Fall Fashion...My Wishlist

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's the first day of September...though summer is still around for a bit longer, I consider September to mark the beginning of fall, therefore I thought today would be the PERFECT opportunity to talk about some of my fall wardrobe wishes.  
staple pieces: tops, bottoms, and dresses
sequin shoulder sweater via
vintage bootcut cord via
hive and honey vintage button cardigan via
couch tour dress via
hive and honey crochet dress via

boots, boots, and more boots
high tack boots via
frye melissa button boot via
kedan boot via
the necessary fall-worthy accessories
ascot swing coat via
big picture bag via
plaza coat via
so facet-nating necklace via
textured military jacket via
coastline necklace via
what are some of the favorite pieces you're seeing for this coming season? i want to be comfortable, cozy, and still looking fashionable...easy thing to wish for, right?

P.S. i just received emails for great weekend sales, too! hop over to Gap up to 40% off (online and in stores), Old Navy has items up to 50% off, Francesca's has buy 1 get 1 50% off on their jewelry, and Lulu's has $10 off coupons.
a little savings goes a long way ;)


  1. Omg those are all SOOO cute!!! You should do this more often, I think I'm going to buy that Anthro jacket and necklace! Lol. I never would have found them without you so THANKS! :)

  2. I pined the couch dress the other day on pinterest. So cute! Also love the yellow swing coat. Adorable!

  3. Very cute! I refuse to shop until I have this baby and lose some weight! Haha!

  4. love it girl :) love those boots and necklace!

  5. omg what's a girl gotta do to get that ascot swing coat?!

  6. Love that purse....too bad it's not online...boo! I'll just have to go to local store.

  7. Hello- I'm a new follower! I absolutely love the black dress and that coat. Adorable! So glad I found your blog!

  8. I'm craving those boots you picked out! Yay for cooler weather and fun fall fashions!

  9. pretty much in love with this entire list. unfortunately hawaii doesn't get much of "fall weather" so our fall weather consists of shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. boring right?!

    new follower, please stop on by;

  10. I love that green-ish color coat!

  11. Oh my goodness, I can't look at fall yet!!!

  12. I LOVE that Ascot Swing Coat so super cute! I'm super excited about coral jewelry and lots of boots!

  13. OK so my favorite things I have seen on your page so far are... the orange (GO UT!) blazer jacket from Piperlime that you posted the other day $78 (see i memorized it because I think I might buy it) and those Kedan boots. I <3 them!!! Great tailgating boots might I add.