12 Days of Christmas and Top 2 Tuesday

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rather than the traditional listing of "My Favorite Things" about the holiday season {and yes I love that song!}, today Aly is asking everyone to think about:
Day 8: Least Favorite Thing About the Holidays
Gaining weight
 It's actually a myth that we gain anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds during the winter holidays, however, it is said that we do tend to gain at least 1 pound each year and over a 5 year span, BINGO--that adds up to a whopping 5 pounds! Interesting huh? I despise gaining weight during the holidays, and I vow to myself now to gain weight this year... yes, I will be diving into the desserts and treats, but all in moderation--the wedding isn't too far away and I will not stress myself out!
Having to take down all the d├ęcor after it’s all said and done
Does anyone else out there get that seasonal depression after Christmas is over? Once the decor is all down, does your house feel as empty as mine does? Something about knowing I have to wait another year to get all my trees out and the house smelling like mistletoe makes me one sad girl. But cheers to spending NYE in the mountains with my favorites so that'll make it a lot easier on me this year!
And I am on the roll to another one of my favorite bloggers, Taylor at The Undomestic Momma, who is blogging about her Top 2 Tuesday today which is all about cleaning and organization...she has got her labeling system down pat, whereas I am still in the learning process. I do, however, have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve:
1. Colored Rubbermaid Bins--if you own an older house like we do, you know storage can be an issue. Which is why we jumped on the bandwagon and bought colored bins so we know what is in each storage tote... green and red for Christmas, orange for Fall/Halloween decor, etc.  Not a genius trick, but it really helps me out when I am trying to look for a certain item.
2. As for any superb cleaning tricks, I am not sure I have mastered that one quite yet... Windex is my friend for everything and Febreeze does the trick when I need something "freshened up". And I love to light candles all throughout the house although that doesn't really pertain to cleaning so much. Sorry I can't be of much help in this area =(


  1. I so forgot about the gaining weight through the holidays!! That is definitely a major dislike!!

    I too love Windex!! Sometimes I think back to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!" lol..

  2. I forgot about the weight gain. Ugh!!! And by the time Christmas is over, I am actually over looking at the decorations!

    And I love colored Rubbermaid tubs! So fun!

  3. Windex definitely is the wonder cleaner. Especially in a pinch! And color coded bins... Love it!

  4. I heart Windex too! I always get really sad when I have to take all of my decorations down. I vote that we get to leave them up all year :)

  5. I totally get that seasonal depression after it's over - it's the same way I felt after prom was over in high school, and I graduated after college... kind of just like ... now what? And taking down the decorations is a total drag!

    But I do love the holidays!! :)

  6. Yesss, thanks for the cleaning tips, love the colored bin idea. Just found your blog, it's so cute!