back to basics... no more wedding talk

Thursday, April 7, 2011

once this wedding fiasco business is said and done, i am going to make a serious effort to blogging again about fun DIY projects, new recipes, decorating the house, fun workouts and exercises, know the very important stuff--haha.
until that time, though, i thought i would take some time to divert your attention to other noteworthy blogs and posts of people who have some free time to tackle some fun projects that i am ready to try out ASAP:
{and for all the nashville friends, i so want to host a creative DIY night at my house to work on some of these fun projects--who's in??}
coffee filter wreath via centsible savings
grown up mac and cheese via 33 shades of green
wrapping paper ribbon wall rack via 33 shades of green
chalkboard painted flower planters via centsational girl
croissant bread pudding via make it do
fish tacos with mandarin-orange salsa via gimme some oven
magnolia leaves, cloves studded floral arrangement via jenny steffens hobick
any other fun DIY projects you've mastered or seen done and think could be fun? i'm all ears! it's thursday readers which means only 1 more day until weekend festivities commence...meaning, i better get to business finishing laundry, packing, and getting ready for knoxville!


  1. oooh, thanks for sharing! i am going to have to try that mac n cheese and have always wanted a wrapping paper wrack like that!

  2. oh, and i love reading your wedding posts! it's an exciting time in your life and i feel lucky to feel a part of it!

  3. Oh, I'm totally in! Loving that wrapping paper rack!

  4. Sounds like such a fun night!! I want to go to a girly crafty party! :)

  5. I'm in!! Well even if I live in Atlanta right now... I'm in nashville every other weekend so it seems so if it is a weekend I'll be there for SURE :) I did the coffee filter wreath and it is amazing! I love it!

  6. aww woowhoo love love love girl nights and crafts! so much fun and can't wait to see what you guys do :) xo

  7. ohhh how i WANT the wreath and bow holder...but how i NEED that macaroni hahah

  8. omg! everything looks so cutee) love those photos!

  9. Hi Natasha - Thank you so much for showing my mac & cheese and wrapping paper rack! Wow - that floral arrangement is amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Weddings just plain takeoveryourlife! but its the funnest time ever so don't waste away a minute of it! xoxo