Wedding Wednesday...87 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I must digress, that song is popping in my head daily as the countdown of days gets smaller and smaller. Yesterday was a bit of a rough day my friends... I was in a bit of a funk, and wouldn't you know it? Best friend Bev called to talk and it was as though she instantly picked me back up again. Funny how your friends are right there when you need them most...definitely helped my teeny-bit-moody-self get back in gear.
I have to keep telling myself 'all in good time, all in good time'.
So, speaking of time, yeah, it seems like I am running out of that here lately--all these extra weekends and spare time I thought I had lying around is sneaking away from me.
My nights for the next few weeks will be spent on the following...
1. Working on  invitation calligraphy
2. Meeting with our pastor for more counseling and outlining the ceremony
3. Finishing paper necessities for wedding weekend
4. Ordering items for out-of-town guest welcome bags
5. Finalizing host/hostess/bridal party gifts
6. Gathering pictures for rehearsal dinner festivities
7. Meeting with our florist to finalize flowers
8. Buying dresses for my bachelorette party, bridal brunch, and Knoxville ladies shower
9. Drafting the ceremony programs and working with our designer to get those printed
10. Finalizing our reception songs and overall playlist with our band

Today is gorgeous in Nashville! I have to find a reason to get out during lunch and run some errands just so I can put on the sunglasses and get some frsh air--happy hump day friends!!


  1. Soooo exciting! Cherish every momoent!

  2. sounds exiting! Don´t worry, everything will go amazingly!

  3. Oh...I remember those days. It's so much fun, but so stressful. Hope you get it all done and are able to enjoy each moment. :)

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