12 Days of Christmas--Day 2: Shopping Tips/Tricks

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back for the 2nd installment of the 12 Days Challenge via Aly and Molly at Analyze This. Today, we're talking about one of my favorite pasttimes AKA Black Friday/Christmas shopping!

I actually posted about this very topic a few weeks ago which outlines my best tips and tricks for the day after Thanksgiving sales... but in summary, it looks something like this:

1. Have a Game Plan--know what times the stores open (department stores vs. mall stores, etc.) and carpool so you only have to find one parking spot
2. Use Your Coupons--retailers put coupons in their ads for a reason and this is the best way to save your moola and stretch your pennies... if you don't get the daily newspaper where you live, buy one on Thanksgiving just so you can cut out the ads for Friday sales
3. Dress Comfortably--leave the platforms and dresses at home ladies (I used to be guilty of this too), and dress for comfort... this year, I'll be sporting a tunic, leggings, scarf, and boots so I can carry all my goodies; and P.S. leave your coat in the car, you don't want to carry that thing around all day
4. Have Fun--sure, we all want great bargains, but remember to have fun and play nice... this is a time for everyone to be kind, so no line cutting, grabbing from other shoppers, etc.
5. Make a List--try not to get overwhelmed this year; make a draft shopping list and know what you're looking for... stick to a budget and it'll make shopping so much more enjoyable. Don't just buy something because it's a "great deal"
6. And I loved Aly's quote and this is so true for me: "One gift for you. Two gifts for me."
Remember, if you're not aware of this website for this Friday's deals, you need to check it out--they have EVERY Black Friday ad known to man and you can scour right now. Happy Shopping!


  1. I love these! Thanks for sharing these tips!!!!

  2. Thanks for the link!! I figured you could get the advertisements online but this puts them all in one place!!

  3. Great tips! I just can't get up at the crack of dawn to be with the Memphis crazies! I will hit up the online shopping though! :)

  4. I have an app that has all the deals.!! SO glad I found it.!

  5. I printed your first go around of tips the other week! They were great!!!