wishes for me, wishes for you

Thursday, August 11, 2011

i am in one of those "philosophical" moods today where my mind is swarming with anything and everything...maybe because i didn't sleep too soundly last night, and maybe just because i have a lot on my mind {but good things no doubt!}
while on my morning commute of 25+ minutes every day, i have a good amount of "me time" where i just hit the cruise control button and ponder life...
my wishes--where is my genie in a bottle?
  • i wish everyone got to fulfill their biggest dream
  • i wish watching the news every morning didn't scare me to pieces {and i wish meredith vieira would come back and boot off ann curry}
  • i wish certain people didn't thrive on drama in their lives
  • i wish i didn't feel guilty when i eat my favorite foods
  • i wish my husband didn't have such a stressful and all hours of the day on-call job
  • i wish i got more than 4 weeks of vacation a year
  • i wish i could snap my fingers and have my hair perfectly fixed and makeup complete
  • i wish i could get over my fear of white foods/sauces/condiments {random i know}
  • i wish i could have met jeff's father before he passed away
  • i wish people didn't act like life was a competition...we're all on a different journey and each and every one is incredible in it's own right
  • i wish i could stay at home and cook/bake all day
granted, the above mentioned wishes {in no particular order} are way more than a standard genie will allow to be filled, but it's my blog and i can wish what i want--haha. i know some are real wishes, and some will never happen, but every once in awhile, it's nice to get lost in a land where you can just ponder away. if you could have your biggest wishes granted, what would they be?


  1. I love the wish list. Everyone has one and sometimes its nice to see it written down. I wish:

    - I could work from home today
    - my husband would get some good news
    - my friends would find love like I have
    - my parents lives were stress free
    - i could eat my nona's spaghetti every day & not gain weight
    - and my dogs didn't shed so bad so they could stay inside

    Silly and simple ;)

  2. I wish I had no debt.
    I wish my baby's room was completed.

    and I wish whenever I have the baby I can wear my normal size again right after!

  3. I love these wishes - I wish many of the same things. I wish we could pick up and move to another country - I think the experience would be riveting!

  4. Cute post! I may have to borrow this idea soon!
    And I thought your wishes about your husband were really sweet.
    And I can totally relate to the wish about hair and makeup, I feel that way each and every morning!

  5. Love your wishes! For me, it all just boils down to happiness. Its all I really want. Every week in church I pray that my family lives long and happy lives.

  6. I love this! Most of my free time is thinking about what if/what could be/wishing and then how do I make these wishes come true.

    My biggest wish right now is for my husband to direct his movie. This is his passion and nothing makes him happier then when he is in his element. I can't wait for that day to come again. I hope it is soon:)

    I think I may have to steal this idea for my blog too!

  7. I love these.
    I totally agree that life is way to competitive. Why can't everything be simple and people stop trying to 'out do' everyone else.

  8. These were amazing wishes! I'm so impressed you put them all together. This would have taken me a few days of going to bed with a paper/pen beside my bed to remember all of them :)

  9. These are all really great wishes. I agree with all of them and I do wish everyone could achieve their biggest dreams as well. Think how happier the world would be!

  10. This is great! I agree with Britney- I would need awhile to compile my list! :)

  11. Love your list, I have a lot of the same wishes!

  12. I love this list. I need to make a list of mine too. :)

  13. Very beautifully said to wish well on all. You have such a special sincerity that spreads to all. Xoxo

  14. I absolutely love the idea of this wish list and I think it is something I need today! Now I need to think what my biggest wish would be!

    Liesl :)

  15. I like that one about life being a competition- totally agree with you!