My Favorite Things...For Your Significant Other!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I had a handful of readers email me with concerns that they are having a trying time finding gifts for their friend that's a boy/boyfriend/fiance/husband/whatever you want to call him ;). Never fear, I am here and happy to throw my two cents in and help... a few of my favorites for the boy in your life:

Fossil Jackson Cognac Leather Duffle Bag--($198) I bought this bag last year for Jeff and he takes it everywhere with him. It's perfect for weekend trips and small excursions and it is perfect for any traveler!!
Garmin Gear--If your guy is into wanting to know where he is, the nearest route, his distance, etc. I HIGHLY recommend any and all Garmin products--their GPS devices are the best {yes I am biased!}, and their running watches can't be beat! He will love you forever.
Monogrammed Pilsner Glasses ($48 for 4)--For the boy who likes to drink with high-end glasses, these are for him! Personalized so all his "bros" will be impressed while they sit back and watch the game ;)
Colby Leather Bureau ($129)--To me, it's a jewelry box for a man, but we'll use "bureau" to sound less feminine. A great keepsake he'll can keep forever to store his cufflinks, watches, family heirlooms, or anything else he feels is important. And even better, it can be monogrammed--love love love!
Williams Sonoma Monogrammed Grill Tools Set ($99)--If your significatn other loves to grill as much as mine does, this is the set for him... includes a basting mop, fork, spatula, and tongs and comes with a handy dandy storage case, too!
JCrew Shearling Moccasin Slippers ($62)--Because every guy wants to stay warm when he is grabbing the paper, taking the dog for a walk, or walking around on cold hardwood floors, these will keep him warm and toasty al through winter!
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses ($119)--All the guys want to look cool this year (including my Dad and Jeff) and it seems that Ray-Ban is going old school and bringing back the wayfarers in a big way...not going to lie, I would LOVE to have these as well


  1. Seriously, the first thing on your list is exactly what the hubby wants. Nicely done:)

  2. Dang, girl... you are GOOD with these ideas. I really like the monogrammed beer mugs for Tim, that is a perfect gift!

  3. I'm SO done spending on Brent... but i've had my eye on those etsy barware glasses for a few weeks now.. I just need to break down & buy them! So what if I spend 2 paychecks on my hubs! :)

  4. Great ideas!! I have the hardest time finding gifts for my husband!

  5. I love this, I needed some new ideas for my brother, he is the hardest person to shop for, ever!

  6. The bag is my favorite...thanks for the suggestions.

  7. Great tips!!! Lots of great things!

  8. AHH!! You just have just given me so many fabulous ideas!!! Now I want to get him ALL of these :) Thank you!