Halloween Candy-Lovers Unite!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, the weekend I have been dreading is finally here... not really, I LOVE me some Halloween fun, but the thought of having to keep a stockpile of candy at my house and attempt to save it for the trick-or-treaters Sunday night has me running scared.
See, the problem my friends, is that I don't have strong willpower when it comes to the sweets and seeing it sitting there in my cute pewter pumpkin halloween bowl will just make me take 1 or 10--whatever... this week's "health nut" post is dedicated to the healthy halloween candy {if that can really exist??} and is brought to you by the lovely people at Women's Health Magazine:
 Best Nutty Candy Bar: 100 Grand (190 cal)/Worst: Snickers (280 cal)
Best Crunchy Candy Bar: Take 5 (210 cal)/Worst: Butterfinger (270 cal)
Best Chocolate Candy Bar: Nestle Crunch (220 cal)/Worst: 3 Musketeers (260 cal)
Best Breakable Candy Bar: Kit Kat (210 cal)/Worst: (270 cal)

And for those of you looking for some new workout tunes, add these newbies to your iPod--they're on my fall playlist right now and perfect for high energy working out:
Just a Dream--Nelly
Crazytown--Jason Aldean
If It's Love--Train
Like a G6--Far East Movement
Little Lion Man--Mumford and Sons
DJ Got Us Falling in Love--Usher
Power--Kanye West
Your Love--Nicki Minaj
Cee Lo--Forget You

And no, workouts have seized to exist the latter part of this week because of my stupid inconvenient sickness, so needless to say I am missing my mileage at the gym until I get back to 100%--have I mentioned being sick stinks???  Taking it easy tonight and hoping to make it back tomorrow =)


  1. Ah, I always dread this time of the year because sometimes I just can not resist the fun sized treats! My "enemy" is candy corn I am addicted to the pure sugar! I allow myself to have it once and then that is it for the year. I can not portion control that stuff it is addicting! Happy trick or treating!!

  2. I'm having the same candy problem right now. Those little fun size candies are just too hard to resist :)

  3. This is exactly the reason I'm not going until Saturday to buy my residents' candy for Sunday!

  4. I try to buy Halloween candy for the kids that isn't my favorite - that way I am not as tempted to eat it. I kinda failed on that one though - I bought Kit Kats which are tasty. Oops! I didn't buy Snickers though, those are my favorite!

  5. I too love Halloween candy!!

    I have a tendency of picking at the candy as soon as I pal e it in the bowl!

  6. I hope you feel better soon Natasha! :(
    I can't resist sweets either. It's good to note that Crunch bar's are the healthiest chocolate bar. I loved those growing up!

  7. Just a dream by Nelly is my FAVORITE song right now. I love singing and dancing to it. ha! Hope you are feeling better :)

  8. mmm I LOVE mini candy bars! they are so yummy!!

  9. Thanks for the fun candy tips! I guess that the perk to living in an apartment building -- no trick-or-treaters means no candy in my house! :)