Hip Hip Hooray for Friday

Friday, April 29, 2011

Short and sweet, just like what I'm hoping work will be today...
My friends and colleages at work are throwing a shower for us during lunch--cannot wait!
Jeff's coming to join in on the fun, though bless his heart he just doesn't like
the opening presents in front of people stuff.
We're heading to Atlanta early tomorrow morning and it's shaping up to be a fun, quick trip. Shopping for wedding necessities, rehearsal and honeymoon wearables, hopping over to ikea for a little decor stock up, and then late dinner reservations at Horseradish Grill.
For Sunday brunch, I made reservations at Canoe and am uber excited about FINALLY getting to eat there...everyone raves about the location, the food, everything and I am ready to eat!

Happy weekend my friends...we're going to have PERFECT weather so I want to get some sun and put on dresses already--yay!!


  1. sounds like an amazing weekend together! have fun! can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  2. Have a fabulous weekend! Too funny how we keep missing each other. I was in Atlanta 2 weekends ago. :)

  3. sounds like a super fun weekend!!!
    how fun that your work is giving you a shower :) thats awesome!!

    btw i just have to say you seem to really enjoy where you work :) might i ask, what type of career are you in? I so would love to have a career I enjoy getting up to go to.


  4. Have a very happy weekend! :) Love all the wedding details you have going on. Oh, and have fun at your shower today :)

  5. Happy Friday girlie! :) I hope you're having a wonderful day. Have a great time with the shower!!

  6. have an amazing weekend! Can't wait to hear about all the details :)

  7. That Canoe restaurant looks so cool! I've had a good weekend, but now am struggling to stay motivated to do my schoolwork!