The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Good: I only have to work 2 days this week before we venture off to Hilton Head for the long holiday weekend
The Bad: I have so much to accomplish at work that I am not sure how I can get it all done...busy season is back and rearing its ugly head!
The Ugly: The rainy, gloomy weather that has washed over Nashville the past 24 much rain, yet it's 70 degrees--what in the world? I hate days and days with rain with no sunshine...kinda hard to get in the "groove"

The Good: Our first Christmas tree is decorated as well as the rest of the house and it made the holidays seem all the much closer...only one tree to go! {pictures to come!}
The Bad: I am completely exhausted from everything we packed into the past 2 days! Junior League volunteering for Tis the Season + decorating the house + hoards of laundry for our trip + registering for Caroline...this lady needs another day to recover
The Ugly: Me at the gym this morning--my eyes were barely open because I was so tired and I didn't even "try" to look semi-decent...but at least I made it, right?

The Good: We are all registered for Miss Caroline and Mom and Jeff treated me to whatever I wanted to eat for dinner after we were first experience at Tavern and the burger with fries was out of this world good!
The Bad: I can't lie, registering wasn't the most enjoyable experience and I am so glad we are done--too overwhelming and let's just say we need some practice when it comes to figuring out how to use 1/2 of the gear we have to get. I felt like a pro when we registered for wedding gifts as I knew everything we needed to complete a formal china placesetting, as for this, I feel as though I am in total unchartered territory
The Ugly: Breast pumps and everything associated with them...who knew trying to feed your baby the "natural" way seems to be more difficult than with formula? Oh vey!

Here are a few snapshots of our "excursion":
 at this point, we were about to throw in the towel ;)
 delirious and ready to get out of that store...NOW
 highchair=torture chamber. Mom said by the time we figured out how to get
the tray on, the baby would've starved...we have a long way to go people!

And because we simply have to end on a positive note, I get to go home tonight, make pumpkin pie, and then pick the hubby up from the airport after a brief travel trip for work...what could be better than that?


  1. OH you're lucky you're only working 2 days this week, but I know what you mean, it really is busy!!! And I can't only imagine how difficult it is to register! I'm sure you did great though! :)

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  3. Sounds like y'all had a packed weekend! Your energy is amazing...esp. now that you're prego!!! I'm sure you'll figure everything out! I have no doubt y'all will be great parents. Besides, if all else fails you can always feed sweet Caroline in your laps!!! :) ha

  4. im glad im not the only one who found registering to be stressful! Like I was touring another country!

  5. you're mom looks super cute :)

    You'll get a hang of the baby gear - before you know it you will be one of those moms that whips out the stroller one handed!

  6. If you think the high chair is hard, wait until you have to open and close a pack 'n play! They were created by the devil himself. And breast pumps aren't nearly as scary as they look once you actually start using it! This whole post cracked me up... we've all been there!

  7. Registering is SO overwhelming--why are there SO many choices?! However, it is pretty fun when you actually get your stuff and get to figuring it out!

    Sounds like you have a very nice evening again, hopefully you get some good rest, cute mama!

  8. i don't have a baby and i am not pregnant but the whole breast feeding thing sounds so complicated! haha. hope you registered for all the things you needed!

  9. Enjoy your vacation! The look on your face in the photo where you two are registering is too cute. :)

  10. I cant wait to see pics of your tree!! Post soon! :)

    And youre better than me with the gym! I didnt even go today!

  11. Hahahaha! Love all of the pics. It looks so overwhelming!

  12. Seriously deciding the right kind of stroller or car seat will give me nightmares when that time comes! LOL

  13. Oh girl I hope you mean "try to look good" means that you just match your outfits at the gym lol I could never wear make up to the gym it would wreck my Zit free face!

    This was a funny post, no kiddos for me, but even as babysitter, i agree, high chairs can be your worst nightmare!

  14. What a fun filled weekend, even though exhausting, sounds like you guys got a ton accomplished!

    I have to tackle the wedding registering so soon, hopefully that's easier then the sounds of your registering adventure :) I have to admit I wouldn't know where to begin either!

  15. OMG!! Your registering pics are hilarious :) I'd be in the same boat. I have no idea about any of the baby stuff!!

  16. Looks like yall had a good time, looks overwhelming...

  17. try the super simple and cheap high chairs from ikea. they have inserts for smaller babies but my 4 year old brother is sitll sitting in his!