, life has its ups and downs, but failure is something that scares me so. I try so hard not to fail that sometimes I think it gets the better of my emotions. I know I am not going to be good at everything so I might as well suck it up and move on.
3. Losing My Job. Jeff and I have been very blessed {thanks to the big guy up above!} with successful careers and sometimes I get so scared that with the current state of our economy, no one is too safe when it comes to job security.
4. Snakes and Spiders Oh My. Yes, any girl would probably agree...this is for the boys to deal with, and I stay as far away as possible.
5. Not Being a Good Christian. Sometimes I get so worried that I am not worthy enough of God's love and His forgiveness...I know He loves us for our faults and our mistakes and our shortcomings, but I try to do what is right and always try to think of Him in everything I do.
6. Letting Myself Go. Here is the superficial fear, but I'm being honest so I'm laying it out there. Sometimes I just hope that I can continue to leave a healthy, active lifestyle by working out and eating well and don't have to look back one day and say 'I wish I still looked like that'.
7. The Dentist. Yes, even when I go in for a normal routine check-up, I get nervous. From having braces, crowns, and fillings though I am the single most anal-retentive person about teeth cleanliness, brushing, flossing, and rinsing, good teeth doesn't run in my genes. I get so scared and freaked out.
8. Confined Spaces/Claustrophobia. Yes, in a crowded elevator or being on a jam-packed subway train, I cannot help but get uber anxious in confined spaces with too many people... I have to look up and take deep breaths.
OK now that my seemingly normal self seems a bit eccentric and crazy, I think tomorrow's topic will be much more fun: seven wants.

The Best Day Ever...Getting Ready!

I know I am well overdue for another wedidng day recap, so I am back to bring you more best day ever fun! For this week, I wanted to highlight our getting ready shots so you could see the progress of the "glam team" and their fantastic work they did to get us ready for the festivities...hope you enjoy!
my favorite piece of jewelry
 my gorgeous vintage diamond wedding day present from jeff ;)
 the dress
notice my custom hanger?? love
 my something new monogram and date from meg--so sweet!
 the shoes...not the most comfortable, but pain is beauty, right?
the beautiful bouquets!! white peonies for me and white hydrangea with sweet yellow roses for the bridesmaids and moms
 stepping into my dress...yay!!
 finally...all set and ready for pictures!!

 gotta have the last little bit of lipglass before the big ceremony!

 Mom putting on my garters ;)

 Chat time before the big walk!!
 High fives for Maddie!

Ok maybe now I do want to go back and relive all these moments over and over again.
Up next...the handsome guys and their getting ready experience!!
They wanted to look pretty, too ;)
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