Happy Things...Happy Times

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the everyday mundane world of so many ups and downs, I think it's absolutely necessary to pay attention to the GOOD we have occupying our lives...why do people choose to focus so much attention to negative? That I'll just never know {and likely never understand} but you can't sit and be a worry wort or else nothing will ever satisfy, am I right? Here is my list of happies to report this week...

As if you hadn't found this from another blog/site, run over to Pinterest. The end all of the best image grabber on the world wide web. Type in anything {and yes, I said anything} into the search box and you'll never know what goodness will come back--LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Kind notes from strangers...when people take the time to personally write me, I can't help but blush. Helping other brides and other blogging friends makes me happy to lend a helping hand and make me think maybe I'm able to Pay it Forward.

Poppytalk Handmade is an online market for buyers and sellers to connect and help them locate custom homemade gifts, goodies, and more...a lot of these "stores" are then featured on Etsy which is a double bonus!
The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen ...an online showcase of thousands of incredible recipes...wonderful for easy menu planning that is equally oh so yummy and not so difficult!

Exciting events during the month of May--bachelorette party, Mother's Day, my cousin's graduation from UT, my friend Joanna's wedding, my last bridal shower...cleverly entitled Monograms and Margaritas, my grandparent's wedding anniversary, Memorial Day, and preparing everything for operation wedding.
Writing to myself... yes, I said it. I write letters to myself sometimes just to air out my emotions.  Try it, it helps I promise! I just finished writing due to some bumps in the road I have recently had to overcome. People are going to try to hurt others and say mean things when you have positive things going on in your life and I just have to accept that fact and move on. To put it nicely, these people's opinions simply don't matter and they have zero relevance to me. Leave it alone and pray that they can be mature and finally grow up.

Woman's Day website... my favorite place to take online quizzes--yes, I know I'm all about some quizzes. But these are helpful to test your health IQ, what's best for you to eat, etc. Very interesting and interactive, not to mention they have fantastic workouts, beauty tips, and interesting articles to keep you entertained.

Quotant Quotables--it's no surprise how much I love quotes...writing them down, saving them in my computer, it's days like this when they are very much needed


  1. Love this post! And guess what -- that very last quote is the quote that I've lived by since my high school days! It's even on the "About Me" section of my blog!!

    I love it!!! :)

    PS: Thank you for the sweet congrats! :)

  2. Great post! Definitely important to remember the good always. :)

  3. I loved this post! Its a good reminder.


  4. I love tasty kitchen.. And that last qoute... I am keeping that one!

  5. Love this positive post! Definitely needed! :)

  6. I like this post a lot! It's so true. There are so many lovely things in the world we should be focusing on every day!! :)


  7. I'm obsessed with taking online quizzes..I'll have to check out Woman's Day during my next study break, ha!

  8. Great post... & great quotes too! Pinterest is the best!

  9. Apparently I have been living under a rock.. because I JUST found out about Pinterest. I know, lame right?

    Better late than never!

  10. I'm minor addicted to pinterest. Love it & poppytalk too!

  11. I'm minor addicted to pinterest. Love it & poppytalk too!