Friday, July 29, 2011

Jump Jive and Wail...It's Friday, and My Giveaway Winner!

For some reason, I tuned into my XM radio this morning on the commute to work and "Jump, Jive, and Wail" was blasting on the station--perfect tune for a Friday morning, don't you think? Definitely made me ready to tackle the last day of the work week in anticipation for weekend shenanigans.
Tonight, we're headed to rendezvous with our photogs' to get THE wedding pictures...this is going to be a fun evening, the highlight of my week no doubt--reliving each and every moment and seeing all those sweet little details I missed the first go-around. Just get ready for pictures galore in the coming weeks my friends.
Tomorrow, Jeff is playing golf with the boys so I am going to take this opportunity to catch up on some "me time" and hop around town...maybe check out farmer's market, maybe take a jog in Centennial Park, maybe do a little shopping in Hillsboro Village--who knows what I am going to get into. We've got dinner plans with our favorite out-of-town guests {The Millers} at Bella Napoli...another new local pizza place.
Sunday, we've got a fun afternoon date planned to go to the movies to see Captain America--not my top pick obviously, but I thought I'd let Jeff see a "macho movie" since he sat through Bridesmaids a few weeks ago...give and take, right??

And now for the reason you're actually reading today's post, am I correct? The giveaway! After reading each and every comment left by all of you fabulous ladies, I couldn't believe just how creative some of you were--definitely out-of-the-box thinkers! And with that, I cannot wait to reveal my updated blog VERY soon...I've already got my sneak peak from my designer {Lindsey} and I absolutely love it. Alright, alright, so after putting in all 156 names/entries, the big winner is:
Rebecca at Marsh-Mellow

Congratulations lady...Email me and let me know how to get your goodies mailed your way! Many thanks to everyone for participating and even better, I've got another fun giveaway next Friday for when I venture back to my Fashionable Friday series, so stay tuned!!

Have a fantabulous weekend!! OXOX

Thursday, July 28, 2011

the FUN in changing your name

I know I harked a bit on the whole traditional process of changing your name after you're married...yes I'm southern, yes I'm traditional, hence I steered in that direction--however, it is most certainly worth noting that some good can come from this new monogram...more time to personalize!
I love anything and everything with my monogram/name on it and I couldn't help but pick out all kinds of fun new gifts and treats--perfect for anyone out there looking for an out-of-the-box wedding gift for someone special, too!
Did you also know that when you are personalizing something with your combined monogram (i.e. husband and wife, that the woman's first initial comes BEFORE the man's? Yes, I know, I am etiquette guru, but it is true...ours for instance, looks like this: NSJ}
Honeycomb Stationery via Red Stamp
Chain Serving Platter via Rouge and Co.

Storage Bin via The Macbeth Collection
Monogram Tervis Tumblers
Monogram Stamp via Sweet Papery

Spring Blossom Stationery via Minted
Monogram Applique Pillow Cover via Pottery Barn
So tell me, what are your favorite types of items to get personalized?
And speaking of fun gifts, today is the last day to enter "my favorite things" giveaway...winner will be announced tomorrow, but if you've yet to enter, hop on over to the post here 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid-Week Hello

Given that I will be spending the majority of my day on conference calls--oh glamorous I know--I thought I could "multitask" and post a little hello, too! As much fun as participating in engineering and consultant mumbo jumbo speak is, sometimes I just need to take a break. 
Is anyone else out there sick of hearing about our nation's debt and how our leaders can't compromise to meet in the middle in the hope to help our country keep our credit rating so that we don't have escalating interest rates, more cutting back of jobs, and another setback in trying to cope with the harsh state of the current economy? I know they are all campaigning for 2012, but your public is REALLY not happy with any of you.

Much to my dismay, I went shopping last weekend and ventured out to Forever 21 since it had been awhile since we had spent any quality time together--it must have been one of "those days" though, because I just wasn't feeling it. I did find a few new goodies and of course was happy in that I didn't have to shell out a fortune to start stocking up on fall pieces. See if you see the same theme I am...haha ;)
I am getting SO excited about Friday...bring on the wedding pictures please. Chris and Adrienne posted a little teaser late last week on their blog, which you can see here--tell me what you think!

I'm attempting another recipe tonight for my weekly "gotta try something new" goal--Jeff is pumped about my authentic Pizza Casserole I stumbled upon, though he may or may not have already gotten into the pepperoni stash I had hidden from him in the fridge. I promise to report and let you know how it turns out!

Our contractor came out yesterday to start discussing our ideas for the house and I cannot wait for him to get started next month...just some of the items we're having completed:
Mud Room Entryway System
 Downstairs Built-In Booksheves {though ours will have doors on the bottom!}
Adding glass shower doors to our not-so-finished downstairs spare bathroom
And of course, because we all need a little hump day inspiration to inch us closer to TGIF, I think this is quote completely applicable...
 "our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. it is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here and There and Everywhere

I am a big ball of nothing today my dears, so allow me to just ramble on for a bit if you will...
1. Real Housewives of NY Reunion--Part 1: PLEASE tell me some of you tuned in last night for this crazyfest of epic proportions. Team Blonde vs. Team this point, I am not on any team, for I think they are all wackos. Such a weird perception of life--Kelly is most certainly on drugs with her psychodelic personality, Cynthia still baffles me with her business endeavors, Jill assumes she is a good person now that she thinks she has enlightened herself, Luann is having a mid-life crisis, Ramona thinks she is the fountain of youth with her regular period, Sonja is in LA-LA land in denial about her personal life, and Alex is just in everyone's business. Sign me up for Part 2 please ;)
2. I ventured to the dark side--I broke down yesterday and gave myself a late birthday present...I am the proud new owner of an iPad 2...addicted already and I think this little gadget may just be my new BFF. Now I just have to figure out what all accessories I need to import my music, pictures, etc and find a fabulous case--any recommendations?

3. Im FINALLY getting my roots done this afternoon--hallejuah! My hair seems to be growing at a rapid pace lately so I need a good coloring and chop chop...hopefully this will make me feel like a brand new woman.
4. I really want this horrid heat to go away...94 today, 98 tomorrow--is there any end in sight? Seriously, college football is only 39 days away and I cannot tolerate baking in this type of heat for 4+ hours every Saturday, no matter how many game day hot dogs Jeff promises to buy me.
5. It was just confirmed yesterday that the new construction going up down the street from my office building is indeed a brand new McDonald's.... I see some 50 cent ice cream comes in my near future! (hello expanding waistline, although this may help to know that they only have 150 calories--so they're technically not a bad treat, right?)

P.S. don't forget the sign-up for the giveaway...ends on Thursday and you all have given me some FABULOUS ideas for inspiration ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Say Boring...I Say Peaceful

usually, i think i have a semi-fun weekend recap come monday morning, yet after a weekend of just me and jeff time, it feels like i have nothing all that important to report. we took it easy and spent time with just the two of us, and that was what i needed more than anything...we get so into the hustle and bustle of everything else and crazy schedules, and sometimes all you need is just time with the person you love. 
however, some fun activities did emerge--romantic date night to morton's {oh my tummy still hurts from all that food}, some great new finds for art to hang on our walls, and then unwinding sunday night with the season premiere of entourage.but, this week will be action packed with all sorts of fun!
tonight is my favorite night of TV...the stupid bachelorette {which i can't believe i am still watching}, giuilana and bill, and then the real houewives of new york reunion cat fight--i need to stake my claim on the couch before jeff gets home for sure. yes, these are my "plans" for the evening ;)
on tuesday morning, we have a contractor coming out to our abode to start talking about the next items we need to "work on". this includes built-ins for a few closets, building storage and bookshelves downstairs, finishing our last full bathroom, and other odds and ends around the house. this will be a fun new adventure to get started on and i can't wait.
thursday brings more fun when i FINALLY get to have dinner with my friend jenna and baby Ian...i cannot wait to see that handsome little man and just love on him--yippee!
friday night, we've got BIG plans friends...the day we've been waiting about 6 weeks for--our wedding picture reveal! chris and adrienne are having us over for dinner and to go through all of our pictures, to start talking about our album, and all the other fun details that are such to emerge. i am itching in anticipation to get my hands on these--and yes, get ready for picture overload!
also this weekend best friend bev and hubby christian are coming in town to play! it seems like it's been forever since we've seen them and i am so excited to get to hang out...we've got to get some fun plans in the works, too!
is it bad i want to do is crawl back in bed today? just not quite feeling it this go around and thinking some time spent at home curling up for a nap would be just the ticket--too bad my company most certainly frowns up sleeping--haha. alright friends...have a happy monday--try not to work too terribly hard!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling Good Friday!

Can you believe how quickly this week just floated on by? This girl is grinning due to the fact we have a FREE weekend...yes, you read that correctly. And what do I plan on doing? A whole bunch of nada.
But before I jump any further, I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for all their sweet sentiments about my bridal portraits...and for those of you who emailed me about the particulars, here are the specifics:
Dress: Watters Style Torreon via Arzelle's {if I could wear this dress everyday for the rest of my life, I totally would...that's the way you're supposed to feel, right?}
Shoes: Badgley Mischka via Piperlime 
Earrings: via Arzelle's {loved them, though for the big day, the hubby surprised me with antique diamond baubles--will post those beauties, soon!}
Flowers: Caprice via Enchanted Florist
Brooch: my sweet Daddy bought me a beautiful brooch to commemorate this special's by PARIS by Debra Moreland via The Bride Room
Ok back to nothingness...the only action items we have planned are a stop to the Farmers Market to stock up on all those fresh fruits and veggies I'm craving, movie time on the couch since this week's nightly activities have worn us out, cleaning out the LAST closet and then the mister is taking me to Loveless Cafe for date night tomorrow.
Scared to admit this since I am born and raised in Nashville, but I've never eaten at the local favorite...shocked, huh? This will be my first experience with their famous fried chicken and biscuits and my stomach is already growling in anticipation! Then on Sunday, we'll be heading to church and hopefully finding a way to sneak in  pool time because our honeymoon tans are officially gone...if that appears to be unsuccessful, this lady isn't opposed to venturing to Target to purchase a wannabe kiddie pool--haha. Hope you have a marvelous weekend!!
P.S. loving all of the incredible blog name suggestions are VERY creative and really seem to like anything with Nashville and "southern"!! Keep them coming and I can't wait to share with you what I pick ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Favorite Things Giveaway Time!

I promised you a giveaway and that's exactly what this is about...reaching 1,000 followers, I wanted to do something fun and I couldn't think of a better time to let you in on some of my necessities and things I heart, especially during the summer--hope you enjoy them, too!
1. Essie Nail Polish--California Coral...the perfect shade for summertime, for both fingers and toes--it's one of my absolute favorites, especially with fun sandals
2. Thank-You Notes--simple and chic, the floral detail on these cards is perfect for any lady because you all know how I feel about the necessity of handwriting cards to your loved ones... don't worry, I won't get on a soapbox today ;)
3. The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews--this author is southern through and through and this is one of my favorite books...perfect for the beach, or lounging at the pool on a hot day
4. Reese's Pieces--I think this needs no explanation. My favorite candy...enough said!
5. Scarf from Francesca's--I love scarfs, no matter what the season. This lightweight fabric is perfect for a night that gets a little breezy or you can wear it to transition into fall, too!
6. Wooden Bangle Bracelet--because you can never have enough accessories, and this screams fun!
7. Bath and Body Works Coconut Passionfruit Body Splash--nothing says summer like the smell of fresh fruit...this scent is mild and sweet and oh so yummy!
8. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine--fabulousness for any entertainer, decorator, and inspiration for anything and everything in between
9. Coral/Gray Striped Socks--because I tend to get cold feet at night, these cute little socks keep your footsies warm
10. Stainless Water Bottle--because we all need to stay hydrated throughout this horrid summer heat, and because my favorite color is green!

OK so there you have it... my giveaway list! Now this is where it gets fun.

To enter the giveaway, please let me a comment saying what you think I should change my blog name to. "A Day in the Life" is going to be revamped a bit in the coming weeks and I am up for any and all suggestions--I'm looking for creativity, something original, that suits ME, and of course has to be fun, too! Then I'll randomly pick a name from the comments and we'll have a winner. 
Giveaway ends a week from today...Thursday, July 28th--good luck and thanks for playing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So many things to love about this day--hold onto your horses, for I am going to jump around quite a bit this morning...must be all that coffee I had!
I am loving that today is FREE QUESO DAY at Moe' friends know my obsession with Moe's and I can never get enough cheese dip--have no fear friends. Go in to any location today and get a free cup--woo hoo!
I am loving the new recipe I tried out last night. I tweeted that I am going to attempt to make at least 1 new thing each week and see how it goes...this week was a BIG winner and I have April to thank for it. The Vidalia Onion Pie was incredible, and was the perfect side dish to complement our bacon wrapped porkchops. See here for the recipe!
I am loving that the girls are getting together tonight to play bunco! Instead of reading a new book this time around, we decided to change things up a bit and play our hands at rolling dice...we're headed to Rachel's house and I cannot wait for some major girl fun! Even better, the boys are playing poker, so here's to hoping both Jeff and I come home with winnings!
And finally, I'm loving that we're doing a school supply drive at church and I stocked up this week at Target...I always loved back-to-school shopping growing up, selecting just the right Lisa Frank notebook or my newest Hello Kitty lunchbox so to be able to help other children get the necessities they need makes me eager to pitch in and help!

Happy hump day friends...for some reason, this week seems to be breezing on by, which is fine by me--keep it coming please. Back tomorrow with all my giveaway goodies and the rules for the contest...have a GREAT one!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday Weekend Shenanigans!!

Here I am, blogging to you another year older...28--time flies when you're having fun, right? Funny how birthday celebrations have gone from wild craziness around town until the wee hours of night to fun dinners that end with a full night's sleep, though I know my body thanked me for not feeling too terrible.

Friday night, Jeff and I headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for another round of gift exchange and then went to the parents' house for dinner and stayed up late playing our favorite card games.
Saturday morning, I was up to the gym and then spent the afternoon playing do we continue to rack up so much stuff? Fast forward 3 hours, I sent the husband to Goodwill to drop off an entire Tahoe full of giveaways and was finally able to put up all of our extra wedding gifts we had floating around.
That evening, we went over to Meg and Aaron's for pre-dinner drinks and then headed to my favorite mexican locale--Rosepper. I was so happy some of my good friends were able to be there, though a lot of people were out of town...story of having a summer bday, right? ;)
We ate and drank and had a great time, complete with homemade strawberry cupcakes from my best sweet! Here are a few pics from the night:
Sunday, I was woken up early for one of my favorite past-times...breakfast in bed. My adorable Jeff made pancakes in the shape of hearts and topped them with strawberries and whipped cream--so sweet!
We went to church, and joined up with my family downtown at Puckett's for brunch...oh what fun! Sad to say I didn't take any pictures, though I giot some really sweet gifts...Ray Bans, a Michael Kors watch,  cookbooks, pajamas, the cake stand I was coveting, money {which always seems to fit!}, a 2-year subscription to Bon Appetit, gorgeous jewelry, and a perfect cupcake tree stand. I guess my friends and family have caught on to my love affair of cooking, right?
That afternoon, Jeff and I headed to the movies to see my pick of the day, Bridesmaids, which was HILARIOUS!! And to round out a perfect--and calorie gorging--weekend, he let me pick what I wanted for favorite guilty pleasure, Papa Johns Pizza.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so means so much to hear from friends and family and I truly felt very loved! Not to mention, all my blogging friends--you were too sweet with your kind well wishes--my cup runneth over!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Best Day Ever...Bridal Portraits

It's been awhile since I have done another recap, I know--I apologize in advance. This was one of the most fun days, as it was all about getting dolled up and glammed in prime time wedding gear to "run through" for the big day. 
Funny enough, it started off raining that Tuesday morning, and when I say raining, I am referring to torrential downpour. But we prayed and crossed fingers and around lunchtime when the beauty gurus were getting started, the clouds parted and the bright sunshine came out to play, sealing the perfect springtime day for a photoshoot. Someone was looking after us that day ;)
Mom and I solicited the top ladies in Nashville to help us with hair and makeup and I loved the final much that I didn't change a single thing for the big day--they nailed the look I was going for! Amy Lynn Larwig did wonders on my face, to which now I have an obsession with Makeup For Ever from Sephora. And the lovely Mary Malone reworked my hair into a romantic style complete with extensions for added volume.
We spent about 2 hours taking over the grounds at Scarritt Bennett to make sure we got just the perfect shot for our big canvas that would welcome guests to the reception, and I love the end result...that will come with the reception recap! So without further adieu, here they are, my bridal portraits {and yes, I am a bit biased--hehe}

 the winning picture below...the one we had framed--my absolute favorite!

All pictures via Chris and Adrienne Scott
So here's my two cents: If you're engaged and are unsure as to whether or not you want to have bridal portraits taken prior to the wedding, I am telling you now, run, don't walk to your photographer and make sure you get these done...they will be your saving grace to help you see what you're going to look like and to see if you need to "tweak" any certain element. Not to mention another reason to put on that gorgeous dress and frolic around for a few hours in advance...yes, I do love my dress that much ;)
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