Back to Basics...Training Tuesday

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I haven't fallen off the workout/training wagon my friends I assure you of that, however, I have gotten a bit busy with other things, though health and fitness is still super important. For this week, wanted to provide links and helpful tips to get you through summertime workout ruts and then I've included some other miscellaneous information, too!
Did your 2011 goals involve losing weight, toning up, or eating better? Check out this helpful article via Woman's Day to make your goals a reality!

Think you're doing it the right way? Read this article to brush up on 10 mistakes you are probably making that could stand in the way of reaching your potential {and P.S. I am guilty of doing some of these!}
Check out these resoures and websites to help you cook {and eat} better.

Some of my favorite workout wear I've recently purchased...yes, keeps the ladies in place and still makes you feel cute ;)
Pink Print Sports Bra via Old Navy
Color Block Compression Shorts via ON
Reebok Women's Skort via Dick's Sporting Goods

Nike Compression Tank via DSG

And here are a few tried and trusted recipes to keep you healthy, yet satisfy when you're hungry:
Hawaiian Turkey Burgers via Our Best Bites
Low Fat Baked Crab Cakes via Recipe Girl
Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers via Our Best Bites
Bobby's Lighter Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie via Paula Deen


  1. I NEVER make the mistake of "Not eating enough", although I wish I did! LOL!

  2. My biggest problem is money! I have been trying to loose weight but buying fresh, healthy foods is expensive. Especially when the soon-to-be hubby is a meat, bread and potatoes kinda guy! Therefore I also run into the issue of fixing something we both like. I also run into the issue of not having a lot of workout equipment. I have an elliptical and a set of 3 pound weights. No gym membership and all the at-home works-outs usually involve resistance bands, the workout ball, medicine ball, etc. I try to keep doing it the old fashion way but here lately lost motivation. :(

  3. You read my mind today. I was planning on doing a post similar to this one. :)

  4. Love the pink sports bra from Old Navy! I am in need of a few new workout pieces... Hopefully they will help inspire me to visit the gym more often. :) Also- I WILL be trying the lighter frozen chocolate mousse pie!

  5. Yum! All those recipes look delish. I need to stock up on some new workout gear- Always makes me more motivated to hit the gym :)

    Love your blog btw!

  6. Those ON shorts looks cute!

  7. We grill our carb cakes! Yummy! :)

  8. I really want that pink sports bra!!

  9. I keep telling myself I'm going to try and eat better, and I do fairly well for the most part. But my downfall is usually after 7 or 8pm. Then, I'm sitting in front of the TV and I just want to snack!

  10. I might have to try that crab cake recipe!