A Couponing We Will Go...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can you tell I love saving money? Shopping discounts, coupons, etc. makes me really happy because I feel like I am getting an even better deal.. and that way I can buy MORE for my loved ones this holiday season.

Now check this one out, as we all know caffeine and hot drinks
make our Christmas shopping experience fantabulous:
Run right out starting tomorrow--you and a friend/colleague/etc--to claim your treat!

And for all of you interested in a new bag this season, you gotta have this:
These and other coupons/deals brought to you by the
Fantabulously Frugal--love her blog!!


  1. Thanks for the coupons doll! Just what I need ... another Coach handbag! Ha!

    Oh, and this is a day or two late, but Unite 7 Seconds leave in conditioner! OH EM GEE - Amazing!! Here is the link! I mean it IS Eva Longoria's favorite, so it MUST be good :)


  2. ooooh, thanks for the starbucks info!! i will definitely be hitting that one up tom....and maybe the next day.....and the next one... :).

    and good luck with on meeting with laurie at aVenue!! so fun and exciting!!

  3. Yay!! I love Starbucks!

    What a great coupon!! Will definitely enjoy it ;)

  4. Yum, so getting starbucks in the morning!! Thanks for sharing!