A Love Affair with White

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

now that the word is out about all things pinterest, it is easy to get sucked into the searches for anything and everything...from fashion to recipes to party printables to home decor and design, you'll be addicted soon if you haven't hopped on the bandwagon quite yet.

sometimes i can't help myself but go ahead and "bookmark" some of my favorite home and room ideas for our next house...in particular, i have a fascination with all things white. friends know this, but my family has an obsession with white cars--my parents have 3 white cars and both jeff and i drive white cars--weird, i know.

ok, back to the subject at hand...one day, i can only hope we're able to build our dream home...a traditional southern colonial-type, something right out of southern living, ahhh, one can dream, no? here are some of my favorites:
that front porch has morning coffee time written all over it
we'll take that perfect pool for playtime and relaxation, too!
 not to mention the endless natural light for this house
loving the contrast of the dark wood floors and all that gorgeous white detail
does this room not scream happy home??
this one comes in a close second
i would have plenty of dinner parties in this fabulous dining room
and this kitchen...hello entertaining!
i don't think we would ever get up, nor would our guests  leave
if we had bedrooms like this
and for master bath time...an old-fashioned tub is a must!
now check out this adorable space for a small office nook
now we certainly can't forget the kiddies
nor the best laundry room i've ever seen
enough swooning for the day for this girl...that's the dream home in a nutshell! obviously i need to get back to work if we're ever going to get there ;)


  1. I agree that laundry room is a dream!

  2. my fav is the bathroom with the big old fashion tub.

    i'm moving to sf and tons of the apts have these old tubs, love!!

  3. The white painted houses are amazing. I have always wanted an old colonial southern white home as well. As for the interior, I could never have any white furniture, it would probably be destroyed within months or stress me out to the max! But it is gorgeous!

  4. I would like to say that I LOVE your blog and have been following for awhile. My family and I are addicted to white vehicles also! My husband and dad have matching white 4runners, I have a white Camry and my previous car was a white civic. And the first house you pictures is my DREAM HOUSE. i want it so bad!

    So have a great day and keep on posting. I enjoy it!

    Fairdale Diaries

  5. ahhhh all those pictures are gorgeous!!! you have such great taste! :)

  6. I have a new white obsession too! The hallway is gorgeous.... The wood floors and the white everything else are perfect.

  7. I share your white obsession! I not only drive a white car, but just bought a white house. But after seeing all of these gorgeous pictures, I've decided my rooms could use much more white. Thanks for sharing all of these inspirations!

  8. Clean, crisp, and classic!

    We have a ranch-style brick home built in the '50s, and at some point I'm hoping to paint it white :)

  9. love love love white home interiors and exteriors :)

  10. Ummm heck yeah! I'm definitely dreaming of this home right there with ya! Cute blog :)

  11. I love pinterest! There are so many great decorating ideas I don't know how I'm ever going to decide between them :)

  12. Oh I love it too! That bedroom is making me want to change my bedding to all white!

  13. I am ogling over these houses!! So gorgeous!

  14. Gorgeous!! You guys get to work on that so I can come lay out at the pool with you! :) Looove those bedrooms... why doesn't my duvet look all fluffy like that!?

  15. OMG! I love everything about this post! Those houses are exactly what I want some day and all that white. I love it. Gorgeous. :)

  16. You would love this bathroom over at "A Beach House In The City"



  17. white furniture. white appliances. white accessories. white, white, white. its my favorite!

    great taste!

  18. I love all the white houses and rooms too! I feel like my decorate folder on pinterest is just full of them, even some of these same pics! Love it

  19. Pinterest is like my version of crack, I swear I live on that site and have gotten soooo many great ideas from it. I love the white but with kids it is a definite no-no haha. ---Brandy