The First Football Friday...Go Vols!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I am like a kid on Christmas morning that's about to run down the stairs and see all of Santa's hard work right in front of their eyes...and yes, its all because of a little thing we like to call Tennessee Football!
My bags are packed, I'm decked out in my beloved UT orange, I've already sung Rocky Top at the top of my lungs in the car this morning, and I'm anxiously watching the minutes tick by until we're in the car and headed to God's Country AKA Knoxville. My friend Jenn posted yesterday a sweet sentimental tribute to the boys in orange and I don't think I could've said it any more perfectly--visit her blog here to read this perfect love affair with anything and everything VOL.
This weekend is sure to be a huge crazyfest of nonstop fun! Tonight, we're making our way to visit Julie and Jon at their new house for a cookout. Tomorrow morning, us girls are going to visit Market Square for farmer's market and then get ready for tailgating before the game!! It's always fun to see old friends during football season who you don't get to catchup with the rest of the year, since we all love to come in town to "play" and act like college kids again.
Tomorrow night, we're headed to Taylor and Wes' house for after-game fun and then Sunday marks much-needed pool time and Boom's Day...dinner at the Alcorns followed by the fireworks spectacular. Could this weekend get any better? I think not! Here are just some of my favorite shots from the past few years and football gamedays!!

Ahhh there really is nothing like it in the world...get ready for a full recap next week!! Enjoy this fantasticly long 3-day weekend and Happy Labor Day, too ;)


  1. You are going to have a blast!!! Totally makes me wish we were going to a Texas Tech game this weekend in Lubbock (where we went to college, very near our hometowns).

    And ps - please tell me where you got every single outfit in these photos! ;) That's 1/2 the fun, right?


  2. Aw, thanks for the love, sweet friend! SO glad our favorite season is finally here! Have a blast this weekend. Cheer extra loud for me. :)


  3. Although I am a Louisville fan (huge one!), I still felt the excitement when reading your friend's post! Good luck this weekend! I guess I can cheer a little bit for UT now that I'm in the beautiful state of TN :)

  4. OMG I'm jealous!! This football season will miss me as I will miss some of it.. since baby James has about 3 weeks more to go then I will still be out of commission for about 4 -6 weeks after... :(
    Maybe I will see you in the winter months tailgating. xoxo

  5. Have fun! Things like this make me wish I had gone to a big college. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on all of that. But I love my little school!

  6. Cute pics! Loving the orange attire, it's my fav color! :)