My Favorite Things...Neighbors, Work Colleagues, and Friends

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back with another installment of some of my favorite holiday gifts... this time, devoted to everyone else other than your immediate family. Whether you need to bring a present for a holiday gift exchange, want to show your neighbors that you do really care, or need to give a little extra attention to your boss at work, these ideas are sure to impress:
Bobble-Knit Throw Blanket via Pottery Barn ($60)
Hot Chocolate via Williams-Sonoma ($20)
Table Topics Family via Amazon ($25)
Favorites Gift Basket via Harry and David ($50)
Custom Address Stamp via Lettergirl on Etsy ($36)
 Mr. and Mrs. Glass Cocktail Set via Pro Stores ($18)
 2010-2011 Planner via MomAgenda ($30)
 Cast Iron Fondue Set via Crate and Barrel ($40)

 I'm having a hard time to think of other gift-giving/holiday categories... friends? parents? yourself? holiday party attire?? What do you need help finding?? I am on an online shopping frenzy trying to get everything ordered and shipped ASAP so I can finish my wrapping festivities and enjoy the holidays!


  1. Love everything on here, but especially those cocktail glasses. So cute!

  2. Thanks for the great gift guides! I am getting my fiance two things off of the list for the guys! If you are doing another gift guide, I could really use one for my mom! :) Thanks again!

  3. TableTopics are amazing! What a great gift idea!

  4. Loving Table Topics I've been wanting those for awhile!

  5. I love that throw from PB - I just might have to get that for myself!! I don't think you can ever have too many throws! Thanks for the good ideas!

  6. These are such great gift ideas!! I will use them as inspiration for my Secret Santa at work.... I have no clue what to get this man I have spoken to a maximum of 5 times at the photocopier...
    The weekend is almost here!! xoxo

  7. I feel all warm and toasty just reading this post!