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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not only is it Thursday, but it's St. Patrick's Day all you lucky charms! In celebration, I made sure to wear my favorite color green so that I won't get pinched, though I won't be making any corned beef and cabbage---why can't the Irish have more stomach appealing food?  
The fiance and I have a hot date lined up tonight...meeting with our pastor for pre-marital counseling--haha! Boy we sure know how to celebrate, don't we? 

Today I am doing a roundabout at some of my favorite blogs/sites with some fun new posts that are most certainly worth devoting a bit of attention to--come on, you know you want to:
Check out this house gosh, pure happiness exudes from this decor! I just love Maillardville Manor--so sweet!
Visit Southern Weddings Magazine's blog for these gorgeous yellow bridesmaid dresses...ahhh love pairing the frocks with fun cowboy boots!

Hop on over to Fantasticly Frugal for helpful hints for maximizing your online savings--especially for those of us who can't help but virtually swipe the Visa!
Since I cannot eat chocolate as of late as my Lent sacrifice, I do believe I can indulge in this tasty treat featured over at Joy the Baker...Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake--yummo!
Curious about how to transform yourself and your body? Run on over to Runner's World and read their feature on The Golden Rules of Weight Loss for some things you may be missing

We're so close to the weekend I can taste it...and Nashville is due for some lovely-like spring weather...high's in the 70s with rays of sunshine headed our way. Sounds like the perfect time for me to be outside enjoying it all I can--and hoping Jeffrey can get a bit of sun on his Casper like self, too!! ;)


  1. Loving this fun post! Have a wonderful time tonight meeting with your pastor! I loved the pre-marital preparations!

  2. That scale is amazing! I need one! :) Happy St. Patty's Day! Those yellow dresses are divine!

  3. I wish my scale said that to me. Happy St. Patty's Day!

  4. eeeekkkk!!! That's meee! Thank you so much for including our little blog :)! I love your blog too :) !!!
    Thanks again :)
    (is that too many sideways smiley faces in one comment?? hehe)

  5. Good luck with your counseling. I'm going to go read that article from Women's Health - I hope it holds the golden secret! Ha!

  6. Hi...found your from Chicago Cuisine Critic. :)

    I wonder if you're my sister's neighbor. Haha. (She lives in N'ville area).

    Thanks for these great links. Who doesn't love to find great new spots to spend hours of time reading? (It's better than doing laundry.)

    My dad performed my wedding ceremony...but didn't do the counseling. That would just be weird. Lol. :)

    Best to you! I'm gonna "poke" around a bit. :)

    Sophisticated Steps

  7. Oh my I need a slice of that cake!
    And that scale? Haha, wish it said that every time! :)


  8. casper-like self! LOL! Your too funny.Love that last pic of the feet on the scale. Hope you had a great weekend sweetie!