Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Be Tardy for the Party!

Don't you hate it when stupid songs get stuck in your head?? Yeah, me too. Thank you Kim Zociak for your horrid singing abilities--yet, I can't get it out of my head after watching countless episodes of my favorite shows via Bravo. Tomorrow is January 31st AKA New Year's Eve for any of you hiding under a rock... another year down with 2011 so close I can almost taste it.
This year, best friend Bev thought to have a fun getaway weekend to the mountains of East Tennessee away from a crazy downtown NYE with the other thousands of people. 12 of us are joining in the fun and I cannot wait to roadtrip tomorrow morning. The cabin is stocked with big screens, a pool table, hot tub (YAHOO!), fireplace, and loads of other amenities to keep us occupied for the weekend.
We're all bringing fun games to play, and rotating cooking meals for everyone which always proves to be a FABULOUS idea! I know we are going to have so much fun together, taking time to relax and unwind and I am really looking forward to quality time with so many of our great friends... pictures to come once we return!!
Tonight is also the exciting Music City Bowl where UT will be taking on North Carolina... VOL fans are already taking over downtown Nashville and I couldn't be happier!! I am a bad fan, as Jeff and I aren't going to the game because we have so many things to get completed before we leave tomorrow but we'll be watching from the comfort of our house--GO VOLS!
 Happiest of New Years to you--hope you get to ring in the new year
with all your favorite people!!

New Year Resolutions - 2011

I took some time these past few days to take a look back at a successful 2010, but with a brand new year coming up, I can't help but set my list of priorities in order and get back to basics to hold myself accountable with a crazy 2011 in store... here they are, my resolutions in no particular order: 
1. Master Copperplate Calligraphy. I need to get on this in a MAJOR way--hello, my invitations will be going out in April and I am determined to recreate some lovely southern style calligraphy... see here for inspiration.. we'll see how this turns out, but with a home office ready and waiting, I really have NO excuse in this department. Actually, I do have an excuse come to think of it--I need a freaking chair! I need to go ahead and order it NOW...
2. Complete Another 1/2 Marathon. Sadly, it seems as though the Music City 1/2 is out {I am crying on the inside} per advice from the future hubby and Mom, for they assume I will up in arms trying to wrap-up wedding details so I will not have time to devote Saturday or Sunday afternoons to long runs... boo! But with that being said, I WILL most certainly be running the Women's 1/2 in September and I'll keep my weekly running/workout routine going because I do have to be slim and trim for wedding day...
3. Save More Money. Jeff has been on me for awhile now...with the wedding money set aside {thank the Lord} and my credit card paid off {ah! music to my ears} now we must start saving elsewhere, which equals more money to the 401K, other financial and saving accounts, emergency funds, and my stash for a new car. Wow do I sound old and boring or what?
4. Learn to Use my New SLR Camera. I've been stalking these gorgeous beauties for years now, and have watched my Dad go gaga over all his new picture possessions, but I have some major work to do in learning anything and everything about my new goodie. Trust me, I will never be a professional, but so excited to have a camera that can take some fantastic pictures!! My Dad and I are going to take a few classes together, too.
5. Read More Books. I've done better this year, tackling more books than last year, but need to keep heading in the right direction... what's on my immediate list? Water for Elephants AND The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!
6. Finish Decorating the House. We've been in our home almost 1 full year--crazy to see how much has changed considering we only had bedroom furniture and a small kitchen dining set when we moved in... my goal is to FINISH each and every room in 2011!
7. Talk Time for Friends and Family. I am horrid with staying in touch with my girlfriends and extended family--they all have to call and harass me from time to time as I have gotten lazy and play with them via email and text nearly everyday, but that is just unacceptable. This time around, I am going to be dialing numbers and actually TALKING for a change...people, hold me to this--haha!  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...It's Almost Wedding Year!!

Wait, it is really Wesdnesday isn't it? My days are so messed up this week due to the holidays someone could tell me it's Monday and and the blonde in me wouldn't even think twice...
OK, so I cannot tell a lie--I got on The Knot yesterday to see the day countdown because I hadn't checked in awhile and WOW, that final number has sure come down. As of today, we're at a mere 164 days to go. I know that sounds like a load for some brides out there, but for me, that has me checking my to-do lists to make sure I am still on ahead of schedule.
Thankfully, Mom is in full effect--yesterday afternoon, she visited with with the lovely ladies at Bella Bridesmaid one final time and ordered her dress! I know she is going to look incredible in her custom Lula Kate silk dupioni gown--and Mom, I KNOW you made the right decision ;).
This is the overall style of the dress with the one strap {LOVE!}, however hers will be a different color and is floor length for an even dressier option for my big day.

Jeff and I also signed up online to take personal assessments for our upcoming pre-marital counseling sessions... talk about in-depth! These questions ranged from finances to emotions to babies to arguments and covered anything in between--of course we were dying to talk about our answers with each other, but were told not to as we'll be bringing them up very soon once we meet with our pastor--I know this is only going to strengthen our marriage so I am all for it! Let's just hope it doesn't have me making these faces...haha!
We also have on the books another reception coordinator meeting the 2nd week of January to discuss our invoice, floor plan, rentals, and design. The first version of everything came back looking fantastic and I can't wait to discuss each detail so we know exactly what aVenue will look like!
And finally, our wedding team {Mom, Dad, Jeff, and I} are going to let the boys try on tuxes in a few weeks... the boys couldn't be more excited to get their James Bond on and see how spiffy they will look--they are so entertaining together I tell you.
Until next time for more updates, I'll leave you with some more of my fabulous inspiration pictures for anything and everything wedding...Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{2010...A Year in Pictures}

I can't help but look back on this year with the happiest many incredible and VERY life changing moments for my friends, my family, and certainly me as well. Thank you Lord for making 2010 a year to remember:
Rang in the New Year with my mister and my parents
 Took a little weekend getaway trip to Charleston, South Carolina
which turned out to be the best {and sneakiest planned for months} proposal
any girl could ever have dreamed of
 complete with our parents, and my best friend and her fiance
 To which I of course jumped on Facebook as soon as we returned home to accept this request {we all know it's not official until it's on FB!}
The "pre-proposal" meeting ...Jeff with my parents when they officially gave their blessing =)
Bought our very 1st home together...I wanted this house from the moment I
saw it and prayed this was "the one"
 Celebrated Easter with the family
 and yes, the bunny still comes to our house
 Kicked off the wedding fun for my BFF by attending parties, showers, and festivities
 Took in a few girls' nights at our favorite locales throughout Nashville
 Completed my very first 1/2 marathon in April--signs and support from Mom and Jeff
 Family and friends supporting me at the finish line... truly an incredible
day for me after months on training
 Ewww... I look horrid, but getting that medal was one of the best feelings EVER
 Then travelled to the beach for a week vacation of
nothing but sun, sand, and fun with my 3 favorite people
 Rum Runners... our favorite place for singing and kicking back
Continued our annual tradition of Steeplechase activities--
my favorite day of the year!
Celebrated with fun-filled showers for our 2010 brides!!
 Attended a fabulous celebrity gossip-themed bachelorette party for Amber
Began my search with my best friends for the perfect
wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses!
 And Mom of course, too!
 Indulged in a few early evening getaways to Arrington Vineyards for picnic dinners
 Ventured to Ohio with my parents and Jeff to see my step-brother tie the knot
 Had a few fun summertime cookouts at our abode--with crazy dance parties, too!
Travelled with Meg and Aaron to ATL for a fun shower honoring the happy couple
Threw one heck of a bachelorette weekend in Charlotte, NC for my best friend!
Celebrated my 27th birthday with friends and family
Took Jeff to his 1st ever fair so he could experience all the deep fried goodness! Of course Matt and Jenna know everyone at the Wilson County Fair ;)
Took part in a fun-filled weekend full of Grunke wedding festivities!
 Me and My BFF Bride
 Attended the most adorable shower for another friend, Jamie
 Jeff and I were thrown the most incredible engagement party by 4 of my best friends...
 Here with all my bridesmaids ;)
 Our new family!
 Took a few weekend drives to K-town to see our
beloved boys in orange play some football!!
 Nothing like gameday in Neyland Stadium
 Did a little wedding registry scanning/shopping for goodies!
 And more tailgating pre-Florida game
 Ventured to the gorgeous IU campus for Jamie and Eric's wedding fun
 Drove to Georgia for a little romantic getaway with the boy...just me and him!
 Continued our yearly the infamous Bell Buckle festival with my family
 Celebrated best friend Bev's 27th birthday with our huge group of friends!!
 Showered Cami for her brand new arrival--Master P
{that's for you Cami} debuting in early 2011
 Had some fun birthday tailgating and dinner for Candice's 28th!
 Continued girl's holiday weekend tradition with shopping
for our angels and taking over Nashville!
Went on our December outings to shop for all the presents for our families
 and decorated for our 1st holiday season in our home
 Played in the VERY first snow at our house...
 And finally, celebrated my last "single" Christmas with my family
How are we going to top this year? I am not quite sure it can happen. God has blessed us beyond measure in 2010 and Jeff and I pray everyday and give MANY thanks to the Lord... the older I get, the more I realize that when I give glory to Him, the blessings continue to flow and we are able to give back and give to others, which makes us even happier.
2011 has many great things in store for us: in January, Jeff's groomsmen are throwing his bachelor party in Costa Rica; in February we'll be visiting Jeff's grandmother in LA for her 95th birthday; in March, April, and May, we'll celebrate our upcoming wedding with showers hosted by friends and family, travel out of town to attend other friends' weddings, and then it'll be my turn to venture off to Chicago with my best friends for my bachelorette party, and watch my cousin Lauren graduate from college. And then in June, the day I have been waiting for will FINALLY be here...  I'll get to marry the man of my dreams and officially start our married life together.
Thank you all for taking the time to learn a little bit about my life and letting me share a bit of myself with you each and everyday--you'll never know how much your sweet comments and emails and well wishes mean to me... I am truly grateful and can't say enough. Cheers to a happy new year to every single one of you--may your 2011 be wonderful and beyond your wildest dreams!
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