10 Day You Challenge..Day 1: Ten Secrets

Monday, August 22, 2011

I stumbled across this fun little blogging party over at Leggings are NOT Pants and thought this link-up was just too fun to not participate in...plus, I haven't done one of these in quite some time so this should be interesting! {plus, I can do anything for 10 days--not something that is so long that I tend to get burnt out!}

1. I secretly sometimes wish Jeff and I would've moved to NYC. I miss the hustle and bustle of city life so much it seems like I missed out on something I really think I was meant to do.  
2. I have a phobia of white foods {sauces and condiments mostly}.
3. I want to be my own boss one day.
4. I want to combine all my family and friends' recipes into a cookbook. I love homemade gifts.
5. I am sick of writing thank-you notes...with late gifts still coming, I am OVER IT.
6. I know every word to the Wicked soundtrack. {and yes, it is that good}
7. I don't like to share. People closest to me know, but others do not. And yes, it drives Jeff nuts!
8. I doodle all the time...at my desk, in meetings, on conference calls.
9. If I could trade places with any person for a day, I would want to be Beyonce. Singing, dancing, and roaming around the world, I think that would be the life!
10. I am horrible at keeping secrets...it's most certainly not my strongest trait.


  1. BEYONCE IS FABULOUS!!! I am actually scared of LEAVING the city someday. Not that I have any plans to, but I can't imagine raising kids here.

  2. I know every word to the Wicked soundtrack, too! It will forever be my favorite play!

  3. I LOVE Wicked and all the songs :)

  4. I majorly, majorly feel ya on the thank you notes. I just did 8 today in the airport and on the plane. Blech.

  5. And by the way, I know that sounds ungrateful. I am totally TOTALLY thankful. It's just the process of writing them under a deadline that I don't love!

  6. So we were in an office meeting and I leaned over to ask you to "borrow" a pen, you saying you would be hesitant to share a pen? BAHAHAHAH That's so meeeeeeee!

    You should "type" your basic thank you note out lol I know you are all about your really neat handwriting but i'm sure your hand needs a break! Heheh

  7. I LOVE the Wicked soundtrack. It's amazing and makes housework easier, well pretty much anything easier!

  8. I'm not good at sharing either. Guess it just doesn't come naturally to some of us!

  9. I might have to participate in this, too! I also wish we lived in a bigger city, Chicago would be amazing for a young couple with no kids :)


  10. I understand about those thank you notes! I wrote thank you notes for hours every day after work for weeks. But take heart...they will end one day!!! :)

  11. yay! I am glad you participated! :) I LOVE New York and would love to live there! Did you live there once before??

    I have family that lives there and love to visit!

  12. You inspired me to do this challenge too. Thanks, Lady.

    I love the idea of a family recipe cookbook. so clever!


  13. I definitely don't share either!! Except I'm always wanting to share bites of my food with Kenny, he's not so into that though, lol!

  14. I hear you on the wedding thank you's! We finally finished ours after almost 4 months of being married!