Friday, April 29, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray for Friday

Short and sweet, just like what I'm hoping work will be today...
My friends and colleages at work are throwing a shower for us during lunch--cannot wait!
Jeff's coming to join in on the fun, though bless his heart he just doesn't like
the opening presents in front of people stuff.
We're heading to Atlanta early tomorrow morning and it's shaping up to be a fun, quick trip. Shopping for wedding necessities, rehearsal and honeymoon wearables, hopping over to ikea for a little decor stock up, and then late dinner reservations at Horseradish Grill.
For Sunday brunch, I made reservations at Canoe and am uber excited about FINALLY getting to eat there...everyone raves about the location, the food, everything and I am ready to eat!

Happy weekend my friends...we're going to have PERFECT weather so I want to get some sun and put on dresses already--yay!!

Keep Calm and Marry On

Yes, I gave in and managed to wake myself up at the crack of dawn this morning to watch Wills and Kate tie the royal knot! Let me mention that it was HILARIOUS at the gym this morning with every TV tuned in for the blessed event and even all the hard core bodybuilder men were it.
So what did you think of the dress? Classic and regal in my opinion and the epitomy of what a princess should look like... everyone kept saying she'd sport something uber fashion forward, but our dear Kate knows better--she looked exquisite and that dress is absolutely applause from me!
And, did you happen to notice how much her ensemble resembled another dear princess we all know and love, Grace Kelly from Monaco? Look at the similarities...
Now on to Pippa...hello gorgeousness!! If she thought for one instance that she would simply "blend in", boy was she wrong. The column silhouette did her body good and I have a feeling there are some chaps in London wanting to give her a shout on the telly very soon.
Last, but not least, we can't forget to mention--the not one, but TWO kisses--were you all grinning from ear to ear like me? I think everyone knows by now William isn't much for PDA and showing too much of himself in public, however, he let his new bride have her way and gave in to some adorable signs of affection...well done, Wills, well done! Seriously, how cute are they?
Well, it's back to work for this lady in waiting... so happy I gave in to the media hype and circumstance and watched this fun fairytale piece of history! And crossing my fingers we'll get to see more pictures from all the partying and wedding festivities, too!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be Thankful

After yesterday's horrific tornadoes and storms hailed through the south, I had the worst feeling in my stomach...feeling of sadness for those who lost everything--the people they love, the house they call a home, their normal way of life--and all I could do was thank God for His many blessings and for watching over my family and friends.
 At the end of the day, all that matters is the air we breathe and the people we have surrounding us...material stuff just really doesn't seem to matter when you think about just how blessed we all are to be alive--some weren't that lucky. As the death toll continues to rise, specifically in neighboring Alabama, I just know I will be spending lots of my time praying for everyone affected. Prayer for strength to get them through this, prayer for hope that life will go on, and prayer for the peace that the Good Lord is watching over and guiding them.  
We were lucky in Nashville...bad storms with horrible rain, but nothing like others faced. Friends and family of ours in Knoxville are without power, Jeff's Mom's house has a fallen tree on the roof, my cousin Lauren's car windshield was destroyed and had major hail damage, but everyone is OK and I am thankful no one was seriously injured. Thank you God for protecting those I love most.
I think now is when we all need to focus our attention to help others affected by this tragedy just like we always do... it's something to witness when its happens to another country and you can see the devastation on the news, yet it's something completely different when its in your own backyard. OXOX

"Live for today because yesterday is over and tomorrow may never come"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Back Friends!!

Alright, first of all, I loved all of your funny comments and antics yesterday in reference to my "annoyances" post... I find it funny that so many of you equally loathe Leann Rimes and that though we're excited about the royal wedding and seeing the new Princess Katherine, the national news has gone haywire over this event. Thanks for humoring me with much delight ;)
Yesterday turned out to be absolutely splendid! I think my {and Mom's, Meg's, Jeff's, and our wedding vendors} fingers crossed, no rain dances, prayers to the Good Lord really paid off because my bridal portraits went off without a hitch. To put it nicely, I woke up to bleak skies and rain showers to which I replied... "it is what it is and the show must go on." We stuck to our guns and moved forward with all my getting ready details--Amy Lynn came to do my makeup, Mary worked on my hair, Mom picked up my dress, accessories, and bouquet, and after all was complete, we were on our way.
Fortunately for us, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and it was gorgeous weather for a photoshoot. We met my photogs, Chris and Adrienne, at Scarritt Bennett and got down to business... talk about fun! EVERY bride, if able, should take my advice and have their  portraits taken prior to wedding day. I was able to see my complete look with everything done, and I was finally able to see myself looking like a real bride. My Mom and I had too much fun soaking it all in and I know a few tears of joy were shed on both our parts because we had been working so hard on making sure everything was just perfect...thanks Mommy! It was a wonderful day and I can't wait to see how my bridal portraits turn out. {P.S. not to disappoint, but that pic above isn't me}
In celebration, last night Mom, Jeff, and I went to Mellow Mushroom since I had been craving pizza...yes, I did indulge. And not only did I give in to pizza, we rounded out my perfect day with Sweet CeCe's CHOCOLATE yogurt....ahhhh cocoa I have missed you.
So, it's Wedding Wednesday, and only 45 more days to go until the big I DO! We just sent out our rehearsal dinner invitations on Monday and I wanted to share so here they are: yes, simple and classic and exactly what I wanted!!
Winter Flourish Invite via Minted
We also ordered simple ivory envelopes and then ordered a custom stamp from the darling Lettergirl on Etsy. We went with the Bea self-inking stamp design and just love how it turned out!! 
What's left to finalize you ask??
  • Order reception exit/getaway items {rose petals, sparklers, etc} I already know what I'm ordering, but the suspense for friends is fun ;)
  • Buy liquor/wine/beer for reception--we're heading to Atlanta this weekend to cover this BIG detail...afterall, alcohol is semi mucho important for our reception party!
  • Buy our ring bearer gifts...hardest decision I have faced in awhile...any ideas?
  • Work on Out-of-Town guest gift bags
  • Buy rehearsal dinner shoes and accessories--hoping to tackle this in ATL as well
  • Make rehearsal dinner escort cards and board for guests
  • Other odds and ends
  • Party it up in Chicago with my best friends next weekend--WOO HOO!
We're at the home stretch for the big enchilada and I am getting so excited for it to get here already...the anticipation is killing me! Alright friends, what things could I potentially be forgetting here?? As OCD planner/Type-A as I am, who knows if I am forgetting something major--and yes, already have a note to get the marriage certificate the week before the wedding...haha! Happy Hump Day my darlings!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Not much annoys me so much that I have to publicize it out loud via blog, but I fear as though the time has come to do so...
1. The Royal Wedding...Otherwise known as the only newsworthy story to report as of now. Forgive me, but what about the devastated people of Japan, the people in Libya fighting with their leader, our economy and the GAS situation, government, etc? I am all for weddings {duh!}, but this is getting ridiculous my friends... sure I am going to tune in Friday morning to check out THE dress, but I could care less about what a former bridesmaid of Princess Diana or people that knew Kate when she was a small child have to say--please report more important things so I can continue to educate myself on worldly issues. Shame on you newscasters and reporters!!
2. Leann there anyone else out there who cannot stand this idiot? I ditest her in every sense of the word and think she should just stay out of the media spotlight. Her new marriage, her new enormous "enhancements", and her anorexic figure--give that girl a sandwich, something other than a crocheted tablecloth to wear, and tell her to go away.
3. Home Improvements...just when we think we get one thing knocked out and ready to accomplish more, something inevitable happens--issues with living in a 70-year old house I assume, but I like to decorate, not to patch holes and redo drywall.
4. Rude People...being rude annoys the heck out of me, but being rude just because you're miserable and want others to be is certainly not necessary in my book--another reason to kill them with kindness I tell ya!
5. Slacker Vendors/Contacts... if I email/call you and I am PAYING you, you have 48 hours to respond--if not, this gal gets cranky and I will not be providing "good/positive" feedback for you. Ignoring me only fuels the fire and I promise I'll keep tracking you down until you return my message. =)

Alright, Im done now--thanks for letting me vent. Do you ever just have to get it out and say "ahhh now I feel better?" Happy Tuesday my we speak, I am getting the hair and makeup done {hopefully feeling great} and getting ready for bridal portraits--yay!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little R&R Never Hurts

That seemed to be the theme for this and relaxation, and lots of it. I told Jeff I didn't want to plan much of anything--I wanted a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of time and that's exactly what we did.
Friday night, the boy cooked us a marvelous dinner...grilled mahi and steamed mussels and it was fantabulous--he assures me he has now perfected cooking seafood on the grill so I think I'm in for a lot of it this summer--yippee!
That night, we decided to stay in and forego the crowded theater and instead rented The King's Speech which was a GREAT movie. A little slow to get going, but such a great {and true} story...definitely worth watching!
Saturday morning was INCREDIBLE as I slept in until 8AM...I know I am old, and yes we consider that to be a late start to the day now--haha! Then we headed to the gym, ran errands around town, and then headed to spend the rest of the day with my parents.
We worked on wedding tasks and knocked some big to-dos out of the way {Mom and Dad, you are lifesavers I tell you!} and then we all headed out to downtown Franklin for dinner at 55 South and dessert at Sweet CeCe's. The weather was gorgeous and it was a great time for the 4 of us to take it easy and catch-up.
Sunday morning, we were up and at it early to celebrate Easter--of course the Easter Bunny himself surprised Jeff and I with baskets filled with goodies and then we headed off to church. I was so excited to have my grandparents, parents, and Jeff and I together on Easter...lots to celebrate this year and I loved our message in how love overcomes death...don't you love it when the sermon really speaks to you?
{I would totally show more of my pictures if they wouldn't turn sideways--blogger fail!}
Afterwards, we met the rest of the family at Bosco's for brunch and then headed home to enjoy the rest of our Sunday cooking, organizing, and watching some TV. We are now obsessed with the new show on HBO called Game of Thrones! All in all, a weekend spent doing the things I love with the people I love the most.
And no, I haven't given in and eaten chocolate yet...yes Lent is over, but tomorrow is bridal portrait day meaning my all sugar/chocolate fest has to wait until Tuesday night! ;) Have a great Monday friends!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hip Hop...Easter Celebrations!

Happy and blessed Good Friday friends! I can't believe Easter weekend is here...happy for those of you who get to enjoy this day off in celebration, but for those of us who have to work, I know we're all trying to make the best of it.
This weekend in Nashville looks very promising...more sunshine and spring weather with lots of Easter celebrating going on. Is it bad that I would love to go on an adult easter egg hunt? What a fun party that would be--add that to my list of celebratory ideas for the future!

This weekend, we're taking it easy and spending loads of time with family...tonight I'm getting my hair done--say bye bye to roots--and then we're relaxing at the house cooking dinner for just the two of us! Tomorrow, I'm off to work with Mom on wedding DIY crafting, and then we're spending the night with the parents in preparation of Sunday's family time.
Church and brunch is on our agenda...I love Easter Sunday at our church! All the kids dressed  in pastels and white shoes, not to mention us adults get pretty excited, too!
Does this  picture not scream southerner Easter wear??  
Then I am hoping I can twist Mr. Jeffrey's arm into taking me to the afternoon matinee of Water for Elephants... easy and relaxing weekend is so making me happy today considering the hustle and bustle of what's to come very soon ;)
Happy Weekend lovelies!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Thursday, Not Wednesday

but I don't mind...scatterbrained Natasha {who is currently losing her mind} forgot to post wedding talk/updates yesterday so I'll make up for it now.
Oh let's see, nothing much on the agenda today--other than my FINAL dress fitting this afternoon with the fabulous ladies at Arzelles. I am itching to get that baby on again if you couldn't Tuesday is my bridal portrait photoshoot so all has to be perfect for my session! Poor girls at the bridal salon usually have to pry the dress off of me because I just want to stand there and twirl around in the mirrors...only child syndrome or crazy person bride??
Afterwards, Mom and I are headed over to StudioWed to meet with our wedding planner...this is where Mary Alice will start taking over all the fun and hopefully I can sit back and relax a bit--not sure this meeting could come at a better time....ahhhh!
What's on track for the rest of this week you ask??
  • Sending out rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Buying gifts for our adorable flower girl and ring bearer and other wedding gifts
  • Ordering the rest of the items for favors!
  • Finishing buying/designing items for the out-of-town guest bags
  • Making sure I have everything ready for Chicago in 2 weeks!!
In other uber important environmental news, tomorrow is Earth Day--how to celebrate you ask? Venture into any Starbucks tomorrow with a reusable mug/container of your choice and your favorite barista will fill you up a free coffee or tea!! Find about about their offer here. We can all do our part to help keep our Earth happy and healthy ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's Lovable Tidbits

oh le tired...but oh so worth it! though i am pooped beyond measure--wow we are getting old--however, i am thankful and loving lots of stuff today...

i'm LOVING lady gaga even more than i already did--the concert last night was hands down the best live performance i have ever seen...the costumes, the dancing, the production--oh, and don't even miss the fact that she sang EVERY single word--no lip syncing from that woman!! if you get a chance to see her, DO IT. i promise you will not be let down.
Me, Candice, and Meg at the concert!!

i'm loving that i finished reading water for elephants monday night and i am seeing the previews plastered all over TV...i cannot wait to see this movie this weekend!
i'm loving the fact that mom is emailing me our updated guest list with RSVPs daily and it's making my heart happy because it's getting super close

i'm loving loving today because i get to spend a relaxing night at home with the beau cooking dinner 

i'm loving that i was able to purchase the VERY last size 7 of this shoe in the country {yes, here, there, and everywhere was checked} wear for my bachelorette party in chicago--whoever said shoes don't buy happiness didn't have these in her closet i tell you!
Vince Camuto Maria Sandals via Dillards
and finally, i am loving that i get to celebrate Easter with my family on Sunday {and FINALLY get to eat some chocolate again...and yes, very small sacrifice, but still exciting nonetheless}
hop on over to jamie's blog to tell her what you're loving today! happy hump day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's All in the Details...The Wedding Invitations

Originally, I had planned to wait until tomorrow to share my pictures of our wedding invitations, but because I am just so overwhelmed with giddyness and excitement, I decided that all of our guests have surely received their invitations by now so I can divulge the detailed goodness.
So without further adieu, here they favorite pieces of paper e v e r:

The full invitation suite...invitation, response card, and accommodations card
The full digital file so you can see the detail
Detail of my calligraphy on the outer envelopes
A heaping pile of hard work and love
All boxed up and ready to be mailed!
So there you have it!! Words can't describe the feeling I had when these lovelies were sent out last week... first of all, relief from finally being done with such a huge component of our wedding, and secondly, happiness in that I {as well as the parents and my wonderful MOH} spent loads of time stuffing and sealing these pretty little envelopes for our guests. I know some people think wedding invitations are merely paper, but for this girl, it's the first element of our forthcoming wedding where friends, family, and guests will hopefully get a sneak peak of what's to come and what to expect.
And finally, thanks SO much to our friends and family who have emailed, texted, and called me and/or Jeff to tell me how much they love our invitations. This is icing on the cake for me with this labor of love and it means more than you will ever know ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Roll the Dice

This weekend wasn't nearly long enough...but then again, they never are. Not much worth noting  because we took it pretty easy, which was much needed due to all our upcoming travels and events.
Friday night, we stocked up at the grocery store, rented a movie, and relaxed.
Saturday, we hit the gym, I shopped high and low and near and far for Easter-worthy dresses...which reminds me, do retailers not understand that it's not appropriate to wear strapless or one-strap dresses for church? That afternoon, we celebrated Leslie's 27th birthday with a big low country boil after the rain washed away our plans for Arrington--no worries, though, we had too much fun!
Sunday, we met the Grunkes for church time, and then ran errands and worked in the yard, grilled out for dinner, and then rounded out the weekend watching The Next Great Restaurant and Real Housewives of Blonde County {hehe}... nothing fancy, but lazy weekends can sometimes be the best!
This week we will have more to report I assure you of that! Heading to the Lady Gaga concert tomorrow night with 2 of my besties, final wedding dress fitting on Thursday, meeting with Mary Alice {AKA the wedding planner} to begin handing over all my duties, and then sending out our rehearsal dinner invitations by the end of the week, too! I keep telling myself if I can get through this 5-day work week, the next 4 weeks will be filled with 4-day workloads and that I can most certainly get used to...
What's keeping me motivated...55 days and then we'll be spotted here ;)
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