You Asked/I Answered

Thursday, March 3, 2011

For some of you, this post is a long time coming so my apologies... when I get questions from readers, I usually stockpile them until I can do one post and answer them all at one time--this is usually beneficial so I get a moment to actually think about my response before answering so here it goes:
1. How do you constantly get yourself up in the morning and workout? Truth be told, I do have a hard time waking up at the crack of dawn to get my booty to the gym, however, I have found this one little sure-fire trick that never lets me down... I leave my alarm clock {aka iPhone} on its charger in our bathroom which makes me get up--no snooze button for me! Try this, it works!

2. What does your regular workout consist of? I usually try to switch my routine up a bit, but since the wedding is right around the corner I have high hopes in exactly what I want which equals--toned legs, mid-section, and arms-HA! With that being said, I do 3 to 4 days of cardio {3 to 4 miles at a 9:15 to 9:30 pace} and then do 2 days of strength training... arms, legs, core, abs, and stretches. When possible, I'll jog around the neighborhood and try to make it to a fun aerobic class, too. 

3. Where do you find your clothes? Though I find some things online at a few favorite retailers: ModCloth, Lulus, JCrew, Shop Ruche, Francescas, Dillards, etc... most of the things I buy come from browsing the racks at stores here in Nashville: TJ Maxx, Blush, Old Navy, Target, Gap, and Macys. I find it easier to browse online for inspiration and then try to recreate looks based on specific items you find in stores.
4. How do always find things to write about on your blog? This is a funny one because to tell you the truth, I get writer's block just like everyone else...whenever I come up with fun ideas, I write them down in a notebook and then when I am having a difficult time thinking of something worth reading, I come back and ta-dah, a blog post is born!

5. Where do you find the pictures you use on your blog? Granted I bet some people wouldn't be happy as I forget to give credit to where I get pictures {oops! sorry}, but I have recently been accepted to Pinterest--an online picture gallery of sorts which is where I find the majority of the quotes, typography, and all sorts of lovely snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

6. What do you think you'll do with all your free time after the wedding? I am a constantly-on-the-go type person, so I doubt I'll slow down too terribly much--hey, you only live once--but Jeff and I are already planning trips for next year...NYC with friends in January and then Italy with the parents next summer so I'll be working on those fun vacations, and then I'll most likely begin working on a potential business plan for opening my own business one day.
7. Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home? My friends will laugh at this as they know I am obsessed with Pottery Barn, but yes a lot of our decor comes from my favorite home store. I can't help it--they had me at hello. But on the other hand, I love perusing websites and blogs like House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens...check out the blogs I have listed on my sidebar--they are wonderful and help when you're trying to decorate on a budget!
That's it for this round of 20 questions--if I forgot to answer your question, my apologies, but let me know and I'll make sure to do so next go-around... Happy Thursday friends!! This woman's gotta go back to the grind, spend some time planning events for work, and then venturing to dinner with Candice tonight--yay!!


  1. Putting your phone in a different room so you can't just hit snooze is such a great idea! I'll have to try it tomorrow because I definitely missed my morning workout today.

  2. I have to say that I go back and forth between morning and post-work workouts. The mornings are way easier..once I can drag myself out of bed. The phone trick is definitely a good one, except I would be afraid I don't hear it. I may have to try. Especially since I have decided this week that working out in the morning may have to be what I do most days of the week. I love coming straight home from work and knowing that I can just hang out on the couch. :)

  3. I love the alarm clock in the bathroom method; I am a snooze ADDICT, so leaving is within arm's reach does me no good!


  4. I love love love Francescas. I can go there at any time and find the perfect outfit. Causal and dressy. I swear everytime some likes what I am wearing I say its from Francescas!

  5. What a great idea to keep your phone in the bathroom!! I will have to try that because I will turn my alarm off in my sleep haha!! Thanks for the tip!

  6. As for question 6..I have something for you to do after your wedding! You can help me with my blog!!! I have lots of goals for 2011, and one of them is to increase my blog following to at least 100! And oh my, you should see Will these days, he is growing so fast! He'll be 4 months old this weekend!

  7. Thanks for all the great ideas!! Sounds like you have lots of fun planned in the year ahead! :)

  8. Hey there! I'm new to your blog but can already tell I'll be obsessed ;)

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding and I love the image about being busy. Le sigh...