Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesday... Color Scheme and Inspiration Board

Although I have loved every minute of keeping my blogging friends in suspense, the time has come to finally dish my chosen color scheme... though the writing was on my blogging wall the ENTIRE time {sneaky, right???}. I thought long and hard after we got engaged about the ideal color scheme--not only for me--but for the month of the wedding, what colors I love, and what stands out to me in terms of wedding design... I went back and forth with various details, options, and hues, but came back to my original inspiration,and this is what I came up with:

Traditional Black and White with a
Pop of Bright and Sunny Yellow!

Keep in mind, my wedding is in June, a true summer month, so I wanted a fun color to brighten the decor, flowers, etc... and I love the classic elegance of black and white, especially since our wedding will be an evening celebration! Though I have seen loads of inspiration boards with details I love, I created this with Photoshop and love how it turned out--it's exactly the ideal look I am going for and I think this matches my "southern soiree" type wedding.
Now do you know why my blog redesign incrporated certain colors? =)

In other news, no, the dress featured above is not my dress {because I don't have one yet}, but the style I am hoping for is the trumpet/mermaid silhouette. Now that I am in the process of slowly going back to blonde, my MOH/partner-in-crime and I booked bridal appointments for May 15th here in Nashville!! Yes, it is hard to contain my excitement--this is what every girl dreams of growing up and I can't wait to go shopping to see if I can find "THE ONE".  We're visiting The Bride Room, Arzelle's, and Village Bridal all in one day so keep your fingers crossed... and yes, we will be going another day because I am going to bask in this fashion/runway show fun for as long as possible--how long did it take you to find your dress??

Also, any designers I need to make sure to check out??? This piece of the wedding is becoming a little bit overwhelming--wow, so many gorgeous designers who I love!!!

Thanks for all your help friends--have a GREAT DAY! OXOX

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodness Gracious

So many things to discuss!
1) This is HUGE news people... I just saw the trailer this morning via People {watch it here}, and I'm already freaking out because I can't wait to see what happens in the FINAL season of The Hills--boo to the fact we dont get to laugh in Speidi's face anymore and joke at just how ridiculous they are, or bask in the glory that Audrina finally ditched Justin Smelly {but oh so hot} Bobby any longer. However, this does mean I get to have the girls over for the final season fun--yippee!!
2) As I was out shopping for stationery goodies for calligraphy samples, I just happened to run into Trees 'N Trends--a local home store similar to Homegoods, TJ Maxx, etc--and stumbled across the PERFECT lamps for our nightstands... not only were they gorgeous, but they were 1/2 off!! Not to mention I picked up the final set of pillows for our bed and cute welcome mats for our front and back doors... more progess=CHECK!
Can you tell I love pillows??
Bedroom ALMOST done.. all we need are curtains, gallery style frames for
the picture ledge, and a black bookcase!
Our new lamps!! {the plastic was on just so I could make sure Jeff liked them}
3) Taylor's infamous Top 2 Tuesday is back this week with little known facts about each of us... the Top 2 random things about me are:
1. I hate depise, LOATHE white food--if you know me, you know this
is something I am ultra-weird about... keep mayonnaise, alfredo sauce,
potatoes, and anything white away from me---ewwww! 

2. I am probably the most Type A individual out there... from Wikipedia, a Type A person is described as "impatient, time-conscious, controlling, concerned about their status, highly competitive, ambitious, business-like, aggressive, having difficulty relaxing; and are sometimes disliked by individuals with Type B personalities for the way that they're always rushing. They are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about delays. Because of these characteristics, Type A individuals are often described as "stress junkies." Yep that pretty much sums it up-- maybe something I need to try to break away from, but at least I am not denying it =)

Training Day...Week 14

A mere 25 days until it's time to put my running shoes on at the butt crack of dawn and run my heart out through downtown Nashville... am I nervous? YES! am I scared? YES! I have all these emotions racking my brain day in and day out, but I know I'm going to give it my all and finish SOMEHOW... last week was a bit difficult, since I was just getting back into my groove after my small medical drama, but I completed my mileage and this week I'll be running:
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 3 miles at a 9:20 pace; arms/abs/legs
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 5 miles at a 10:00 pace; abs
Friday: Rest Day; arms/abs/legs stretches
Saturday: 8 miles at a 10:30 pace
Sunday: Easter/Rest Day
TOTAL: 16 miles

I am officially stocked up on all my fitness gels, chomps, and beans... my dresser drawer makes me look like I an official meathead because of all the protein bars and electrolyte snacks I have-haha! P.S. the jelly belly jelly beans are my absolute fav--a must try!
Can I tell you how excited I am to go to the "Health and Fitness Expo"? From others' blogs, the fitness expos look like A LOT of fun with drawings, vendors, and TONS of information for race runners. It will be open Thursday and Friday prior to race day at the Nashville Convention Center and I get in free-wahoo!!! {something else my $95 got me-lol}.

And because we all have those days where we complain about our training and try to make excuses so we can get out of it, Runner's World published this article perfectly titled:
"Get Over It"
Morning Roadblock: You're Sleepy

"The predawn hours are challenging because body temperature and heart rate dip to their lowest point at this time," Moffitt says. "In the presence of light, body temperature and heart-rate increase, which makes it easier to be active." The carbohydrates in your last meal play a role, too. If you skipped dinner or ate fast-digesting carbs like rice, bread, or sugary desserts, your glycogen levels will be depleted, making it even harder to muster the energy to get up.

Prep for an early-morning run the night before. Eat slow-digesting carbs like broccoli, beans, and lentils. Set your automatic coffeemaker to brew before you wake. "Caffeine can help stimulate your arousal system and get you ready to run," Moffitt says. Shut-eye is important, too. If you're constantly waking up feeling exhausted, it's a sign you aren't getting enough z's. Turn off the computer and TV at least 30 minutes before you hit the sack and get blackout shades for your windows—the absence of light boosts production of melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

Mid-day Roadblock: Work Demands and Hunger Pangs Strike
Melatonin production is at its lowest around noon, so physiologically that's when you're most alert, Moffitt says. That means you may be motivated to continue plugging away. And your blood sugar dips, which may make you too famished or weak to run.

Schedule your run like you would any other meeting, then record your time and distance to give you a sense of accomplishment, says Steve DeVries, Ph.D., professor of exercise psychology at Cornell College in Iowa. Try splitting your lunch in two: Eat half an hour before you run, then have the rest afterward. If you're still tempted to bow out, consider this: A British study found that midday exercisers increased their productivity.

Late-day Roadblock: It's Been a Long Day and You're Beat
Mental fatigue lowers dopamine, a brain chemical that makes you feel energized. Plus, blood sugar dips again between 5 and 7 p.m.

Don't confuse mental fatigue with physical fatigue. Researchers from Bangor University in Wales report that short-term mental fatigue doesn't impact the physical function. So it's your mind—not your body—that craves downtime. And running is the perfect antidote. "Running elevates your nervous system, which increases your sense of alertness," Moffitt says. Resist the urge to skip your run by packing your gear, changing at work, and going directly to the gym or trail. Even better, join—or start—an after-work running group. Keep your energy up with a snack before your run.

Happy Training Tuesday to you all!! Get out there and enjoy the AMAZING weather this week =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Time After Time

Happy Monday Friends!! Hope you all had a great weekend... though mine was nonstop moving and grooving, it was a great one spent with Jeff and some of our closest friends in Knoxville.
Friday night we relaxed and watched movies and packed up for our early morning drive to Knoxville. We got up early Saturday and headed into town... not before wishing this special woman a Happy Birthday:
Though I couldn't be in Fayetteville at the Old Holler to celebrate, you weren't far from my mind Lauren--hope you had a WONDEFUL 26th birthday celebration you old woman... I love you!!

When we got to Knoxville, Jeff and the boys headed to the golf course and I ventured out to do some much-needed shopping for wedding shower gifts {yes, Meg, for you} and see my other best friend Bev's new puppy Griswald, and their brand new home!! I also did a bit of vacation wardrobe shopping and bought my race day outfit-wahoo!! That night, we went to the Jay and Ashley's house for some homemade manicotti {that was to die for} and banana pudding... all in a day's work, right??
Sunday morning, we booked it out of town to get home to watch the VOLS take on Michigan State. Sadly, we screwed it up lost at the last minute, so no Final Four action for UT--however--I am still SO PROUD of our boys... they really proved just what a great team they are and made history making it to the Elite 8--we'll be back next year!!
For the rest of the day, I went and did my 6 mile run at the Y and then went grocery shopping while Jeff weeded the yard. Excuse me, but when exactly did we get soooo old?? Oh, and don't forget cleaning the house... by that time, it was 10 and we were exhausted.

Reminder to Self: TAKE PICTURES!! I have gotten extremely horrible at not capturing my Kodak moments recently... sad that I have no pics from this weekend to show =(

And because we all need a little pick-me-up on Mondays to get us through the week:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend Plans...Roadtrip!

The weather is teasing me... it is amazinfgly beautiful and sunny!!! My work ladies and I went out to lunch at one of our favorite little hotspots in North Nashville--Chef's Market--seriously, the hot chicken salad is TO DIE FOR. Anyways, back to reality, so excited for the weekend...

Tonight, we'll be cheering on our VOLS as they take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA Tournament!! Yes, I have some orange in my outfit today {duh!} and I'm hoping Bruce can take our boys all the way to the Elite 8--something we've yet to accomplish with the boys' team!
Then tomorrow morning, we are headed to Knoxville to see a certain someone... best friend Bev!!! Her and the hubs are going to be moving all weekend, but they better make a bit of time to see me--not to mention they have a brand new puppy--Griz-- that I am dying to love on!!! Jeff will be playing in a golf tournament, so I am thinking some much-needed girl time is in store. Then we're having dinner with friends and relaxing before heading back early Sunday morning.
Sunday afternoon will be spent running for my long day, working on the yard {oh the joy of a home}, and then working on calligraphy samples for a special friend of mine...throw in some potential grilling for dinner and I think it sounds like a recipe for success!!
Happy Weekend Friends... get out there and enjoy it!! =)

Fashion Friday... Sale Time

Some people say I shop a lot, and while that is true, I am a bargainista {yes, like the TJ Maxx commercials} and love a good sale ,so I am devoting this Friday's post to all things discount! Each one of these items is on sale RIGHT NOW--yes, now--meaning you must get them ASAP to save your hard-earned $$$...
P.S. for those of you who are on a spending freeze, I hear your pain, but just keep on saving and it'll pay off when you splurge on something truly wonderful for your wardrobe

Embroidered Print Dress via The Limited {Sale Price: $68}
**ALL their dresses are 30% off right now, too!
Sequin Shoulder Dress via The Limited {Sale Price: $82}
Montebello Suede Driving Mocs via JCrew {Sale Price: $60}
Ruffled Henley Tank via JCrew {Sale Price: $25}
Cotton Sunday Skirt via JCrew {Sale Price: $20}
Canvas Island Tote via JCrew {Sale Price: $30}
Twist Neck Pullover via Ann Taylor Loft {Sale Price: $20}
Double Layer Placket Cardigan via Ann Taylor Loft {Sale Price: $20}
Vivian Tank via Anthropologie {Sale Price: $30}
Optimist Dress via Anthropologie {Sale Price: $80}
Dandelion Wish Dress via Anthropologie {Sale Price: $100}
Any other good sales you know going on right now??? With all these wedding activities for all my friends, I am in desperate need of cute spring and summer outfits...Happy shopping ladies =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On a Decorating Mission...

Do you HAVE to check things off of lists??? Between redoing my calligraphy blog/site, decorating/furnishing a home, AND planning a wedding, my to-do list seems to be increasing at a rapid rate furiously, so I have to take a step back and focus on the things that must be tackled first... i.e. the Master Bedroom and Family Living Room, as these will be the most important areas in our home the next few months while we settle into our abode.
We are so close I can taste it! The paint is perfect, the bed is almost done {just missing a few decorating pillows}, we bought our nightstands--and love them by the way--now all I need to focus on are bedside lamps, a black bookshelf, and finish my photo frame ledge.

As for the Family {meaning this is our non-formal} Living Room, the couch and loveseat are fantasticly comfortable--yet still clean and tailored--and I purchased these wonderful orange pillows yesterday from PB with a gift card from Mom and all that's left is to find the perfect tv/media console, coffee/end table(s), and lamps!!
Ours are the "Florida Orange" color in the square design
**P.S. why do they have to say FLORIDA orange??? I think UT Orange sounds better =)
Keeping my fingers crossed that I can knock these small {but hard to find} items off my list within a matter of weeks so I can finally show off all our hard work!!
And for future reference, for all those out there who recently moved or will be moving, when you change your address via the USPS, make sure to sign up to receive magazines from your favorite home stores {i.e. Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Restoration Hardware}. We did and each has sent us a 10% coupon in the mail= BIG savings!!

FYI: I had the opportunity to do a guest blog feature post on Sarah and the City's blog--which I was super excited about because it is my 1st--she is currently relaxing on vacay and chose a few of her daily must-reads to blog about our favorite travel adventures!! Check it out here

Wedding Wednesday... on Thursday

Yesterday was a crazy one so I didn't get to devote a post to all things wedding-related...oops! But now that the rain has settled back in here in Nashville {sigh}, I have plenty of time to put my attention back to wedding wonderland. Another check off my list was completed this week--we booked our musicians for the ceremony! Wahoo, yippee, yay...
I always knew I wanted live music for my wedding, ESPECIALLY since Scarritt Bennett has the most incredible organ I have ever seen--not to mention I kept seeing musicians playing at each of the bridal shows we attended so I knew I wanted classical-style instruments to complement my traditional church and ceremony. We corresponded with a few local Nashville vendors and ultimately decided on Wedding Musicians Company.
Not only do they have the exact combination of music instruments I want to use {hey, I have to keep some things secret!}, but they can play each of the songs I requested for prior/during/and post ceremony, which means they are hired!!

And as if I needed to give you another reason to stalk wedding blogs, check out some of my favorite recent posts from this week from other sites---oh how much I love the fact that spring and summer weddings are all about COLOR!!

Front Porch Farms {here in Nashville} featured wedding from Weddings Unveiled Blog
Aqua and Green Inspiration via Southern Weddings Magazine Blog
French Countryside Affair via Green Wedding Shoes
All Things Sweet Candy Board via Style Me Pretty
Holiday Glam Board via 100 Layer Cake

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Handbag

Oh yay--another reason to make me stalk my fav websites in order to find the one handbag I would love to call my own ...I feel like SJP in Sex and the City when she walks into the shoe store and says "Hello Lover!"
'I wish' .... I could afford this Valentino Bow Satchel without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

Don't worry, either of these styles would make me happy, so I'd take whichever one I could get my hands on-hehe! {hey, remember, this is a WISH as I know this will never happen}
Thanks for the fun topic this week Kelsey--it's nice to be able to dream =)

Something to Talk About...

Soooo much going on these days I don't know how I can keep up with it all... but somehow, between Outlook calendars and my handy-dandy Moleskin planner, I seem to--I assure you, this post may be be a bit bumpy and I'm going to ramble, but it's a great day and I am as happy as any girl could be so we'll just dabble in the goods for a bit...
I'm bad, very bad--Victoria's Secret knows just how to get me. Being a customer on their email list is an inconvenience when you're trying to save money, BUT, some of their bathing suits were 25% off so I decided I needed to reward myself and splurge a bit since I will be at the beach in a month--WAHOO!!
Here's my little polka dot bikini:
{**to get the discount, enter in VS25SWIM at the checkout for the offer code}
And I just HAD to add another pair of wedges to my already huge collection--oops!!
{hey, they were on sale for $29--I got the natural suede color}
And in other fun news, my friend Candice surprised Jeff and I with a FABULOUS housewarming gift: these great coasters!! Look familiar?? She ordered them from the same place I got his personalized map cufflinks... they are already coming in handy and each one represents a place we have visited together--thank you Candice--we love them!!
Last night, my friend Brittney and I had dinner at our favorite mexican locale, Las Maracas... the weather was gorgeous and I decided I couldn't eat leftovers at home so we splurged and had a girly dinner, just the two of us--living with a boy has definitely made me realize I HAVE to have my girl time =)
And I saved the best for last!! Today marks the 1 month countdown until D-Day--April 24th will be here before I know it... and even better, today was the day I OFFICIALLY REGISTERED for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon--as if my training didn't mean enough, spending almost $100 to run in a race sealed the deal on my participation this year! It feels so good to know it's getting closer and my body is getting ready to take a beating...
the course map--yikes!!
Well, that't all from me for now--back to the daily grind... I'll be back later!! Have a wonderful Wednesday friends... OXOX
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