Roll the Dice

Monday, April 18, 2011

This weekend wasn't nearly long enough...but then again, they never are. Not much worth noting  because we took it pretty easy, which was much needed due to all our upcoming travels and events.
Friday night, we stocked up at the grocery store, rented a movie, and relaxed.
Saturday, we hit the gym, I shopped high and low and near and far for Easter-worthy dresses...which reminds me, do retailers not understand that it's not appropriate to wear strapless or one-strap dresses for church? That afternoon, we celebrated Leslie's 27th birthday with a big low country boil after the rain washed away our plans for Arrington--no worries, though, we had too much fun!
Sunday, we met the Grunkes for church time, and then ran errands and worked in the yard, grilled out for dinner, and then rounded out the weekend watching The Next Great Restaurant and Real Housewives of Blonde County {hehe}... nothing fancy, but lazy weekends can sometimes be the best!
This week we will have more to report I assure you of that! Heading to the Lady Gaga concert tomorrow night with 2 of my besties, final wedding dress fitting on Thursday, meeting with Mary Alice {AKA the wedding planner} to begin handing over all my duties, and then sending out our rehearsal dinner invitations by the end of the week, too! I keep telling myself if I can get through this 5-day work week, the next 4 weeks will be filled with 4-day workloads and that I can most certainly get used to...
What's keeping me motivated...55 days and then we'll be spotted here ;)


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Okay, do tell again - where are you guys honeymooning?!


  2. wooo hoo! you are getting down to the wire!! that is so exciting! =)

  3. sorry you're having such a tough time finding the perfect easter dress--i'm sure you'll find one when you're least expecting it!

  4. Yeah, I don't want to wear a one shoulder dress to church. C'mon people! :) I haven't found a good one. Did you?

  5. That pool looks amazing!!! So jeal you get to go there :)

  6. I totally agree about the easter dress! I finally found one this weekend!

  7. 55 days, wow not much longer!!

    By the way, you are my idol when it comes to wedding planning. I sometimes look back at your old post and it helps me with my wedding timeline, ha how crazy am I?

  8. I totally hear you on the Church and dresses comment!!! I'll be wearing a strapless, but I have a cardigan that will remain on at all times! :)