The Thunder Rolls and Top 2 Tuesday

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK so for all you local ladies, I am certain I am not alone in that yesterday was a scary, scary day in and around Nashville. Tornado warnings, sirens going off, power out everywhere--it just wasn't a pretty picture whatsoever. I don't do so well in the scary weather and I am not afraid to admit it.... something about natural disasters and my inability to do anything scares me silly.
We had a bit of damage at work, with loads of trees down at the park across the street, and had to forego power for the rest of the afternoon, but lucky for me I was able to go home and work via the comfort of my office. I hope everyone is OK and safe!!
As for today, it's clear skies, yet chilly temps---seriously, will I ever get to start wearing sandals and springtime attire?? I am willing and VERY ready!!!
I wanted to play along with Taylor today for her Top 2...I love my music and couldn't think of running/exercising without my beloved iPod and crazy amounts of playlists:
Top 2 Songs on My iPod
Single Ladies--Beyonce
Yes, it's true...I love me some Beyonce and this song is the BEST song when at the gym!!
Britney Spears--I'm a Slace For You
Hate away if necessary dear readers, but I have forever been and forever will be a Britney fan! I find her to be so intriguing and her music makes me want to sing and dance all the time, like the pop star I know I am--HAHA!


  1. Love them both! It was scary down here in Florida too and now FREEZING!

  2. Those are great picks! We had scary weather in SC last night too! Same thing with warnings and sirens! Hate thunderstorms!

  3. Talk about scary! Glad you all are safe!

  4. And I was hoping for nasty weather yesterday! I have SO much work to do this week and the yucky weather actually motivates me to work...or I guess it keeps me from going outside anyway...

  5. Beyonce is all sorts of oil'd up in that picture! I wonder if we would all look that good if we doused ourselves everymorning in baby oil :) glad you guys are safe!!

  6. we were driving from houston straight through nashville so i understand! scary stuff!

    that picture of beyonce is scary! :)

  7. its been storming here all day today =/
    I LOVE Beyonce she is gorgeous! Her music is so fun =)
    B Spears will always have a special place in my heart (hello seventh grade haha) =) Its funny how each album summons memories from each different phase on my life over the past 14 years =)

  8. That's so scary! Glad y'all are okay!

    I love Britney!

  9. We had some crazy weather here in Texas too. It was scary!!!
    I am so with you about Britney Spears!!!

  10. ME TOOO! Natural disasters scare the shizzzz out of me! I hate when people tell me "listen, you cant do anything about it, so why worry?" uhhhhhhhhhh wtf! so annoying.
    xoxo Inna :)

  11. I heard my first tornedo siren a few weeks ago. Scared the living bejezus out of me.

    Um, while I love B&B, that picture of Beyonce's nether regions is cuttin' it kinda close. Is her mom still designing her clothes?