Day 4...Seven Wants and Movie Time!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy peasy...I "want" things all the time--you know world peace, that fabulous pair of boots that are perfect for fall--haha! Not this time, though, I am sticking to genuine wants and things that are important {not that world peace isn't important, though these wants are ones I hope will come true!}
1. I want to be able to communicate better--if someone upsets me or makes me mad, I don't confront the issue...I try to just let it go. Not the healthiest thing to do to one self so I need to make a better effort of that because I am the only one who can change that.
2. I want to garden and make my thumb green! I am so envious of friends and family who have thriving gardens and Jeff and I both agree we want to have a garden of our own come next summer...peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, lettuce...then the fun in the kitchen can really start.
3. I want to be able to travel more--that is a goal that Jeff and I have for ourselves and especialyl back to Europe...italy is calling my name, but that will have to wait for a bit. However, before the completion of 2011, we're heading to Hilton Head and New York City so a few fun trips lined up!
4. I want to be a Mom--if I can be half as good of a mother as my Mom has been to me, I'd consider my life an absolute success...I look up to her more than she'll ever know.
5. I want to not sweat the small stuff...I want to be OK with the bed not being made or the laundry not always put up. That's the type-A/OCD person in me, but it seems to be that the little details always get the best of me. I need to think about the "big picture" in life and be happy =)
6. I want to be able to eat whatever I want and not feel guilty about it...easier said than done, right?
7. I want to be the best person I can be. I always want to strive to do my best--at work, at home, with friends, etc. I want to always try my hardest and not ever give up, even when we have "those" types of days that tend to get the best of us. I want to volunteer more, give more, and help more.
It's Thursday friends..the light at the end of the work tunnel is so close I can taste it. Last night, us girls got together at Meg's house for dinner {yummy lasagna roll ups--great job hostess!} and to watch Something Borrowed, based one of my all-time favorite books...the storyline followed the book pretty losely and we loved the movie--hoping there is going to be a sequel that lines up with Something Blue in the not-to-distant future. Hope you have a fantastic day.


  1. I have a lot of the same wants and goals :) I love all of Emily Giffin books and I can't wait to see that movie!

  2. Absolutely love the new blog makeover! And I agree eating whatever we want without guilt would be amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Love your wants. I share several of them! Especially the type A/OCD stuff. My boyfriend is the COMPLETE opposite, so plenty of our "fights" are over my type A personality... I am trying to relax on some things so that I can enjoy life more!

  4. wow! your want list is wonderful! i am enjoying following your 10 day challenge answers :)

  5. I love your "wants" - it's the wants we should all have!

    I really want to see that movie!!

  6. I completely agree about not sweating the small stuff. Why is that so hard sometimes?!

  7. Great list- I agree w/you on a lot of them! Being a mom is my #1 want in life, and I can't wait for Ryan and I to take that step. Any trying not to sweat the small stuff is something that I attempt to work on every day, but I still have to clean the house before we go on vacation and unpack the minute I get home from a trip.