Hello Baby! 19 Week Update

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How far along? 19 weeks, 4 days...143 days to go!
Size of the little darling? An heirloom tomato--6.0 inches and 8.5 ounces. I'm telling you, these fruit comparisons get a little more strange as the weeks progress.
Maternity Clothes? Still sporting much of my "normal wear", however instead of dresses, now they are tunics...crafty, dont you think? We went shopping for New York holiday outfits last weekend and I almost had a meltdown..boo hoo, I know shut it.
Weight Gain? 11 pounds...as Jeff said "Natasha hasn't had any problems gaining weight"--why thank you darling ;). I am still working out 3 times each week, though, and feeling great!
Stretch Marks? Thinking only positive thoughts and constantly smelling like cocoa butter as my best form of prevention.
Gender? Little Miss Sunshine is what I am going to call her until we finalize the name...I've had questions from some of you about that topic and yes, I promise to reveal soon. The first name is officially chosen, but we're working on the middle...a name is WAY important, obviously.
Movement? The flutters and weird little sensations are just too crazy to put into words. Jeff felt one last week and the smile he gave me made my heart melt.
Sleep? Not too bad, I think I am just so tired I fall asleep easily. However, when I have to get up in the middle of the night to turn over or use the ladies room, I can't just "hop" as quickly as I used to.
Food Cravings? Sweets, fruit, and any kind of fast food. I'll admit it, I had Krystal one night for dinner this past week and it was amazing. I know, who am I and what have I done with the real Natasha?
What I Miss? Being able to venture out to the bars with friends as they celebrate their birthdays and shop the normal boutiques and stores for clothes...cry me a river--such petty little things.
Symptoms? Dry skin, small bladder syndrome, swollen feet--attractive huh? ;)
Best Moment of the Week? The gender reveal party and finally being able to share our news with friends and family...such a great day!


  1. The best advice I can give on names which you can take or leave lol is as a teacher, don't name your kid a name with a ridiculous spelling, or one that is spelled one way or pronounced another... :)

    YOu look so cute in your 19 wk pregnancy photo!!!

  2. I love your pics... yay for a girl!! I have first name picked out if I have a girl and I am not even pregnant or trying yet!! Haha!

    And you look BEAUTIFUL... no worries about the little weight gain ;)

  3. you look super adorable!! :)
    love how you are still able to wear normal clothes. that dress is super cute with the boots :)

  4. You are adorable! Little Miss Sunshine is giving you the most precious belly. Love, love, love!

  5. Do you plan to take maternity leave and then head back to work or be a stay at home mama?

  6. You are too cute. :) Love these posts. So fun to follow along.

  7. You are just TOO cute! Can't wait to hear her name :)

  8. Seriously, too cute you are!!! Enjoy that bump girlfriend, right after baby girl is here you'll be right back at the normal boutiques.

    Can not wait to find out her name, I am sure it will be the most precious name. Hope it isn't a name I have picked out, haha I kid.. kinda ;)

    -- I want to know what Kate asked, stay at home momma or no?

  9. i feel ya on the clothing part... i miss going to the boutiques and trying cute stuff on! im not a fan of online shopping.... i need to just bite the bullet and start ordering..

  10. Simply adorable... you, the dress and the chevron pumpkin! Way to go, girl! :)

  11. You look AMAZING, friend! So exciting that we're both having little girls :) And we are in the same boat. We have had the first name, but still playing with the middle name. Can't wait to hear!

  12. Ohh how exciting! Can't wait to hear what name you've chosen! Cute pics too!

  13. You could not be any cuter. Congrats on your baby girl!

  14. That bump is just the cutest! I think all your weight gain has gone straight to the baby bc you still look awesome! -sarah

  15. Hi Natasha!
    I stumbled across your blog and Im giggling over here at the similarities we share, My hubby and I got married a month ago and I was also 4 months pregnant with a little girl, who is due in March like yours :)


  16. Oh gosh, you might be the cutest pregnant mama ever!