Walking on Sunshine

Friday, October 21, 2011

I've decided, it's official... "Walking on Sunshine" is my theme song. I remember posing this question a some time ago to my friends on FB, and I got some interesting responses...but I heard this on XM the other day and it just clicked. Yes, that's it. Do any of you have a song you just know is meant to be "your song?" {how is that for random on this Friday?}
Anyways, all I meant to say is that it could be rainy and dreary outside for all I could care, and I know I would still have a smile plastered across my face after this week...lots to be thankful for, and an even more exciting weekend on the horizon.
First things first, though, I must babble on about some fun little happenings:
Friends and Family Sales
1. Visit Sephora to stock up with 20% off your entire purchase off until 11/2--that means I can replenish all my Make Up For Ever products, which I just LOVE. Can't say enough! You can also stumble across some great ideas for Christmas presents, too.
2. Kate Spade...oh this is why I am in trouble courtesy of the best friend. They are having 30% off this weekend,  that I have been eyeing...swoon. {and no, it's not "babyish" in the slightest...I still have to find a way to look stylish, right??} ;)
Thank-You Letters
This comes from one of my lovely blogging friends and she sent a request to me yesterday in the hopes we can get lots of ladies to help... The Bert Show is asking people to write thank-you notes to the troops, so each of our soldiers deployed outside of the U.S. will receive a letter on Thanksgiving Day--what an incredible idea! You can read more about it here, but I think this is a great cause to participate in. We owe a lot to these men and women, and we can all do a little something special to help!
That's it for this lady today...a few deadlines at work I must get done--family coming in town, friends driving in, our gender reveal party {yes, I am super pumped with full recap to coe Monday morning!!}, and we're also getting the chance to celebrate Best Friend Bev's 28th birthday {welcome to the club my dear}. I am so lucky for her friendship, her neverending support, our weekly catch-up calls to dish on anything and everything going on, and her hugs--love you friend and cannot wait to spend a whole weekend together!


  1. The suspense for Monday morning is killer! Enjoy your very fun weekend!

  2. seriously I am so freakin excited to read you rblog monday morning!!! I cannot wait to find out what you are having and how the party goes. I actually am totally debating to sign up on twitter just so I can find out this weekend if you post :)
    Enjoy and have fun!!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up about Sephora's friends and fam sale! Yay! And yay for the gender reveal party!

  4. arent you just to pretty! Seriously, you exude sunshine so that is a perfect theme song for you! Love the blog!

  5. I've had one of those weeks too and that is by far one of my favorite songs. The kids I have nannied for since high school and I call it our "summer theme song".

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend. Love that motto too:-)

  7. It's Monday..... really really excited about your gender reveal. Which I feel slightly creepy saying since I only know you from blogging haha, but really I am so excited!! Hope the party went wonderfully!! xo