Oh Bla Dee, Oh Bla Dah...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life goes on....oh oh life goes on. {yes, I love that song} It's Monday which is normally a drag to get in gear, yet I am really happy to be at work today...could quite possibly be due to the fact I feel rested and reenergized.
As of yesterday, it's officially spring--and boy did Jeff and I take advantage. He spent the majority of the weekend in the yard...bless his heart! He mulched and planted flowers, and weeded and got our house in top-top order for all our upcoming house guests--yes, best friend, that means you ;).
I, on the other hand, took to the streets for some major shopping and to-do listing...stocked up at Old Navy and Gap thanks to the 30% off everything weekend and FINALLY found the perfect white jeans...among all kinds of other fab finds!
Long and Lean White Jeans
Tiered Pleat Tank
Enamel Button Cardigan
Women's Eyelet Shift Dress
Cross-fit Babydoll Dress
After some much needed spring stock-up shopping, I was able to find all the stamps we needed after scrambling to 3 post offices, picked up party gifts, finished 20 more invitations, stocked the house with plenty of groceries, and did endless amounts of laundry {seriously, how do 2 people have so much to wash?}.
Saturday night, we took to the streets of East Nashville for dinner with friends at Rosepepper...one of our favorite Mexican cantinas with hands down THE BEST margaritas in Nashville. Sunday was another work-around-the-house day complete with cleaning out the closet, and then cooking dinner for the sweet fiance--steak, basil pesto cheese tortellini, and sweet potato casserole. All in all, a successful, productive, and beautiful weekend. Life is good.
Today, Mom and I are meeting with Caprice {AKA floral guru} to finalize our flower selections...and I can't wait to stop and smell the roses, penoies, hydrangea!! Haha, get it?? Happy Monday friends...I'm leaving you with a little inspiration--hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh, I so wish I could wear white jeans. And I love the Joseph Campbell quote. I'm going to write that down.

  2. I am totally buying some of those cardigans! Thanks for the tip! Happy Monday! :)

  3. I think i might bust out my white pants this week... who cares about those silly white rules anyways

  4. haaaaaaha, smelling the roses and peonies, you're a goofy gal. well said, my friend, well said.

    looks like another perfect weekend! and those white jeans are beautiful!


  5. Those last two quotes describe my current life perfectly and I just may take them from you and post on my lil 'ol bloggy!

  6. Love all your Gap finds! The deals I snagged in their maternity section aren't nearly as cute.

    And your wedding flowers sound gorgeous - and almost exactly like ours. Except sadly, it was too early for peonies so we had ranunculus. I can't wait to see pictures from your wedding - I just know it will be stunning.

  7. LOVE all you new purchases!! Sounds like a fun weekend!!!

  8. I love your inspiration you posted. Good luck at the florist, enjoy every second of it!

  9. love love love all this :) your inspirations are fabulous and your blog is simply stunning! i'm so glad i came across this! def a new follower on your hands girl! xo

  10. I also did the stock up shopping thing this weekend - and nearly bought the eyelet dress above!

    I'm going to have to try that Mexican place you mentioned. I'm on the hunt for good Mexican food in Nashville!