The Best Day Ever...The Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, August 15, 2011

Working with Mere Bulles to host our rehearsal dinner was a breeze...that is, until the actual day of. See, this is where I remind potential brides out there that indeed, something will go wrong, and you have to just get over it. In the long run, the small stuff just doesn't matter {and yes, you heard me correctly, I am saying this}.
This was the one area from our wedding were there were a few "snafoos", though thanks to one amazing MOH and my faithful bridesmaids, they were able to efficiently work their magic and make sure all of my planning and efforts were completed before any of our guests noticed that the staff at Mere Bulles had simply "forgot" to put out my placecard holder board, picture frames with table numbers, seating assignments, etc. Other than that, the night went off without a hitch...take a peek at just some of my favorites:

See, Mom and Meg "fixing" things...they probably knew I'd go nuts ;)
My crafty placecard board...courtesy of hard work via Mom and me
I was so happy with the finished product...inside the envelope was
each person's assigned table number

Custom table number cards I had designed
Yummy passed hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour
One of my favorite details...I had my florist use these
Anthropologie coffee cups for small vases

Oh happy day!!

A few more of the little details...

The mother who made everything possible... Love you Mom
Me and my Papa

The best part of the meal...the strawberry pull apart cake!
awww...cute couple!
Our custom monogram was used throughout the's the napkins!

Jeff giving his groomsmen gifts to his guys

Starting the slideshow...oh this was fun to say the least

Can you tell I was getting a little emotional??
but then laughter so the tears wouldn't flow!!

Amazing parents...the best weekend of my life
and the day they said they had always dreamed of
and the toasts begin...MOH Meg
 Mom's turn to embarrass me with "Natasha-isms"

 Our thank-yous to everyone for supporting us and
being there for our wedding weekend!!
And for all the particulars:
Photography: Leslie Walker
Custom Paper Items (placecards, table numbers, etc): The Tie That Binds Weddings
Mini Envelopes and Paper for placecard board: ChelseaPaper via Etsy
Custom Monogram/Napkins: Chocolate Butterbean/Katy's Hallmark

What's next you ask? The ACTUAL wedding photos...first up, the getting ready shots! More to come on that later this week ;)


  1. love love seeing all this -- your rehearsal dinner looked amazing. :)

  2. Your rehearsal dinner pictures looked amazing!! I love the details you included into it. So beautiful!! :)

  3. I think Mere Bulles is the perfect spot for a rehearsal dinner! Every event they do turns out awesome. It looks like yall had a blast. Kudos for posting these so quickly, I JUST posted mine and it's been a year. Probably better to do it earlier than later, cause then you'll forget. That one picture of you and your mom is priceless- so perfect!

  4. All of the pictures are fantastic! And I love all of the small details that made your dinner special. Especially the Antrhopologie mugs as vases. Such a clever idea.

  5. wow Natasha i love it :) seriously the details are gorgeous even though we all say don't swear the small stuff ;) thanks for giving me some ideas and advice before our big day!

  6. All the little details are so pretty, so sweet of your mom, MOH, and bridesmaids to make sure everything turned out just right. I just love how happy you and your husband look in all of the pictures- so sweet!

  7. Everything just looks so precious. I can't get over how sweet this time must have been for your family. I can't wait to see your actual wedding day!

  8. I can tell from the pictures that your rehearsal was amazing! Even if a couple things had to be fixed here and there it looked like everything went perfectly! Not to mention the Bride-To-Be looked gorgeous! :)

  9. Looks so fabulous!! Love it :) Love all the details!

  10. Seeing these beautiful pictures makes me oh so happy!!! You both look so cute together and so in love...such a fun rehearsal dinner and such a pretty dress you chose! Thank you for sharing these!

    Liesl :)

  11. Natasha I love the details, the cards and table numbers are adorable! Yes there is always something that goes wrong, you just move forward and enjoy! So cute!!!

  12. Loving the wedding updates. Seeing all your amazing details and smiles, makes me want to re-live my moment all over again. Everything looks perfect! Don't you hate how quickly the entire event goes? Congrats!

  13. LOVE all the details! What a great rehearsal dinner!!!

  14. I love your dress! You look so happy! :) And your calligraphy is stunning!

  15. Love all the little details you put into the dinner! You look great!

  16. This looks like such a great rehearsal dinner party!! You look beautiful.

  17. I love the details you put into it!!

  18. wow! Everything looks beautiful and you look beautiful! :) I love all the little details ... everything looked great! ..thanks for sharing :)


  19. what a great rehearsal dinner! love your dress and i love how you were able to enjoy your time regardless of the little bump ... that is a great piece of advice for future brides ... everything won't be perfect but it all depends on how you react to the little bump!

    love the pictures!

  20. SO fun!! We are having our rehearsal dinner at Mere Bulles in October and I am so excited!! :)

  21. Love all the pictures!! I am on the hunt for the perfect white dress!!