The Best Day Ever...The Rehearsal

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You've been waiting so sweetly and I apologize for making my blogging friends wait so long to see all of our pictures...I know, it's been almost 2 months so shame on me, but I promise to make up for it. ;)
Starting off from the beginning of the actual "wedding", here is just a little peak of all of the events from our ceremony run-through at Scarritt Bennett...hope you enjoy! Next up is our rehearsal dinner via Mere Bulles coming up ASAP.

P.S. all pictures are courtesy of the fabulous and very talented Leslie Walker... not only is she a fantastic photog, but she is one of my great friends, too!!
Practicing a full run-through of the big day's ceremony
Our beautiful wedding party...ahh I love that church
All my ladies (minus Jenna who had just had baby Ian)
Laughter...the best way to cure nerves!!
Important words ;)
Feeling so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to stand beside me

Practicing putting our rings on
Happy parents...oh my Mom looked beautiful!!
My favorite part of our ceremony...we had our bridal party gather around us to pray for our marriage and to say the Lord's Prayer
Kisses for the almost bride and groom

Taking a little walk...

Me and my adorable flower girl Madeline
My grandparents walking in for the beginning of the processional

Mary Alice {the best wedding planner ever} directing Kaye and Brian
and William, the cutest ring bearer ever
The walk my Dad has waited so patiently for...his "big moment"

Getting a little emotional here..trying to not get too sappy

Love this shot...the practice announcement of husband and wife

Such a wondeful time...ahh looking back this just makes me realize what an incredible weekend this was--so many of our nearest and dearest came from near and far to be with us--we felt very loved indeed.

And for those that have already asked me to post details about my attire, here you go: 
Dress: BCBG Max Azria via Nordstrom
Shoes: Nine West Marguerette via Nine West
Necklace: Black Stacked Gold Necklace via Francesca's

Happy Tuesday friends...Hope you all have a fantastic day.  


  1. You look gorgeous in What a special day! :)

  2. i can really see the happiness in that day :)

  3. You looked beautiful!
    And I absolutely love how happy your parents look as they watch the rehearsal. So sweet.

  4. Everyone looks so happy, you look gorgeous!

  5. Sweet. The only word that seems to fit. You can see that everyone there was happy and ready to support you. I can't wait to see more!

  6. Gorgeous and that church is so beautiful!

  7. Love, love, love the dress! You look soo pretty!!

    I am currently on a mission to find a white rehearsal dress!

  8. You are gorgeous in all of the pictures!! Your mom is also beautiful!! Loving your outfit!!

  9. Lovely! Everyone looks so happy!

  10. Such awesome pictures! I love your wedding recaps! I also really loved that your MOH wore gray to match your wedding theme. Such a sweet idea! :)

  11. Such Great photos! You look so amazing in that dress.

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  13. Such great photos!! I love that you truly captured all aspects of the wedding, even the rehearsal!

  14. Beyond beautiful. You can truly see the happiness is each of y'alls eyes. LOVE IT!

  15. Isn't it so much fun to re-live these moments?!?! You looked gorgeous!

  16. I am loving the fact that your photographer came and took pictures of the rehearsal! I just think its so important to capture the whole weekend! You guys look great! - Alyssa

  17. aww these are so sweet! you look gorgeous here and so happy.

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  19. Great pictures! The church is beautiful and I love your dress!

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    Have a blessed week!

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