Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football...

Poor Jeff somehow arranged for us to fly back to Tennessee from Los Angeles during the Superbowl game on Sunday... not that I have ANY idea what he must have been thinking, I thought I would take time to post a few of my favorite "game time" recipes for all of you that will get the opportunity to hoot and holler for either the Packers or the Steelers... personally, I am not too enthused with either team venturing to the big show this year, but my two cents is going for the Packers--Green Bay cheese all the way!

Paperless Post has some cute non-mailing evites to get your guests in the game:
With that, what better place to kick-off than the apps...
Homemade Pizza Rolls via Tidy Mom

Football Party Bites via Gimme Some Oven

Smokin Mozzarella Balls via Picky-Palate

And now on to the halftime show, I mean the entrees:
Burger Potato Bites via Better Homes and Gardens

Classic French Onion Soup via Gimme Some Oven

BBQ Pork Biscuit Sandwiches via Picky-Palate

And just for kicks to stuff yourself sick, dessert action:
Oozing Chocolate  Chip Cookie Smore Sandwiches via Picky-Palate

Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake via Gimme Some Oven

Butterfinger, Milky Way, Chocolate Chunk Cookies via Picky-Palate   
So tell me, what are some of your favorite game-day treats to make? Who are you going to be cheering for this Sunday? Don't forget to watch the ads--best part of the Superbowl!!

Just Another Manic Monday

So much to accomplish this week with what seems like so little time...
But before I muddle on about the stress of moving into February, can we please spend a moment bragging about the spring-like weather that invaded Nashville this weekend? I stayed inside as little as possible just because the sun was out, my sunroof was open, and I think everyone had to get out of their houses winter cabins and take note that spring is indeed, just around the corner! 

Well, my glorious weekend started off at the bridal salon with my Mom to try on THE dress. I know others of you out there will understand when I say this--but after watching numerous episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" where the brides don't like their dress when they go in for alterations, I was a tad bit nervous... however, once they brought me into my room to twirl away and model, I remembered just why I selected my gown. I think I am still on a mental high from knowing that in only a few short months {and after a few small alterations are made}, I will finally be walking down the aisle to my Prince Charming.
That night, Mom and I enjoyed dinner at Bricktops--another one of my favorite Nashville places, and then I met Jeff for after-dinner cocktails at our neighborhood rendezvous spot, Park Cafe so we could work on our wedding necessities. Our bartender thought it very amusing that we needed drinks to "wedding plan" =)

Saturday morning, I got up early to do a bit of shopping and then we headed to the gym... that afternoon was spent working in the yard, and relaxing around the house with the windows open---ahhhh fresh air never felt so good. Saturday night, we went to the Grunke's for pre-dinner drinks and then met our friends at Rooster's to celebrate Aaron's birthday. Fast forward to the owner delivering him 40 oz beers to enjoy and then we were off to Midtown for drinks and fun.

Sunday morning came earlier than expected, though we didn't make it to church because my alarm clock just didn't go off... BlackBerry, you and I are in a fight right now. We met my parents for brunch at Tin Angel and then went to a local theater to see a play called "Shakespeare's Case" which was REALLY good...afterwards, we headed home to grill out and called it a night early--only after a night of stupidly humorous reality TV... yes, I made Jeff watch the finale of Bridalplasty {horrible I know}, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and then Holly's World... I've officially gone to the dark side-ha!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too! This week, we have our 1st girl's book club meeting, a trip to the salon, lots of packing, and then Jeff and I are visiting family in California for the weekend--yay! I'm also working on a fun post for Superbowl party ideas so stay tuned.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I am bursting at the seams {not literally I hope} beause today is my first wedding dress fitting... I know, maybe I'm a little overly excited, but finally--I get to try on my dress, not a store sample clamped together to fit my body--yippee over the moon elated smile across my face!

Mom and I are venturing to Arzelle's this afternoon to meet with their alterations department and I just know it's going to go beautifully... eating fruits and veggies and dodging that ice cream last night will surely pay off, right?

Then it's home for a relaxing night with me and my numero uno Jeffrey. On the menu is lime-marinated flank steak (courtesy of Recipe Girl) with simple orzo pilaf (via Mel's Kitchen Cafe) and homemade guacamole (from Our Best Bites) and tortilla chips...I have to admit, I just recently became a fan of the green app/sauce and now I am constantly craving it all the time!
 Tomorrow, we've got a jam-packed schedule... up to the gym and trying to spend as much time outside {we're getting into the 50s in Nashville}, dropping off closet take-outs and other items to Goodwill, running errands, and then to celebrate Aaron's 28th birthday with friends--headed to a new BBQ joint...Rooster's, and then out on the town!
 Happy Birthday Mr. Grunke--we love you, even though you're Auburn orange ;)
On Sunday, I am hoping for a fun day--morning church, going to see a Shakespeare play Jeff got tickets for, getting packed for our trip to Los Angeles next week, and then taking it easy... Happy weekend friends!!

Fashionable Friday... Red Hot and Pink All Over

I told you so...I am back to talk all things pretty for the upcoming day devoted to L O V E. Speaking of love, is this banner via Flipawoo on Etsy not the most darling thing ever??
Whether you're hitting the town with your girlfriends for Single's Awareness Day, being wined and dined from your love, or staying at home for a DIY romantic night {yes, that's what we're doing}, I found some romantic-esque finds that must be bought now, save later:
Kennbunkport Dress via Mod Cloth 

Pocketful of Pizazz Leather Wallet via Lulus

Ruffle Up Cami in Heirloom Pink via JCrew

Middle Phase Necklace via Anthropologie

Public Figure Dress via Mod Cloth

Essie Peepshow Polish via JCrew

Juicy Cute Handbag via Shop Ruche

Mauvelous Pink One-Shoulder Top via Lulus

Shadowbox Skirt via Anthropologie

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here Comes the Sun...

Yes, I am a little ball of sunshine today let me tell you...
Just can't help myself sometimes. Last night, BFF and I got together for some much-needed girl time. We laughed, we cried {from giggling and an imfamous fall}, and we caught up over mexican and margaritas--does life get any better? Oh yes, and we picked out the perfect bridesmaid shoes... or so I think =).

I was pleasantly surprised to come home last night to a stocked house full of groceries... Jeff managed his way through Kroger without me and I was mighty impressed. He is on this health kick so his usual indulgences of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolate granola bars were now replaced with fruit, whole wheat bagels, and flatbreads...shocked I tell you. I think someone else is making his way onto my fit train for our wedding.

So the snow is finally melting, but it's going to get HOT tonight when the ladies from the Real Housewives from Beverly Hills meet up for Part 1 of the reunion... today will likely drag by as I am ecstatic to see these divas come out kicking and screaming--oh how boring Thursday nights would be without that show... not to mention the original OC ladies are headed back soon!!

Ready to hit up my favorite place tonight for some people watching exercising since someone couldn't get out of her comfy bed this morning...better late than never!! Happy Thursday dearies--have a wonderful and very blessed day!  I'll be back tomorrow talking about everything for a certain upcoming LOVE day =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday... Rolling Along!

It's mid-week already?? Say it ain't so... too much to accomplish and the hours are flying by this week! So much excitement in wedding land to tell you about though, so without further adieu...

Last weekend, I met Jennifer and her daughter Maddie to try on flower girl dresses! Oh the little darling didn't disappoint either--she instantly LOVED the dress I was hoping she would go for, and did a little modeling, too! Take a look at the beautiful princess {as she calls it} dress she'll be wearing for the wedding... ivory organza with a tulle overlay--only remove the pink sash and replace it with black tissue taffeta--simple and gorgeous!

Mom and I also worked on elements for the Bridal Brunch the day of the rehearsal--picking out colors, a design theme and invitations {swoon!}, though details of that whole shindig will be kept secret... sorry friends!! The bridesmaids have to wait =)

Then it was on to my favorite stationery store to select our correspondence/thank you cards... we ordered the exact same flat cards as I currently have, but with our monogram--so excited!

And, finally, I was delivered the most splended package of them all... custom wedding goodies for the big day!! I stumbled across Woomi's shop on Etsy months ago and bookmarked it so I would have the specifics when I was ready to order, and let me tell you--she beyond fulfilled every wish of these little intricate details!! I HIGHLY recommend her for all you engaged brides looking for personal items for your are some of her looks:

And now, moving on to another fun Wednesday topic...

1. I'm loving the fact that even though I have shared loads of wedding details, I can't help but grin knowing that I still have some fun secrets no one knows about--sneaky, huh? Even my bestest of friends won't know what's in store until June 11th and I think this is one secret I can actually keep to myself...

2. I'm loving this little dress I picked up for the honeymoon at Anthropologie... 

3. I am loving that Jeff and I made it through our first round of pre-marital counseling last night and lived to tell about it--haha! We are all works in progress, right??

4. I am loving this new song by Diddy and Dirty Money--Coming Home

5. I am loving the fact that stores are carrying all kinds of fun Valentine's Day goodies... Dove chocolates, red and pink colored M&Ms, heart shaped baking pans--oh I can't wait to get baking away!!  

6. And last, but certainly not least, I am loving that I mastered the newly popular tissue paper pom poms on my very first try--pat on the back for my crafty self, right??? A few friends asked for me to post a tutorial, but I think this one here is way easy to follow with pictures to boot--enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 2, Training, and Nonsense

Hola lovelies!! Happy, Happy Tuesday to each and every one of you... it's raining and a tad bit dreary here in Music City this morning, but I am keeping my fingers crossed the snow blows right on by us--too many things to do this week for weather to get in my way so take that Mother Nature.

Today, it's all about diet and nutrition--thanks to Taylor for her Top 2 topic...
Top 2 Healthy Recipes and Snack Ideas! {I'll give you 2 of each}
 1. For healthy snacks, I am all about the fruit--we load up each time we go to the grocery store and its always best to think about what's in season to help save money, too... favorites for our house are always bananas, grapes--put them in the freezer as a treat, blueberries, as well as apples... mix it up and add some variety to keep it interesting so you don't get bored.
Another item that is wonderful for snacking that I have found tasty are the Fiber One bars--they're only 150 calories and they have a touch of chocolate so it's almost like a dessert, but healthy for you with 35% of your daily fiber!
 2. As for healthy recipes, sometimes these can be hard to come across, but
2 of my favorites include these easy peasy recipes:
Oven Baked Chicken Parmesan via Kraft Foods
 And because I must have dessert, Lemonade Pie via Tidy Mom
 I also wanted to invlude some helpful hints and tips & tricks...little things I have stumbled across that make life {and trying to watch your weight/cut calories} that much easier:
Dottie's Weight Loss Zone--lists hundreds of chain restaurants and calorie counts for popular food and drink items... think Starbucks, Panera, PF Changs, Subway, Olive Garden, etc--VERY helpful so you can plan ahead to order something not too bad  
Eat This, Not That books--yes, you've all seen them at your local Target/Barnes & Noble, but these books are WAY educational and there to help... different versions exist: grocery store, best/worst foods, kids, etc...check them out! They are fool proof and provide pictures for easy reference--switching out a few things here and there can really help you lose a few pounds in no time flat!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stylish Home...What's Your Style Quiz

Thanks to the lovelies at How About Orange, I stumbled across this fun little quiz today--all about your "home style" it weird that I love taking these?
This one from StylishHome captured my preferences perfectly... it said I am Old Money Extravagance, which translates to this: "Center hall, formal dining, stately living. A kitchen that reflects your passion… large, sweeping - authentic. The subtle refinements of your sleeping nest reflect a desire for order. Like a master painting, your projects unfold over long periods. Enjoying elegant outdoor fare. The glass of red - a highly recommended habit. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Always intriguing, never clumsy..."
It also said celebs and famous peeps that also fit in this category include Anthony Hopkins, Winston Churchill, and Greta Garbo... well well well ;)
By that, I give you some home inspiration from my "dream home" files--ahhh one day ;)

Take the quiz here and tell me what yours is!
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