Wedding Wednesday... Not Really

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not much over here happening via wedding la la land--I know, I am at a roadblock and think I may be slightly hallucinating as I had a totally weird dream last night--do people start having more and more nightmares as the big day approaches? If so, we're in trouble with 7 more months to go...
All that aside, I have been looking stalking a few blogs lately and I wanted to post some fun things I stumbled across for your guiltiest pleasures... fashion, decor, food--whatever your fancy, this should help them all!
This closet was featured over at Live Creating Yourself and I just had to share.. not only is her "mom cave" incredible, but wait until your check out the rest of Megan's {via Honey We're Home} home... that kitchen and her library rainbow bookcase=to die for!!
Check Censational Girl's blog  for how to create an inspiration board for your home office--I will most certainly be tasking this job on myself for my little space very soon!

As far as food, I am working on a little Thanksgiving post with all my favorite recipes scattered throughout the world wide web. But just to wet your palette, check out some of my top food blogs and sites for inspiring dishes for the upcoming holiday festivities:

And for all you fashion gurus, check outsome of my favorite places for discount shopping right now!!
JCrew Holiday Sale--up to 40% off... loving some of their staple pieces
Nordstrom's All Women's Sale...may I have this coat please??
Loft...take an extra 30% off current sale items
And this weekend, Friends and Family 30% off everything sale at Banana, Gap, and Old Navy--make sure you get your coupon to save, save, save!!

Happy Hump Day friends... so excited for the CMA Awards tonight(live from Nashville--woo hoo!), cooking dinner with my honey, and taking pictures to show off the new paint and furniture in the kitchen- I am in LOVE!


  1. Awww, I had dreams ALL the time before my was always forgetting get my hair done, flowers, to take pictures (that was the worst)and in every dream I never freaked out....good practice I guess! :)

    And I am in loooove with that closet!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I've been obsessed with closets as of late!! Thanks so much for sharing the "mom cave" Def gives some inspiration:)

  3. Love the closet. Love the pea coat. Now, I must have these things! I am interested to see Gwyneth Paltrow singing country music. Weird.

  4. That closet is to die for. :) And I love that bookshelf idea, one of my friends did it in her house and i'm just trying to collect enough books to do it myself.

  5. I got lots of crazy dreams, get ready! Enjoy cooking tonight with your honey!

  6. This are such great inspirations? I am in love with all those bright colors in the walk-in closet!!

  7. Thanks for the fun post with things you enjoy looking at! So easy to get lost in all the food websites/blogs especially with a holiday like Thanksgiving approaching! Can't wait to see the paint job!!

  8. Every phots in this post is perfect - from the decor to the fashion!!

  9. If I ever built a house, I will spend ALOT of time and thought designing a closet much like that one!!

  10. Wow, amazing closet. I think I drooled.

  11. THAT is a closet! Wow, just WOW! Light headed here!

    And love J. Crew, especially the outfit in the photo you posted.