Its Tuesday Afternoon and I am Stuck at Work...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why does corporate America insist we work the days prior to a major holiday? Seriously, I assure you that most of us who are logged in are doing anything but working right now. I am busily emailing friends, shopping for gifts for my family, listening to music {Christmas tunes of course!}, and plotting my plan of attack at the grocery store to avoid those lunatic women who are vowing to get the last can of pumpkin or whatever it is they want. If they paid us to stay at home, we would be saving them money... on electricity and other bills, and the time it will take us to actually get caught back up next week--oh well, on to the next one, right??

To make you giggle a bit today, have you seen the soon-to-be infamous Crazy Target Lady ads circulating TV screens right now?? Hilarious I tell you--here's a peak at my favorite:

In other noteworthy news, I know we're all dreaming about royalty because of the upcoming nuptuals of Prince William and Kate Middleton... I love her effortless style and I think she will make a blushing bride. April 29th has been marked as the official wedding day and I know us girls will be glued in front of the television so we can see what designer she chooses for her bridal gown, what colors line the pews at Westminster Abbey, and just how over-the-top this royal wedding will be!!

So tonight is the big night for DWTS... the finale--bless little Brisol Palin's heart! We all know she is looming far behind both Kyle and Jennifer, and she is so sweet, but if she wins I will go insane and vow to never watch this show again because then we'll know it's been a setup all along {who am I kidding? I'll be glued in again next season}. Other than that, I think both Kyle and Jennifer are fantastic and will be supper enthused for either of them.

Crossing my fingers I get out of here soon so I can head home to get ready for Jeff's mother coming tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with us and my family, begin my baking tasks, hang a new picture ledge in the formal living room, and then relaxing the night away--cheers! 


  1. I agree, wish I was home right now. Ugh. I hope Kyle wins tonight, he is just so so cute!!

  2. I haven't seen that commercial yet...its freaking hilarious!

  3. I've seen a variety of those commercials and experienced some of the madness last weekend when I was shopping there. I can't even imagine what it will be like on Black Friday. I will steer clear of Target!

  4. I get a kick out of that Target commercial! I actually have a friend that prepares every year just like the commercial!!! lol!

  5. I'm your newest follower! Love your blog! I have seen that Target commercial MANY times this week and I can't stop laughing at it!

  6. I detest the fact that I have to be at work today and yesterday! booo!!!
    I haven't seen the DWTS finale yet but I will definitely boycott the show if Bristol wins!