Happy Thursday to You

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ahhhh!! Work is finally picking back up these days and I couldn't be happier...I can hardly focus without a full plate and I have a feeling there are others out there like me. I missed "What I Love" Wednesday, so I thought I would do my own loves today instead: 

Gap has a huge sale online ...dear heavens, I love their maternity clothes so
I stocked up on some new pieces {including this adorable dress} for
fall/winter, including some corduroys--yippee!!
I got Annie the Acura back yesterday...bless her heart, she got a little bumper "tap"
a few weeks ago and she's been getting fixed--carpooling with the
hubs was fun and all, but I wanted my ride back ;)

House renovation is coming along REALLY well...the built-ins for the nursery closet
have begun, the downstairs bathroom now has a shower door, bookcases are
being constructed for the family room to accomodate major storage, and I
can't wait to show off the progess very soon
The Bell Buckle Craft Fair is THIS weekend...Mom and I look forward to this every year and I cannot wait--the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and I have a feeling we'll be carting home some new purchases and gifts once all is said and done
A little more than 2 months until we'll be jetting off to NYC with our friends for our holiday trip...we're venturing to the Big Apple the weekend before Christmas and we have a jam-packed agenda. The Lion King on Broadway, dinners at the 48 Lounge and Angelo's & Maxie's already booked, loads of fantastic shopping and touristy attractions since our friends have never been...oh bring on the fun now please!


  1. Oh shopping with moms is the best. My mom is by far my favorite shopping partner. When youre in new york y'all need to do the resturant tour of greenwich village! You get a personal tour guide and get to see all the cool hole in the wall places - sarah

  2. I love that you named your Acura "Annie". I have Carly the Corolla. Can't wait to see pics of the construction additions!

  3. My dream vacation is to someday go to NYC over Christmas. I want to ice skate at Rockefeller and drink hot chocolate with all of the Christmas lights! Someday.... =)
    Can't wait to see the pictures from the trip!

  4. GAP has the best maternity jeans...when I was prego with my 2nd I was like, man I wish they'd had these when I was pregnant with the 1st!

  5. Love the new dress, so cute

  6. my cars name is zelda and i think its only right that cars have names!! can't wait to see all your cute maternity clothes!

  7. Christmas time in NYC is so much fun...we went last year with our family...ENJOY!

  8. I can't wait to see the nursery when it's all done. I know it is going to be just darling. :)

  9. I AM SO JEALOUS of your NYC trip! I went to NYC last Christmas and it was the most wonderful trip ever. I think about it allll the time. There is nothing better than being in the Big Apple during the holiday season...please take a bazillion pictures so we can live vicariously through you :)

  10. LOVE the name {for your car}!
    My horrible blue car is ... blue. Her name is Smurette! ONE day, just one day she will retire! Did I mention it was BLUE?

  11. Fred and I went to look at an Acura this weekend. How do you like it?

  12. Ooh Annie is pretty - I think her & Cammie would get along quite well!

  13. We go to Bell Buckle every year also!!! :)

  14. Ok, you are the third person that I have heard talk about the Bell Buckle sale! What exactly is it??? Is something I need to check out???

  15. Thing I miss most about my old job now that I'm back in school: traveling to NYC. You'll have a blast!