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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally, another “I-can-cross-another-big-item” of my checklist this week! I know, you were hoping I hadn’t gotten too sidetracked, right?? Well, just as I had mentioned in a previous post, my Mom and I had met with three fantastic florists here in Nashville and were presented with the difficult decision of having to choose just one.
And here is some helpful {I hope!} advice for all you to-be brides: this is an area where it pays to meet with MULTIPLE vendors—specifically, coming into all of this-- I thought I had the EXACT idea of what I wanted with regards to flowers and design, but once my Mom and I began talking with each of these ladies and were hearing new and innovative ideas thrown at us left and right, the visions I originally had changed and evolved into something completely different than what I had  planned.
We were able to decipher the "look" I am going for, the exact types and colors of flowers I prefer, as well as areas I am willing to substitute to possibly save a bit of money. And, even better, I was able to pick a florist that completely understands my "wedding theme"... with that in mind, here is our florist:

Once my Mom and I met with Caprice, we both knew she was going to be the “one to beat”… she completely understood every floral component we want to incorporate into our Nashville wedding and she had so many exciting and unique elements I had never thought of, which made me even more ecstatic as I am always trying to think outside of the box and do something completely different... a girl has to stand out after all these other wonderful weddings I've been to, right???
Here are some of her remarkable recent designs:
**For all you country fans, this is from Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's engagement party that she designed for
Images Courtesy of The Enchanted Florist's Blog

I can't wait to work with Caprice... she came VERY highly recommended from multiple people and both my Mom and I instantly clicked with her right from the start!
**Obviously,this was an area Jeff left up to us as he said he didn't care... haha =)
I just know she is going to take our vision and transform our ceremony and reception venues into something gorgeous!!


  1. Oh my gosh, her work is GORGEOUS! She will do an amazing job, I'm sure! Cannot wait to see what she comes up with!

    And WOW...Miranda and Blake's floral arrangements look beautiful!

  2. We used Caprice for our wedding and I still to this day get compliments on our flowers. I LOVE her and can't say enough good things about her. She'll make you very happy!

  3. Her work is beautiful you are in good hands. But there are sooo many choices I can't even stand it!!! So excited to see exactly what you choose!
    Velvet Cupcakes

  4. Congrats, girl! I JUST found my florist, too! I also checked out three and went with the last one--I guess third time's a charm!

  5. Oh my goodness, youre going to have the most beautiful flowers. You have impeccable taste and I am so happy you've found someone who can bring your vision to life. Natasha, reading your wedding wednesdays is always so fun!

  6. It looks like you made an excellent choice! Her work is stunning.