Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Coffee Talk}

A few nights ago, we made dinner and I tried out my very first attempt at Green Bean Casserole... of course I've had it time and time again, but I was trying to come up with a different side dish for our dinner and after searching through the pantry, I realized I had all the necessary ingredients.
Check this recipe out--easy and delish:
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 14.5 oz cans drained green beans
1 small jar of button mushrooms drained
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 can of cream of mushroom soup (I use reduced sodium)
1/2 cup of crumbled Ritz crackers
Preheat oven to 350. Place green beans, mushrooms, and soup in microwave-safe bowl. Mix well and heat in microwave for 3 to 5 minutes until warm. Stir in 1/2 cup of cheese and heat mixture for another 2 minutes. Transfer casserole into dish and sprinkle remaining cheese and crumbles Ritz crackers on top. Bake for 2o to 25 minutes and serve!
Alright, enough recipe talk for now...last day of March and it's still chilly, wet, and all around dreary--I need some sun stat to kick-off April festivities and I'm thinking the good Lord is going to be kind to us Nashvillians this weekend...mid 60s on Saturday and mid 70s on Sunday--bring on the shorts and sandals weather!!
Jeff and I are treating ourselves to a date night Saturday night and I am so excited--we're going to Tavern--a new upscale bar/pub-like eaterie specializing in small bites, burgers/sandwiches, and famous cocktails! I had a friend I work with rave about their menu, especially the lobster hughpuppies so we're excited to try out a new Nashville hangout!
Sunday, I am hoping to get the mister saddled up with running shoes, the dog, and head out to the park for a picnic! I want to be outside as  much as possible these next few weeks and what better way than to pick up some bread, prosciutto, cheese, and wine and pick a spot out to spend our afternoon? Ahhh sounds like a perfect opportunity for a nap to me...

Alright, that's it for now--is it sad I can't wait to get home this afternoon to read some more of 'Water for Elephants'? I am HOOKED I tell you!! And just because we all need a bit of laughter, check this quote out--we all have moments like this, am I right?? ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Back...Wedding Wednesday

First of all, I wanted to send a huge thank you to so many of you for all the comments and advice on what we should fill our weekend with while we're in Atlanta in a few weeks... I very much appreciate the tips on hotels, eateries, and shops and will be taking advantage of as many as possible--only problem now is how do I narrow it down? =)
As for today, it's Hump Day which means Wedding talk time. 73 days/10.5 weeks to go and I am shocked at how fast its starting to fly by...hold on, it's going to be one bumpy ride!
Last night, Mom and Dad came over for an invitation stuffing party--I know, we know how to let loose, right? Jeff cooked dinner while us three sat down and got down to business...a little assembly line, I sealed and stamped while Mom and Dad assembled the suite {invitation, response card and envelope, tissue, and accomodations/information cards} and double checked inner and outer envelopes to make sure they were correct! So efficient--1/2 are now done and then we'll finish the other 1/2 once I finish the rest of the calligraphy next week.
These next few weeks are filling up with odds and ends to get taken care of! In no particular order we have to knock-out the following:
  • Ordering personalized cocktail napkins for reception
  • Finishing thank you notes for shower/wedding gifts
  • Meeting with the dress alterations guru for the final fitting
  • Finalizing the ceremony {readings, programs, vows}
  • Stocking the reception full of alcohol--we know what our guests like ;)
  • Addressing rehearsal dinner invitations and mailing those out
  • Buying items for out-of-town guest gift bags
  • Finalizing paper items {stickers, labels, signs, welcome itineraries, etc}
  • Ordering the rest of the gifts for family, flower girl/ring bearer, and groomsmen
  • Completing the song and set list for our reception band, Scat Springs
  • Meeting with Mary Alice {wedding planner extraordinaire} to hand over the reins and give her full control of "project wedding"--OH SO EXCITED!!!!

As for what I am loving today, the weather most certainly isn't one of them, but there are a few good things to perk up the forecast:
The Britney Spears "I am Femme Fatale" special comes on MTV on Sunday--
you bet your bottom dollar this girl will be watching
Mule Day is this weekend in Columbia...Lauren and Andy are going and we're hoping we can go at least for a bit depending on schedules and weather--sounds like fun to me!
I'm also loving my new hot pink running shorts via Target.
Seriously it's so about the little things ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Grand Old South...Travel Time!

Alright blogging friends...I need help!! Jeff and I are scheduling a little weekend trip to the grandest city in the south--also known as Atlanta--the last weekend of have a little quality one-on-one time and to knockout some wedding shopping while we're at it.
With that in mind, this is where I need your skills/input/advice:

1. Where should we stay? Hotels/bed and breakfasts/etc???

2. Where should we eat? We're both all about savoring the local flavor, so please no's just not our style when we travel. If it was up to me, I would eat at The Varsity for every meal {pathetic I know} but I need to venture out and try something else--other than hamburgers and milkshakes, haha.

3. Where should we shop? I'm aware of some great shops in and around Atlanta, and of course Lenox and Phipps, but I need other boutiques I may be unaware of for rehearsal dinner dresses, bachelorette party {white of course!}, and other little places here and there.

We're planning on visiting the aquarium as well as the famous Coca-Cola museum so our touristy attractions are all set, too! Alright now, pretty please--send me anything and everything you've got!!

Glad Tidings on a Tuesday

Ahhhh! I'm sipping on the coffee, catching up on my email, and taking my time to get "situated" this morning at the office...this rarely ever happens when I don't have some crazy off-the-wall deadline so I am absolutely savoring every moment and relaxing.
Because of our corporate IT and internet security department {yes, we have to have a group of these peeps since we have more than 45,000 employees} I can no longer listen to Pandora, though Yahoo radio is still accessible so I'm jamming to the 1990s Biggest Pop Hits--woo hoo.
I'm browsing some of my favorite blogs this morning for some inspiration, so let's start things off with Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday...

Favorite Celebrity Hairstyles
Reese Witherspoon
America's sweetheart...she always looks so classic and chic
Marisa Miller
Loving her beach-esque wavy look and yes, I'll take her body while we're talking about it, too
On a side note, a few of you emailed/commented on the striped shirt I was wearing this past weekend in my pictures...funny enough, it's not a shirt, but a dress which I bought it at a little boutique here in Nashville, but you can buy it online at Shop Ruche here
And just because I am getting giddy and want to show off some of my recent fun shopping finds, take a peek at new spring/summer favorites for all my upcoming travels--I know, I am a nerd and get excited way too easily ;)
Mediterranean Cruise Dress via Modcloth
Maxi Print Dress via Francesca's
Coral Block Babydoll Dress via Francesca's
{I actually bought it in light blue}
Black Cocktail One Strap Dress via BCBG
Is anyone else excited for the royal wedding which is a mere 1 month away?? I will so be tuned in and glued to a seat at the television come April 29th just to see what Ms. Middleton walks down the aisle in...check out this royal wedding inspiration photoshoot from Style Me Pretty--incredible I tell you!
Tonight, Mom is coming over for a stuffing party--and no, not the turkey side dish kind of party, but stuffing 1/2 of our wedding invitations suites...I've got more than 75 completed already so we're getting down to business stuffing, sealing, and stamping away to send off to the post office in just a few short weeks!
That's all for now folks... I obviously need to get down to business!! Have a great Tuesday

Monday, March 28, 2011

Forecast Calls for Showers...

What an official sounding blog title, right? This weekend takes the cake {pun intended} for just how much fun one can have during birthday, wedding, and what appears to now be "baby season"... it's Monday morning and I am still rather exhausted from the hustle and bustle of so many exciting events that took place--I tried to make a comprehensive read-worthy recap and of course added tons of pictures to share!!
Friday night was the big celebration of one of my best friends' birthdays with dinner at Boscos in Hilsboro Village--we wined, we dined, and our big group had a rousing time playing paparazzi and serenading our sweet birthday girl Lauren with fun gifts and drinks and baked goodies...
The birthday girl with her beau Andy
 Me and Jeffrey
 All the ladies ready to celebrate!!
 This one is a keeper!
 Weirdo I also call my BFF ;) it!! Adam and Candice
 Blowing out the birthday cupcakes
 Sam's for more after dinner drinks! I love this amazing lady
 And this one, too!!
 Jenny and Lauren
 Me and My Mister {AKA Thumper Nazi}

Saturday morning, I headed to the gym, and then Jeff and I made breakfast for our guests...homemade pancakes, fresh fruit salad, and sausage and bacon--we had to get our energy for a full day of fun! Then us girls started getting ready for my afternoon bridal shower!! Once it was time to leave, we hit the road headed to my aunt's house and let the festivities commence...
My Aunt Denise and Cousin Lauren really outdid themselves! The food was incredible with some of my favorite dishes, the yummy petit fours were amazing and perfectly personalized with my new last initial "S", and the company was even better...we played a fun game to see who knew me best {yay Candice!}, sipped on the best rum punch I have ever had, and then got down to business opening gifts. Let me just saw I was so humbled my everyone who came out to make my day so felt incredible to be surrounded by so many great friends and family who cut their weekends short so they could spend time with me. I know I am extremely blessed with some wonderful women--both new and old to my life--but when I looked around I couldn't help but smile to see just how each one of those ladies had made such a profound impact on my life so thanks to all of you for that--I'll never forget it.
Here's a little looksee about all the fun we had!!
The Three Amigos!
 Me with my Gran
 All 3 Generations of Massey Girls...Dressed in Navy--Great Minds Think SO Alike ;)
 Me with Jeff's Mom Kaye and my Mom
 Me with my Cousin Lauren and my Aunt Denise--hostesses with the mostesses!
 Some of the yummy spread
 Gorgeous petit fours--and oh so tasty
 The gift room!
 Me with the Birthday Girl AKA Lauren
 Me with Aid!!! So glad you got to be there--love you
 Me and my wonderful photog extraordinaire, Candice OXOX
 Me with 6 of my 7 glad they could be there with me--it meant the world!
 Love my Jenna and Mommy-to-Be! Is she not adorable??
 Me with Candice and Mrs. Pam!!! Love them so
 Enjoying the candy favor buffet--sooo cute!
Sad to say all of the pictures taken of me opening my wonderful gifts are showing up sideways via blogger, so I can't post--boo. If anyone knows how to correct, please tell!!

That night after the shower shindig, we headed to the Grunke household for a yummy cookout...needless to say by this time we were all pooped from running around town and all our partying so we ate, drank a few cocktails, and watched reality TV--yes amusing I tell you! Sunday morning, we waved goodbye to our guests and then I headed to celebrate Jenna's baby shower--sweet baby Ian Parker racked up and I know he is already one loved {and very spooiled} little bundle of joy ;)
So there you have it--once fun, headspinning, in your face party weekend!! I think I'll be "napping" quite a bit on the couch so I can actually get caught up again. Cheers to Monday's workday almost being complete and heading home to rest and relax! And another special thank you to each and every one of my friends and family for making my first shower so incredibly wonderful--love you all!!!
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